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Printers and publisers Incunables
Kachelofen, Conrad Leipzig: 27 entries: • A-418 B-169 C-357 E-027 G-084 J-179 L-053 M-074 M-322 N-012 N-013 N-015 N-016 P-038 P-447 P-486 R-022 S-138 S-157 S-165 T-074 T-083 T-084 T-182 T-191 T-211 V-143
Kachelofen, Johann see Printer of Celtis, 'Epitoma' (Johann Kachelofen)
Kaufmann, Christoph Valencia: 1 entry: • X-006
Kefer, Heinrich see Sensenschmidt, Johann; Kefer, Heinrich
Keller, Ambrosius Augsburg: 1 entry: • A-385
Keller, Johann Augsburg: 1 entry: • V-169
Kerver, Thielman Paris: 4 entries: • B-002 G-009 V-107 Z-005
Kerver, Thielman; publisher Rouen: 1 entry: • H-179
Kesler, Nicolaus Basel: 25 entries: • B-071 B-176 B-188 B-294 B-299 C-069 C-130 G-221 G-327 H-089 H-090 H-092 J-050 J-097 J-172 M-017 M-097 M-098 P-201 P-227 P-230 P-268 P-416 R-058 T-194
Ketelaer, Nicolaus; Gerardus de Leempt
see also Gerardus de Leempt
Utrecht: 10 entries: • A-587 B-171 C-358 D-040 E-041 G-192 H-104 S-194 V-049 W-025
Kistler, Bartholomaeus Strasbourg: 2 entries: • D-140 L-105
Knoblochtzer, Heinrich Active in 2 places:
Koberger, Anton Nuremberg: 102 entries: • A-151 A-169 A-189 A-191 A-198 A-224 A-225 A-288 A-293 A-313 A-344 A-475 B-064 B-066 B-158 B-252 B-261 B-266 B-268 B-273 B-277 B-284 B-319 B-320 B-323 B-324 B-330 B-349 B-392 B-396 B-400 B-403 B-471 B-610 B-611 C-092 C-235 C-370 C-371 D-056 D-163 D-167 D-188 D-192 F-043 F-107 G-155 G-186 G-189 G-239 G-256 H-020 H-091 H-111 H-112 H-145 H-147 I-021 I-022 J-037 J-040 J-056 J-110 J-170 J-206 J-238 J-248 J-265 J-273 J-317 K-007 L-084 L-187 L-200 M-173 M-297 N-027 N-059 N-065 N-097 P-018 P-209 P-214 P-224 P-229 P-318 P-320 P-321 P-343 P-514 P-516 R-003 R-004 S-108 S-110 S-223 T-132 T-164 T-256 V-100 V-135 V-161
Koberger, Anton; publisher Active in 2 places:
Koblinger, Stephan Vicenza: 2 entries: • L-077 T-223
Koch, Simon Magdeburg: 1 entry: • E-015
Koelhoff, Johann, the Elder Cologne: 43 entries: • A-411 A-436 B-062 B-178 B-394 B-397 B-437 B-615 C-210 C-509 F-075 G-085 J-060 J-114 J-126 J-129 J-135 J-147 J-155 J-193 J-196 J-204 M-086 N-044 N-090 N-101 O-021 P-010 P-090 P-244 P-317 S-007 S-129 S-142 S-164 S-172 S-265 T-139 T-149 T-150 T-155 T-197 T-202
Koelhoff, Johann, the Younger Cologne: 2 entries: • C-201 I-023
Kollicker, Peter Basel: 1 entry: • M-254
Kästlin, Hermann Augsburg: 5 entries: • D-146 J-076 L-179 M-072 S-225
Kunne, Albrecht Active in 2 places:

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