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Müller of Königsberg (Regiomontanus), Johann

Nuremberg: 5 entries:

  • M-064 Manilius, Marcus — Astronomicon. — Nuremberg: Johann Müller of Königsberg (Regiomontanus), [1473-4]. 4°.
  • P-543 Purbachius, Georgius — Theoricae novae planetarum. — [Nuremberg: Johann Müller of Königsberg (Regiomontanus), c.1474]. Folio.
  • R-032 Regiomontanus, Johannes — Advertisement. — Nuremberg: Johann Müller of Königsberg (Regiomontanus), [c.1473-4]. Broadside.
  • R-033 Regiomontanus, Johannes — Calendarium. — [Nuremberg]: Johann Müller, of Königsberg (Regiomontanus), [1474]. 4°.
  • R-038 Regiomontanus, Johannes — Disputationes contra Cremonensia deliramenta. — [Nuremberg: Johann Müller, of Königsberg (Regiomontanus), c.1475.] Folio.

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