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Printers and publisers Incunables
Bac, Govaert Antwerp: 4 entries: • A-136 A-298 A-424 S-319
Bachelier, Jean; Bartelot, Pierre Lyons: 2 entries: • B-439 J-082
Baligault, Félix Paris: 23 entries: • A-012 A-276 A-279 A-446 B-008 B-510? C-034 G-010 G-011 G-121 G-250 J-186 M-048 M-189 N-072 N-111 O-017 P-029 P-128 P-129 P-266 S-043 S-354
Balsarin, Guillaume Lyons: 5 entries: • B-006 B-511 F-004 M-037 V-127
Balthasar de Ruberia Bologna: 1 entry: • A-028
Balthasar de Struciis Modena: 1 entry: • A-593
Baptista de Tortis Venice: 40 entries: • B-474 B-476A C-224 C-226 C-276 C-324 C-326 G-189A J-240 J-241 J-243 J-250 J-252 J-257 J-259 J-267 J-278 J-280 J-306 J-307 J-310 J-311 L-018 M-122 M-123 O-004? O-056 O-060 O-061 O-063 P-104 P-137 P-138 S-024 S-044 S-201 S-344 V-091 V-092 V-148
Barbarus, Daniel; publisher Venice: 1 entry: • B-047
Barbier, Jean Paris: 1 entry: • H-191
Barmentlo, Peregrinus Hasselt: 1 entry: • G-146
Barrevelt, Gerardus; publisher Venice: 1 entry: • H-190
Bartelot, Pierre see Bachelier, Jean; Bartelot, Pierre
Bartholomaeus Cremonensis Venice: 5 entries: • A-325 C-073 E-058 M-286 P-334
Bartholomaeus Cremonensis; Bartholomaeus de Carlo Vercellensis Venice: 1 entry: • J-289
Bartholomaeus de Blavis de Alexandria see Torresanus de Asula, Andreas; Bartholomaeus de Blavis de Alexandria; Maphaeus de Paterbonis
Bartholomaeus de Bruschis, Bottonus Reggio Emilia: 1 entry: • S-123
Bartholomaeus de Bruschis, Bottonus; Laurentius de Bruschis, Bottonus Reggio Emilia: 2 entries: • B-370 P-116
Bartholomaeus de Carlo Vercellensis see Bartholomaeus Cremonensis; Bartholomaeus de Carlo Vercellensis
Bartholomaeus de Lila Coria: 2 entries: • G-176 O-011
Bartholomaeus de Ragazonibus Venice: 1 entry: • P-144
Bartholomaeus de Unkel Cologne: 16 entries: • A-537 A-542 A-552 A-610 B-157 F-074 G-196 H-105 H-107 J-164 L-066 N-084 N-089 R-100 T-003 T-186
Bartholomaeus de Valdezoccho Padua: 2 entries: • C-044 H-077
Bartholomaeus de Valdezoccho; Martinus de Septem Arboribus (= Siebeneichen) Padua: 6 entries: • B-005 B-365 L-093 M-159 P-152 T-027
Bartholomaeus de Zanis Venice: 18 entries: • A-392 C-245 C-246 C-298 E-052 J-303 L-125 L-162 M-207 P-369 P-373 P-393 S-288 T-066 V-024 V-033 V-102 V-104
Bartholomaeus Vercellensis Brescia: 1 entry: • B-359
Bartolomeo; publisher Milan: 1 entry: • B-368
Bartolommeo di Libri Florence: 47 entries: • A-071 A-337 A-503 B-141 B-146 B-148 B-576 B-595 C-097 C-145 C-149 C-179 C-190 F-071 F-072 F-083 F-098 G-074 J-226 L-023 L-030 L-049 L-056 L-181 M-165 M-168 P-291 P-295 P-418 P-540 P-541 R-010 R-012 R-014A R-015 S-067 S-071 S-073 S-074 S-077 S-082 S-085 S-089 S-094 S-100 S-101 T-228
Bastiano da Verolengo Venice: 1 entry: • B-596
Bastianus de Orlandis; publisher Pescia: 2 entries: • C-043 S-254
Bastianus de Orlandis; publisher; Raphael de Orlandis; publisher Pescia: 2 entries: • A-008 S-253
Battibovis, Antonius Venice: 3 entries: • O-057 P-141 T-208
Battibovis, Nicolaus Venice: 1 entry: • L-160
Baumeister, Johannes see Vurster, Johannes; Baumeister, Johannes
Bazalerius de Bazaleriis Bologna: 5 entries: • A-495 B-491 H-053 O-064 P-236
