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Fabri, Anna see Fabri Lingonensis, Johannes and subsequently Fabri, Anna
Fabri Lingonensis, Johanne see Fabri Lingonensis, Johannes and subsequently Fabri, Anna
Fabri Lingonensis, Johannes Active in 3 places:
Fabri Lingonensis, Johannes and subsequently Fabri, Anna Stockholm: 1 entry: • B-550
Fabri Lingonensis, Johannes; publisher Lyons: 1 entry: • B-384
Farfengus, Baptista Brescia: 5 entries: • A-049 B-124 B-134 E-013 H-142
Federicus de Comitibus, Veronensis Active in 2 places:
Feger, Theobaldus; publisher Augsburg: 1 entry: • T-204
Fernandes, Valentim Lisbon: 2 entries: • C-114 C-115
Fernus, Michael; publisher Rome: 1 entry: • C-036
Ferrandus, Thomas Brescia: 2 entries: • P-245 S-302
Filippo di Pietro Venice: 19 entries: • A-386 A-406 A-425 A-483 C-223 C-266 C-290 C-294 C-318 D-009 F-070 G-070 G-266 G-335 H-201 H-202 J-295 L-095 S-021
Firmanus, Marcus; publisher Venice: 1 entry: • P-356
Flach, Martin, the Elder Basel: 14 entries: • A-082 A-253 B-075 B-127 B-447 F-018A G-139 G-225 H-098 J-013 R-089 S-017 T-119 V-002
Flach, Martin, the Younger Strasbourg: 24 entries: • A-129 A-290 A-332 A-507 A-510 B-417 G-088 G-175 H-062 H-063 H-075 M-087 M-090 N-032 N-034 N-040 P-028 P-132 P-208 P-210 P-211 R-018 T-063 T-102
Florentini, Angelo see Florentini, Lorenzo and Angelo
Florentini, Lorenzo see Florentini, Lorenzo and Angelo
Florentini, Lorenzo and Angelo Pisa: 1 entry: • F-047
Florentius de Argentina Venice: 3 entries: • D-022 F-038A R-138
Fontana, Benedictus; publisher Venice: 6 entries: • A-388 C-013 C-163 G-017 H-213 T-006
Fortunatus see Castaldi, Pamfilo; Blaxius de Terzago; Zarotus, Antonius; Fortunatus
Foxius, Hannibal Venice: 1 entry: • E-060
Foxius, Hannibal, et Socii Venice: 1 entry: • P-456
Foxius, Hannibal; Saracenus, Marinus
see also Saracenus, Marinus
Venice: 1 entry: • T-148
F., P., B.R., S.F., Z.F. Venice: 1 entry: • V-014
Fradin, François; Pivard, Jean
see also Pivard, Jean
Lyons: 1 entry: • B-310
Francesco del Tuppo Naples: 3 entries: • B-211 P-289 P-471
Francesco del Tuppo; publisher Naples: 1 entry: • A-068
Francesco di Dino Active in 2 places:
Francisci de Alopa Venetus, Laurentius Florence: 11 entries: • A-308 A-361 C-032 C-156 C-203 D-090 E-038 F-040 G-161 L-171 P-345
Francisci Venetus, Antonius Florence: 2 entries: • D-074 P-251
Franciscus and Laurentius de Cennis
Franciscus de Cennis Laurentius de Cennis
Pescia: 2 entries: • C-043 S-254
Franciscus de Egmondt; publisher Venice: 1 entry: • H-190
Franciscus de Guaschis de Stradella Pavia: 1 entry: • L-033
Franciscus de Madiis see Rubeus Vercellensis, Johannes; Franciscus de Madiis
Franciscus de Madiis; publisher Venice: 3 entries: • B-352 T-099 T-148
Franciscus de Mazalibus Reggio Emilia: 4 entries: • A-367 B-412 D-097 S-126
Franciscus de Ragazonibus Bologna: 1 entry: • F-104
Franciscus de Sancto Petro Pavia: 1 entry: • P-248
Franciscus de Silva Turin: 1 entry: • B-236
Franciscus Lucensis; Francisci Venetus, Antonius
see also Francisci Venetus, Antonius
Venice: 1 entry: • M-332
Franciscus Octavius de Fano, 'Cleophilus'; publisher Viterbo: 1 entry: • S-190
Franciscus (Plato) de Benedictis Bologna: 17 entries: • A-091 B-214 B-223 B-228 B-487 B-490 B-492 B-618 D-066 H-052 M-024 P-176 P-427 P-483 S-121 S-343 Z-006
Franciscus (Plato) de Benedictis; publisher Bologna: 2 entries: • B-214 B-228
Frankenberg, Henry; publisher London: 1 entry: • S-263A
Fratres Domus Horti Viridis ad S. Michaelem Rostock: 3 entries: • L-008 O-071 P-408
Fratres Ordinis Eremitarum S. Augustini Nuremberg: 5 entries: • A-565 B-080 G-157 H-043 W-004
Fratres Ordinis Praedicatorum Nuremberg: 1 entry: • F-029
Fratres Vitae Communis Active in 2 places:
Freitag, Andreas Active in 2 places:
Friburger, Michael; Gering, Ulrich; Crantz, Martin
see also Gering, Ulrich
Paris: 19 entries: • B-087 B-259 D-186 G-028 G-093 G-103 G-107 G-124 G-211 J-327 L-082 M-010 M-012 N-080 N-082 N-092 R-088 S-012 V-027
Fridenperger, Paulus Active in 2 places:
Frisner, Andreas see Sensenschmidt, Johann; Frisner, Andreas
Froben, Johann Basel: 4 entries: • B-300 B-306 B-476 G-243
Froben, Johann; Amerbach, Johann
see also Amerbach, Johann
Basel: 2 entries: • B-477 G-190
Froben, Johann; Johann Petri de Langendorff Basel: 2 entries: • B-316 C-430
Frommolt, Eberhard Vienne: 2 entries: • O-014 T-289
Froschauer, Johann Augsburg: 23 entries: • A-078 A-090 A-135A A-479 E-021 F-030 G-131A H-026 H-125 J-229 L-054 M-077 M-208 O-001 P-403 L-054 M-077 M-208 O-001 P-403 T-263 T-268 W-019
Furter, Michael Basel: 24 entries: • C-406 D-141 E-003 E-075 F-088? F-105? G-200 G-207 G-216 G-228 I-050 M-166 M-167 M-209 M-210 M-213 P-036 P-283B P-329 R-049 S-310 T-126 V-056 W-011?
Fust, Johann; Schoeffer, Peter
see also Schoeffer, Peter
Mainz: 11 entries: • A-515 A-606 B-239 C-307 C-308 C-359 C-362 D-178 M-284 P-299 P-519
Fyner, Conrad Active in 2 places:

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