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3 printers/publishers were active here:

  • Dold, Stephan; Reyser, Georg; Beckenhub, Johann: 1 entry:
    • B-538 Breviarium — Breviarium Herbipolense [Würzburg]. — Würzburg: Stephan Dold, Georg Reyser, Johann Beckenhub, [after 20 Sept. 1479]. Folio.
  • Georgius de Spira (Georg Reyser?): 1 entry:
    • B-543 Breviarium — Breviarium Ratisponense [Regensburg]. Pars aestivalis. — [Würzburg]: Georgius de Spira (Georg Reyser?), [before 13 June 1480]. 4°.
  • Reyser, Georg: 5 entries:
    • M-021 Mahomet II — Epistolae magni Turci. — [Würzburg: Georg Reyser, c.1490?]. 4°.
    • M-256 Missale — Missale Herbipolense (Würzburg). Commissioned by Rudolphus de Scherenberg, Episcopus Herbipolensis. — [Würzburg: Georg Reyser, 1481]. Folio.
    • P-510 Psalterium — Psalterium (ed. and comm. Brunus, Episcopus Herbipolensis). — [Würzburg: George Reyser, c.1485]. Folio.
    • R-145 Rudolphus de Scherenberg, Episcopus Herbipolensis — Proclamation suspending and relaxing excommunications and interdict. — [Würzburg: Georg Reyser, c.1482]. Broadside.
    • S-312 Statuta Synodalia Herbipolensia (Würzburg) — Statuta Synodalia Herbipolensia [Latin and German], et al. — [Würzburg: Georg Reyser, c.1486]. Folio.

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