Bazalerius de Bazaleriis; Caligula de Bazaleriis Reggio Emilia and Bologna: 1 entry: • C-300
Beckenhub, Johann see Husner, Georg; Beckenhub, Johann
Belfortis Gallus, Andreas Ferrara: 10 entries: • A-201A C-386 D-030 G-261 G-262 H-069 M-113 S-006 S-145 S-212
Bellaert, Jakob Haarlem: 4 entries: • B-069 J-022 L-048 O-036
Bellapiera, Christophorus; publisher Venice: 1 entry: • D-172
Belot, Jean Geneva: 1 entry: • D-048
Benalius, Bernardinus Venice: 25 entries: • A-549 A-573 B-163 B-199 B-203 B-205 C-028 C-176 C-279 E-051 F-073 J-086 J-087 J-089 J-284 J-287 M-006 P-264 P-370 R-031 S-031 T-059 T-105 V-020 V-094
Benalius, Bernardinus; Capcasa di Codeca, Matteo
see also Capcasa di Codeca, Matteo
Venice: 3 entries: • B-202 D-015 P-143
Benalius, Bernardinus, et Socii Venice: 1 entry: • S-026
Benalius, Petrus; publisher Venice: 1 entry: • C-459
Benalius, Vincentius Venice: 2 entries: • A-596 L-012
Benalius, Vincentius; publisher Venice: 1 entry: • P-060
Benedictus Genuensis Venice: 1 entry: • A-376
Benedictus Hectoris [Faelli] Bologna: 19 entries: • A-014 A-372 B-220 B-222 B-225 B-227 B-231 C-164 C-247 C-297 F-085 L-022 P-286 P-294 P-380 S-124 S-346 T-153 V-005
Benedictus Hectoris [Faelli]; publisher Bologna: 6 entries: • A-495 B-214 B-228 B-619 M-024 P-483
Beninus de Honate see Johannes Antonius and Beninus de Honate
Bergmann de Olpe, Johann Basel: 14 entries: • B-042 B-504 B-506 B-512 B-513 B-517 B-519 F-009 L-131 L-134 L-202 R-016 T-093 W-017
Berlingieri, Francesco; publisher Florence: 1 entry: • P-345
Bernardinus de Choris de Cremona Venice: 4 entries: • P-262 S-134 S-184 T-039
Bernardinus de Choris de Cremona; Simon de Luere Venice: 5 entries: • N-126 P-101 P-346 S-155 T-040
Bernardinus de Garaldis see Johannes Andreas de Boscho; Michael and Bernardinus de Garaldis
Bernardinus de Misintis Brescia: 8 entries: • A-162 B-041 B-215 B-419 C-123 C-377 P-423 S-032
Bernardinus de Misintis; Caesar Parmensis Cremona: 2 entries: • D-067 P-170
Bernardinus de Vianis Vercellensis Venice: 1 entry: • C-037
Bernardinus di Nallis see Stephanus and Bernardinus di Nallis; publisher
Bernardinus Venetus de Vitalibus Venice: 15 entries: • A-300 A-360 A-638 C-461 D-068 G-245 L-019 L-020 M-069 P-003 P-288 P-386 P-430 S-285 T-080
Bernardus de Colonia Treviso: 2 entries: • M-031 S-154
Bertochus, Dionysius Active in 5 places:
Bertochus, Dionysius; Marcus Antonius de Bazaleriis Reggio Emilia: 1 entry: • C-476
Bertochus, Dominus see Rugerius, Ugo; Bertochus, Dominus
Bertochus, Vincentius Mantua: 2 entries: • B-025 B-489
Besicken, Johann Active in 2 places:
Besicken, Johann; Martinus de Amsterdam Rome: 1 entry: • M-231
Besicken, Johann; Mayer, Sigismundus Rome: 6 entries: • A-212 H-079 M-224 O-002 P-070 S-061
Bevilaqua (de Gabis), Simon Active in 2 places:
Bevilaqua, Simon; Petrus de Quarengiis Bergomensis
see also Petrus de Quarengiis Bergomensis
Venice: 1 entry: • C-301
Biel, Friedrich Burgos: 2 entries: • C-387 P-468
B. I.; publisher; H.G.; publisher Paris: 1 entry: • M-277
Birreta, Johannes Antonius see Girardengus, Franciscus; Birreta, Johannes Antonius
Birreta, Johannes Antonius; Girardengus Franciscus
see also Girardengus Franciscus
Pavia: 3 entries: • B-443 C-492 L-166?
