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Marnef, E., J., and G. de; publishers

Paris: 4 entries:

  • B-002 Badius Ascensius, Jodocus — Stultiferae naves. — [Paris]: Thielman Kerver, for E., J., and G. de Marnef, 18 Feb. 1500. 4°.
  • B-037 Baptista Mantuanus — Parthenice secunda, sive Catharinaria, et al. — Paris: [Georg Wolf and Johann Philippi, for] E., J. and G. de Marnef, and Jean Petit, 1497. 4°.
  • I-032 Isidorus Hispalensis — De summo bono. — [Paris: Pierre Levet] for E., J., and G. de Marnef, [c.1493]. 8°.
  • T-108 Thomas àKempis — Imitatio Christi, et al. — [Paris: Pierre Levet, for] E., J., and G. de Marnef, 21 Aug. 1492. 8°.

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