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Printers and publisers Incunables
Ragazzo, Giovanni Venice: 2 entries: • A-484 B-338
Ragazzo, Giovanni; di Occimiano, Giovanni Maria Venice: 1 entry: • J-105
Raphael de Orlandis; publisher see Bastianus de Orlandis; publisher; Raphael de Orlandis; publisher
Ratdolt, Erhard Active in 2 places:
Ravescot, Ludovicus Louvain: 2 entries: • F-110 P-215
Ravynell, James Rouen: 1 entry: • M-236
Reger, Johann Ulm: 6 entries: • C-049 C-405 I-047 I-049 P-529 S-324
Regnault, François; publisher Paris: 1 entry: • P-518
Regnault, Pierre; publisher Caen: 2 entries: • H-151 H-177
Reinhardi, Johannes Rome: 3 entries: • A-417 F-033 H-234
Reinhart, Marcus see Philippi, Nicolaus; Reinhart, Marcus
Remacle, Gilles; publisher Paris: 1 entry: • H-152
Rembolt, Berthold see Gering, Ulrich; Rembolt, Berthold
Renchen, Ludwig von Cologne: 10 entries: • A-166 B-014 B-345E C-388 E-023 G-026 G-165 M-053 M-260 R-119?
Renner de Heilbronn, Franciscus Venice: 13 entries: • B-275 B-286 B-318 C-060 C-071 C-072 D-100 J-180 L-071 L-073 L-080 M-178 T-142
Renner de Heilbronn, Franciscus; Nicolaus de Frankfordia
see also Nicolaus de Frankfordia
Venice: 9 entries: • A-245 B-251 B-257 C-086 M-083 N-024 N-025 T-162 T-177
Renner de Heilbronn, Franciscus; Petrus de Bartua Venice: 3 entries: • M-084 N-029 T-169
Resina, Bernardinus; publisher Venice: 1 entry: • H-211
Retro Minores (Martin von Werden?)
i.e.? Martin von Werden
Cologne: 2 entries: • A-144 E-064
Reuwich, Erhard Mainz: 2 entries: • B-552 B-554
Reynaldus de Novimagio Venice: 10 entries: • A-098 B-082 D-003 G-222 H-208 J-222 P-139 P-366 S-179 S-181
Reynaldus de Novimagio; Theodorus de Reynsburch Venice: 3 entries: • B-265 B-424 P-156
Reyser, Georg Würzburg: 5 entries: • M-021 M-256 P-510 R-145 S-312
Reyser, Michael Eichstätt: 1 entry: • D-137
Rügerin, Anna Augsburg: 1 entry: • E-007
Ricardinus, Benedictus Florence: 1 entry: • Z-012
Richard, Jean; publisher Active in 2 places:
Richel, Bernhard Basel: 14 entries: • A-142 A-223 B-247 B-250 B-262 F-094? G-181 H-240 M-135 M-251 P-200 P-225 R-117 S-272
Richel, Bernhard; Wenssler, Michael
see also Wenssler, Michael
Basel: 1 entry: • C-077
Riedrer, Friedrich Freiburg im Breisgau: 2 entries: • L-132 N-114
Riessinger, Sixtus Active in 2 places:
Rizus Novariensis, Bernardinus Venice: 10 entries: • C-379 D-164 D-169 J-090 J-091 O-044 P-159 P-445 V-034 V-146
Rizus Novariensis, Bernardinus; Celerius, Bernardinus
see also Celerius, Bernardinus
Venice: 1 entry: • C-327
Roce, Denis Paris: 22 entries: • A-274 A-281 A-355 A-422 A-612 B-230? B-415 B-459 B-598 C-417 D-051 E-020 G-141 G-285 H-047A H-073 M-157 P-400 P-484 S-159 S-166 S-322A
Rocociolus, Dominicus; publisher Modena: 5 entries: • G-264 P-001 P-002 P-292 T-014
Rodt, Sigismundus Siena: 1 entry: • F-079
Rohault, Pierre Avignon: 1 entry: • O-006
Roma, Marcus Milan: 5 entries: • A-047 C-212 C-270 C-319 S-018
Romero, Biagio see Moravus, Mathias; Romero, Biagio
Romerus, Blasius see Moravus, Mathias; Romerus, Blasius
Rood, Theodoricus; Hunt, Thomas Oxford: 1 entry: • P-250
Rood, Theodoricus; publisher Oxford: 9 entries: • A-168 A-358 C-250 L-043 L-139 L-206 M-233 R-135 T-053
Roscius, Johannes Venice: 2 entries: • M-040 P-381
Rot, Adam Rome: 6 entries: • D-064 D-120 O-013 P-005 P-178 S-014
R Printer' (Johann Mentelin and Adolf Rusch); Paul Needham prefers to see Johann Mentelin in association with Adolf Rusch as responsible for the word of the R Printer: see The Estelle Doheny Collection, I lot 16 (Christie's, 22 Oct. 1987), and Needham, Schoyen, lot 6.
i.e. Mentelin, Johann Rusch, Adolf
Strasbourg: 16 entries: • B-012 B-244 C-063 D-091 D-154 D-157 D-179 H-223A M-011 P-171 P-391 S-133 S-187 V-130 V-133 V-139
Rubeus, Jacobus Active in 2 places:
Rubeus Vercellensis, Johannes Active in 2 places:
Rubeus Vercellensis, Johannes; Albertinus Vercellensis
see also Albertinus Vercellensis
Venice: 2 entries: • C-001 J-298
Rubeus Vercellensis, Johannes; Franciscus de Madiis
see also Franciscus de Madiis
Venice: 1 entry: • S-027
Rubeus Vercellensis, Johannes; Rizus Novariensis, Bernardinus
see also Rizus Novariensis, Bernardinus
Venice: 1 entry: • S-118
Ruch de Dunbach, Friedrich Strasbourg: 1 entry: • P-269
Rugerius, Ugo Active in 2 places:
Rugerius, Ugo; Bertochus, Dominus Bologna: 3 entries: • M-061 M-065 V-003
Ruppel, Berthold Basel: 8 entries: • B-059 B-242 C-085 C-432 G-218 J-262 M-174 T-175
Ruppel, Berthold; Richel, Bernhard
see also Richel, Bernhard
Basel: 1 entry: • B-248
Ruppel, Berthold; Wenssler, Michael
see also Wenssler, Michael
Basel: 1 entry: • C-078
Rusch, Adolf; with the type of Johann Amerbach
see also Amerbach, Johann
Strasbourg: 1 entry: • B-314
Rynman, Johannes Hagenau: 7 entries: • C-413 L-136 P-077 P-080 S-367 W-006 W-007

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