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Mombritius, Boninus; publisher

Milan: 3 entries:

  • B-368 Boccaccio, Giovanni — Il Filocolo [Italian]. — Milan: Dominicus de Vespolate, [for himself, Bartolomeo, and the brothers Moresini, Antonio Valera and Boninus Mombritius], 14 June 1476. Folio.
  • M-306 Mombritius, Boninus — Sanctuarium sive Vitae Sanctorum. — [Milan: Printer for Boninus Mombritius, c.1477]. Folio.
  • P-452 Priscianus — Opera, et al. (ed. Benedictus Brognolus). — [Milan: Printer of Servius, ‘Commentarius in Vergilium', 1475 (Dominicus de Vespolate), for Boninus Mombritius, c.1475]. Folio.

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