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Printers and publisers Incunables
Vadstena Monastery, publisher Lübeck: 1 entry: • B-348
Valdarfer, Christophorus Active in 2 places:
Valera, Antonio; publisher Milan: 1 entry: • B-368
Valor, Philippus; publisher Florence: 1 entry: • P-345
Varrochi, Alessandro; publisher Florence: 1 entry: • P-407
Vasquez, Juan Toledo: 2 entries: • S-230 X-007
Vaultier, Nicolas; publisher Paris: 1 entry: • G-295
Veldener, Johann Active in 2 places:
Villa, Petrus; publisher Brescia: 1 entry: • J-323
Vindelinus de Spira Venice: 41 entries: • A-366 B-107 B-111 B-369 B-375 C-076 C-229 C-259 C-289 C-299 C-311 C-313 C-493 C-503 D-010 D-153 D-171 D-176 G-072 J-328 J-329 L-006 L-116 M-114 P-015 P-151 P-223 P-259 P-351 P-384 P-449 P-451 S-011 S-013 S-277 S-326 T-025 T-026 T-205 V-008 V-073
Vingle, Jean de Lyons: 10 entries: • B-387 C-127 C-330 D-198 J-244 M-022 O-052 O-068 P-323 R-045
Vostre, Simon; publisher Paris: 7 entries: • H-154 H-166 H-170 H-171 H-193 H-194 V-180
Vérard, Antoine Paris: 18 entries: • A-050 A-080 A-405 A-441 B-336 B-590 C-192 G-337 H-117 H-156 H-255 J-225 M-194 M-307 N-130 O-075 P-306 S-371
Vérard, Antoine; publisher Active in 2 places:
Vurster, Johannes Active in 2 places:
Vurster, Johannes; Baumeister, Johannes Mantua: 1 entry: • A-433
Vydenast, Johannes Perugia: 1 entry: • B-091

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