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Printers and publisers Incunables
Hagembach, Petrus Toledo: 3 entries: • C-014 D-159 G-340
Hamman, Johannes Venice: 12 entries: • A-221 A-349 A-351 B-019 B-535 B-546 B-548 G-242 H-190 M-274 M-275 R-040
Han, Ulrich; Chardella de Lucca, Simon Nicolai Rome: 9 entries: • A-521 D-193 D-202 L-007 P-313 T-174 T-220 T-280 V-075
Han, Ulrich; successor to his types Rome: 1 entry: • P-412
Han, Ulrich (Udalricus Gallus) Rome: 28 entries: • A-201 B-463 C-227 C-251 C-291 C-305 C-333 C-336 C-342 E-083 F-102 J-120 J-291 J-300 J-322 L-115 M-266 O-009 P-046 P-240 P-241 P-339 P-390 P-450 S-231 T-088 T-270 T-282
Han, Wolf (Lupus Gallus) Rome: 4 entries: • J-215 M-318 S-064 T-274
has been identified tentatively as Clas Wencker or Conrad Wolfach see W., C.
Heerstraten, Aegidius van der Louvain: 5 entries: • A-208 B-140 B-378 M-292 P-127
Hees, Wilhelmus Utrecht: 1 entry: • B-168
Heinrich von Neuss Cologne: 1 entry: • H-027
Heliae, Helias Beromünster: 4 entries: • A-263 C-400 M-081 P-498
Helmut, Andreas; publisher Basel: 1 entry: • J-272
Henricus de Colonia Active in 3 places:
Henricus de Colonia; publisher Siena: 1 entry: • F-079
Henricus de Colonia; Statius Gallicus
see also Statius Gallicus
Brescia: 2 entries: • H-141 V-009
Henricus de Harlem Siena: 1 entry: • M-092
Henricus de Harlem; Walbeck, Johannes Bologna: 2 entries: • H-146 S-104
Henricus de Inguiler see Grüninger, Johann Reinhard; Henricus de Inguiler
Henricus de Sancto Ursio, Zenus Vicenza: 9 entries: • A-370 C-054 C-253 D-086 G-015 J-305 N-001 P-216A R-094
Herbort de Seligenstadt, Johannes Active in 2 places:
Herbst, Magnus see Pegnitzer, Johann; Herbst, Magnus; Glockner, Thomas
Heremberck, Jacques see Topié, Michel; Heremberck, Jacques
Herolt, Georgius Rome: 5 entries: • C-443 G-049 H-126 M-103 O-025
Heumann, Friedrich Mainz: 1 entry: • F-011
Heyny, Christmann Augsburg: 1 entry: • G-279
Hezekiah de Venturo see Mordechai, Joseph, Nerjah and Hayyim; Hezekiah de Venturo
H.G.; publisher see B. I.; publisher; H.G.; publisher
H., I see Notary, Julian; Barbier, Jean; H., I
Hieronymus de Asula; publisher Milan: 1 entry: • S-195
Hieronymus de Durantibus Padua: 2 entries: • A-029 A-038
Hieronymus de Durantibus; publisher Active in 2 places:
Hieronymus de Paganinis Venice: 5 entries: • B-302 B-309 G-198 G-227 T-254
Hieronymus de Sanctis Venice: 1 entry: • F-059
Hieronymus de Sanctis; Cornelio Venice: 1 entry: • B-446
Higman, Johannes Paris: 3 entries: • F-003 H-074? J-188
Higman, Johannes; Hopyl, Wolfgang
see also Hopyl, Wolfgang
Paris: 11 entries: • A-394 B-558A B-597 D-089 H-074? J-214 L-057 M-237 M-277 M-309 R-019
Hist, Conrad Speier: 10 entries: • A-135 A-491 E-010 F-014 L-026 M-303 V-153 W-014 W-015 W-018
Hist, Johann see Hist, Johann and Conrad
Hist, Johann and Conrad Speier: 9 entries: • A-330 A-490 B-614 F-100 G-105 J-178 M-151 R-065 V-152
Hochfeder, Caspar Active in 2 places:
Hohenstein, Jodocus Naples: 2 entries: • M-066 S-323
Hohenwang, Ludwig Augsburg: 2 entries: • B-345G H-031
Holle, Lienhart Ulm: 1 entry: • P-528
Homberch, Hendrik see Snellaert, Christiaen and Eckert van; Homberch, Hendrik
Hopyl, Wolfgang Paris: 1 entry: • G-042
Hopyl, Wolfgang; publisher Paris: 2 entries: • H-074? J-188
Hostinque, Laurent see Mauditier, Jean; Hostinque, Laurent; Loys, Jamet
Huber, Ambrosius Nuremberg: 1 entry: • P-421
Hug, Johann; of Göppingen; publisher Esslingen: 1 entry: • J-010
Huguetan, Jacques; publisher Paris: 1 entry: • M-023
Hunt, Thomas see Rood, Theodoricus; Hunt, Thomas
Hupfuff, Matthias Strasbourg: 1 entry: • M-230
Hurus, Johannes Zaragoza: 1 entry: • A-453
Hurus, Paulus Zaragoza: 1 entry: • A-401
Hurus, Paulus; Botel, Heinrich; Planck, Johann
see also Botel, Heinrich
Zaragoza: 1 entry: • E-055
Husner, Georg Strasbourg: 20 entries: • A-306 A-568 A-621 B-361 B-377 B-409 D-182 D-187 E-046 E-084 H-065 H-228 H-230 J-043 M-186 N-051 N-094 T-231 V-036 V-165
Husner, Georg; Beckenhub, Johann Strasbourg: 1 entry: • D-200
Huss, Martin Lyons: 1 entry: • B-479
Huss, Martin; Siber, Johann
see also Siber, Johann
Lyons: 1 entry: • F-020
Huss, Matthias Lyons: 9 entries: • B-068 B-304 F-026 J-023 L-190 R-127 S-270 S-271 T-081?
Hutz, Leonardus see Coci, Georg; Hutz, Leonardus; Appentegger, Wolf
Huym, Desiderius see Du Pré, Jean; Huym, Desiderius

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