Birreta, Johannes Antonius; publisher Venice: 1 entry: • J-264
Bissolus, Johannes see Pelusius, Bartholomaeus; Bracius, Gabriel; Bissolus, Johannes; Mangius, Benedictus
Bissolus, Johannes; Mangius, Benedictus Milan: 1 entry: • S-333
Blastos, Nicolaus; publisher Venice: 4 entries: • A-240 E-034 G-020 S-216
Blaubirer, Johann Augsburg: 1 entry: • S-237
Blaxius de Terzago see Castaldi, Pamfilo; Blaxius de Terzago; Zarotus, Antonius; Fortunatus
Blondus, Hieronymus; publisher Venice: 2 entries: • F-042 J-153
Bämler, Johann Active in 2 places:
Boaria, Liga Venice: 1 entry: • V-101
Bocard, André Paris: 20 entries: • A-138 A-139 A-403 A-404 A-478 A-486 B-145 B-516? B-565 D-036 D-175 G-005 G-008 H-195 J-100 J-242 N-038 R-009 R-027 S-269
Bocard, André; Baligault, Félix
see also Baligault, Félix
Paris: 2 entries: • G-067 G-068
Bocard, André; publisher Paris: 2 entries: • A-441 T-111
Boisson, Guillaume; publisher Lyons: 1 entry: • C-329
Bolanus, Franciscus; publisher Venice: 1 entry: • E-030
Bonaccorsi, Francesco Florence: 9 entries: • B-488 C-147 D-019 J-092 L-045 L-110 M-313 P-407 S-065
Bonaccorsi, Francesco; Francisci Venetus, Antonius Florence: 3 entries: • D-081 F-057 P-254
Bonhomme, Jean Paris: 2 entries: • G-125 N-045
Bonhomme, Pasquier Paris: 3 entries: • A-569 I-010 S-368
Bonifacius de Manerva; publisher Brescia: 1 entry: • O-007
Boninus de Boninis, de Ragusia Active in 2 places:
Boninus de Boninis, de Ragusia; Delsera, Miniatus Brescia: 1 entry: • V-048
Boninus de Boninis, de Ragusia; publisher Lyons: 1 entry: • H-158
Bonus Gallus Colle di Valdelsa: 1 entry: • O-015
Bonus, Johannes Milan: 2 entries: • A-536 S-246
Bossius, Donatus; publisher Milan: 1 entry: • B-486
Botel, Heinrich Lérida: 1 entry: • B-539
Bouchet, Guillaume see Bouyer, Jean; Bouchet, Guillaume
Bouyer, Jean Poitiers: 2 entries: • P-180 T-276
Bouyer, Jean; Bouchet, Guillaume Poitiers: 2 entries: • A-246 H-033
Bracius, Gabriel see Pelusius, Bartholomaeus; Bracius, Gabriel; Bissolus, Johannes; Mangius, Benedictus
Braem, Conradus Louvain: 2 entries: • D-093 J-117
Brandis, Lucas Active in 2 places:
Brandis, Marcus Leipzig: 1 entry: • P-092
Brandis, Matthaeus Lübeck: 1 entry: • T-097
Brandis, Moritz Active in 2 places:
Britannicus, Angelus Brescia: 7 entries: • A-446A B-183 B-485 B-559 P-273 S-062 T-288
Britannicus, Angelus; Britannicus, Jacobus Brescia: 6 entries: • B-307 G-333 J-074 J-080 P-368 S-301
Britannicus, Angelus; publisher Brescia: 3 entries: • B-215 B-419 C-377
Britannicus, Angelus; publishers; Britannicus, Jacobus Brescia: 1 entry: • S-032
Britannicus, Jacobus Brescia: 7 entries: • B-569 L-159 S-291 P-260 P-274 P-394 V-066
Brun, Pedro; Gentil, Juan Seville: 1 entry: • M-212
Böttiger (Werman), Gregorius Leipzig: 5 entries: • B-021 B-520 G-259 M-163 V-039
Buckinck, Arnoldus Rome: 1 entry: • P-527
Bulle, Johannes Rome: 6 entries: • C-367 D-005 H-066 P-425 S-219 S-220
Bumgart, Hermann Cologne: 3 entries: • B-532 M-071 P-492
Buyer, Barthelemy see Le Roy, Guillaume with Buyer, Barthelemy
Buyer, Jacques; publisher Lyons: 1 entry: • B-493

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