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Marnef, Geoffroy de; publisher

Paris: 6 entries:

  • B-145 Benedictus, S — Regula [Latin and French] (trans. Guido Juvenalis). — Paris: [André Bocard], for Geoffroy de Marnef, 7 Sept. 1500. 4°.
  • B-510 Brant, Sebastian — Das Narrenschiff [French] La nef des folz du monde (trans. from the Latin version of Locher by Pierre Rivière; with Latin captions and references in the margins). — Paris: [Félix Baligault?, for] Geoffroy de Marnef and Johann Philippi (Manstener), [not before Dec.] 1497. Folio.
  • B-515 Brant, Sebastian — Das Narrenschiff [Latin] Stultifera navis (trans. Jacobus Locher; with captions). — Paris: [Georg Wolf, for] Geoffroy de Marnef, 8 Mar. 1498. 4°.
  • B-516 Brant, Sebastian — Das Narrenschiff [French] La nef des folz du monde. — Paris: [André Bocard?, for] Geoffroy de Marnef, 8 Feb. 1499. Folio.
  • H-163 Horae ad usum Romanum (Rome) [French and Latin] — Paris: [Jean Maurand, for] Geoffroy de Marnef, 20 June 1493. 4°.
  • H-176 Horae ad usum Romanum (Rome) — [Paris: n. pr., for Geoffroy de Marnef, c.1493]. 8°.

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