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Printers and publisers Incunables
Wagner, Peter Nuremberg: 11 entries: • A-466 B-051 B-138 D-095 F-055 K-001 M-136 M-137 P-406A V-117 V-171
Walbeck, Johannes see Henricus de Harlem; Walbeck, Johannes
Walch, Georgius Venice: 1 entry: • R-111
W., C. Strasbourg: 9 entries: • A-072 A-264 A-544 B-156 D-174 H-245 N-079 N-086 Z-002
Welker von Boppard, Conrad Active in 2 places:
Wendelinus de Wila Rome: 3 entries: • C-211 H-216? J-301
Wenssler, Michael Basel: 41 entries: • B-290 B-388 B-466 B-467 B-475 C-029 C-087 C-365 C-368 C-374 C-508 D-180 G-185 G-235 G-238 G-241 H-023 J-027 J-054 J-234 J-236 J-237 J-239 J-272 J-277 L-065 M-008 M-009 M-252 M-253 M-272 N-081 N-087 P-464 P-512 S-234 T-134 T-163 T-178A V-155 V-162
Wenssler, Michael; Biel, Friedrich Basel: 1 entry: • B-126
Wenssler, Michael; Richel, Bernhard Basel: 2 entries: • A-470 A-527
Wenssler, Michael; Ruppel, Berthold; Richel, Bernhard Basel: 1 entry: • P-016
Wiener, Johann Augsburg: 8 entries: • A-266 A-575 G-104 G-195 G-254 G-320 N-095 P-044
Wilcok, William; publisher London: 1 entry: • W-003
Wild, Leonardus, Leonardus Venice: 7 entries: • A-474 B-267 B-281 B-601 N-030 P-157 T-178
William de Machlinia London: 7 entries: • A-116 C-197 H-182 O-010 R-059 S-263A S-297
Winterburg, Johann Vienna: 5 entries: • B-009 C-163A C-489 P-097 P-489
Winters de Homborch, Conrad Cologne: 22 entries: • B-249 B-260 B-274 D-044 D-133 G-219 G-276 H-064 H-108 H-130 J-029 J-031 J-075 J-078 J-203 L-074 M-082 N-028 N-074 N-088 P-203 R-107
Wirffel, Georg; Ayrer, Marx Ingolstadt: 2 entries: • C-344 V-040
Wirtzburg, Henricus Rougemont: 1 entry: • R-116
Wolff de Pforzheim, Jacobus Basel: 9 entries: • A-052 C-410 J-173 J-216 M-028 M-133 P-130 P-131 T-235
Wolf, Georg Paris: 11 entries: • A-396 B-175 B-515 C-107 F-051 G-197 G-215 G-226 H-133 H-178 V-084
Wolf, Georg; Kerver, Thielman Paris: 10 entries: • B-028 B-030 B-036 B-038 B-040 B-045 D-101 H-152 I-037 N-105
Wolf, Georg or Kerver, Thielman Paris: 1 entry: • B-034
Wolf, Georg; Philippi, Johann Paris: 2 entries: • A-017 B-037
Wolf, Nicolaus Lyons: 5 entries: • E-024 H-218 J-108 J-320 P-148
Wynkyn de Worde Westminster: 42 entries: • A-160 A-186 B-067 B-201 B-481 B-483 B-591 C-171 C-199 C-437 C-458 D-108 D-139 F-063 G-341 H-116 H-184 H-223 I-019 I-025 J-069 J-070 J-165 L-148 L-149 L-207 L-208 M-035 M-235 M-238 M-239 P-033 P-035 P-477 Q-008 Q-009 R-052 R-081 S-282 S-283 S-352 V-167
Wynkyn de Worde; publisher London: 1 entry: • H-186

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