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Quadrius, Christophorus (fl. 1671); of Mazzo, Valtellina. ♦ Categorisation: Type: Person. Gender: Unknown. Period: 17th century. 1 entry: • C-300(1)
Quaritch, Bernard (1819-1899); Bernard Quaritch Ltd, bookseller, London, established 1847; see de Ricci, English Collectors, 158-68; Pearson, Provenance Research, 164-5; DNB; The Book... show more
35 entries: • A-025(2) A-099(1) A-358(1) A-423(1) A-520(1) A-617(1) B-052B(1) B-495(1) C-146(1) C-445(1) C-466(1) D-060(2) E-055(1) E-082(2) E-084(1) F-042(1) G-051(2) G-073(1) G-177(1)? H-142(1) J-298(1) L-029(1) L-057(1) L-058(1) M-166(2)? M-204(1) O-022(1) P-121(1) P-239(2) S-001(2) S-095(1) S-225(1) U-002(1) V-051(2) V-151(1)
Quatremère de Quincy, Antoine Chrysostôme (1755-1849); his collection was bought by the Royal Library, Munich, in 1858; parts were resold in 1859: Bibliothèque Quatremère. Catalogue d'une... show more
5 entries: • A-120(1)? A-131(1) A-134(1)? A-266(1)? A-418(1)
Quilici, Domenico (fifteenth/sixteenth century?); probably to be identified with the Domenico Quilici (1757/9-1831) listed in IBI IV 1148, who was a composer. ♦ Categorisation: Type: Person.... show more
1 entry: • G-004(1)
Quirini, Quirinus (fl. 1651); Vicar in Bislich, North Rhine-Westphalia. ♦ Categorisation: Type: Person. Gender: Unknown. Period: 17th century. 1 entry: • M-248(1)
Quélus, Philippe de Lévis de (d.1475); Cardinal, Archbishop of Arles 1463-75; see DC 1135-8. ♦ Categorisation: Type: Person. Gender: Unknown. Dates: unknown year to 1475. Period: unknown century... show more
2 entries: • L-115(1) T-174(1)?
Qyñones (Quiñones?), Antoña de (sixteenth century). ♦ Categorisation: Type: Person. Gender: Unknown. Period: unknown century. 1 entry: • C-014(1)

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