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Hearne, Thomas (1678-1735); sale 1736; left his manuscripts and printed books with manuscript notes to William Bedford (d.1747), at whose death these were listed by John Whiston, q.v., the London bookseller (the list now being MS. Rawl. D. 1167), and sold to Richard Rawlinson, q.v.; his other printed books, which Hearne had wished should be divided among his relatives, were sold in 1736 by the bookseller Thomas Osborne, q.v. (A Catalogue of the Valuable Library of that Great Antiquarian Mr Tho. Hearne and of another gentleman of note... Gray's Inn, Monday, 16th Feb. 1735-6); his books are often signed with his motto `suum cuique. Tho: Hearne'; see DNB; Stanley Gillam `Thomas Hearne's Library', BLR 12 (1985), 52-64; T. A. Birrell, `Anthony Wood, John Bagford and Thomas Hearne as Bibliographers', in Pioneers in Bibliography, ed. Robin Myers and Michael Harris (Winchester, 1988), esp. 32-6; SC III 181; Frans Korsten, `Thomas Hearne: The Man and his Library', in Order and Connexion: Studies in Bibliography and Book History, ed. R. C. Alston (Cambridge, 1997), 49-61; Clare A. Simmons, `Thomas Hearne (1678?–1735)', in Pre-Nineteenth-century British Book-collectors and Bibliographers, ed. William Baker and Kenneth Womack, DLB 213 (Detroit, Washington DC, and London, 1999), 147-54. Theodor Harmsen, Antiquarianism in the Augustan Age: Thomas Hearne 1678-1735 (Oxford, 2000), esp. chapter 3 on Hearne's work at the Bodleian and on his book-collecting. ♦ Categorisation: Type: Person. Gender: Unknown. Dates: 1678 to 1735. Period: 17th century to 18th century.

36 entries:

  • A-171(1) Alexander Magnus — Historia de preliis. — [The Netherlands?: Printer of the ‘Historia Alexandri Magni', between 1475 and 1479]. Folio.
  • B-220(1) Beroaldus, Philippus — Declamatio philosophi, medici, oratoris. — Bologna: Benedictus Hectoris, 13 Dec. 1497. 4°.
  • B-234(1)? Bertrandi, Petrus — Libellus de iurisdictione ecclesiastica contra Petrum de Cugneriis. — Paris: Johann Philippi, 2 Apr. 1495. 4°.
  • B-482(1) Book of Hawking, Hunting, and Heraldry — St Albans: [Schoolmaster Printer], 1486. Folio.
  • C-196(1) Chronicles: England — Chronicles of England [English]. — St Albans: Schoolmaster Printer, [1485]. Folio.
  • C-392(1) Columna, Guido de — Historia destructionis Troiae. — [The Netherlands (Utrecht?): Printer of Alexander Magnus (GW 875) (Gerardus de Leempt?), between 1475 and 1479]. Folio.
  • D-144(1) Donatus, Aelius — Ars minor. — [Leiden: Jan Severszoon, c.1510]. 4°.
  • E-041(2) Eusebius Caesariensis — Historia ecclesiastica. — [Utrecht: Nicolaus Ketelaer and Gerardus de Leempt], 1474. Folio.
  • G-338(1) Guillaume de Digulleville — Le pèlerinage de l'âme [English] The pylgremage of the sowle. — Westminster: William Caxton, 6 June 1483. Folio.
  • H-185(1) Horae ad usum Sarum (Salisbury) — [London: Richard Pynson, c.1495]. 8°.
  • H-220(3) Hortus Sanitatis — Mainz: Jacob Meydenbach, 23 June 1491. Folio.
  • J-068(2) Jacobus de Voragine — Legenda aurea sanctorum, sive Lombardica historia [English] The Golden Legend. — Westminster: William Caxton, [after 20 Nov. 1483]. Folio.
  • J-069(1) Jacobus de Voragine — Legenda aurea sanctorum, sive Lombardica historia [English] The Golden Legend. — Westminster: [Wynkyn de Worde], 20 May 1493. Folio.
  • J-070(1) Jacobus de Voragine — Legenda aurea sanctorum, sive Lombardica historia [English] The Golden Legend. — Westminster: Wynkyn de Worde, 8 Jan. 1498. Folio.
  • J-078(1) Jacobus de Voragine — Sermones de tempore. — [Cologne: Conrad Winters, de Homborch, c.1478]. Folio.
  • J-112(2) Johannes Canonicus — Quaestiones in Physica Aristotelis. — St Albans: [Schoolmaster Printer], 1481. Folio.
  • J-165(2) Johannes de Hildesheim — Liber de gestis et translatione trium regum [English] The most excellent treatise of the three kynges of Coleyne. — Westminster: Wynkyn de Worde, [c.1496]. 4°.
  • J-191(1) Johannes de Sancto Geminiano — Disputatio Christi et latronis de finali poenitentia. — [Antwerp: Mathias van der Goes, 1491]. 4°.
  • L-060(3) Lefevre, Raoul — Le Recueil des histoires de Troyes [English] Recuyell of the historyes of Troye. — [Bruges: William Caxton, 1473/4]. Folio.
  • L-146(1) Losa, Alphonsus De, commissary — Indulgentia 1497. For the benefit of the confraternity of S. Jacobus de Compostella. — [Antwerp: Thierry Martens, c.1497]. Broadside.
  • M-055(1) Mandeville, Johannes de — Itinerarius [English] Travels. — [London]: Richard Pynson, [1497-8]. 4°.
  • M-094(1) Margarita, S. — The Life of St. Margaret [English verse]. — [London: Richard Pynson, 1493]. 4°.
  • M-233(1) Mirk, John — Liber festivalis [English]. — [Oxford: Theodoricus Rood], 19 Mar. 1486/7. Folio.
  • M-235(1) Mirk, John — Liber festivalis [English]. — Westminster: Wynkyn de Worde, 1493. 4°.
  • P-250(2) Phalaris — Epistolae [Latin] (trans. Franciscus Griffolinus Aretinus). — Oxford: Theodoricus Rood and Thomas Hunt, 1485. 4°.
  • P-380(1) Plinius Secundus, Gaius Caecilius (Pliny the younger) — Epistolae (ed. Philippus Beroaldus). — Bologna: Benedictus Hectoris, 19 Oct. 1498. 4°.
  • P-401(1) Poeniteas Cito — Libellus de modo confitendi et penitendi. — Cologne: Heinrich Quentell, 24 Feb. 1491. 4°.
  • Q-008(1) Quattuor Sermones [English] — Westminster: Wynkyn de Worde, 1494. 4°.
  • R-045(1) Regnierus, Helias — Casus longi super sextum librum Decretalium, et al. — Lyons: [Jean de Vingle], 18 Sept. 1497. 4°.
  • R-076(1) Robertus Castellensis, commissary — Indulgentia, 2 Feb. 1499. For promoting war against the Turks. — [London: Richard Pynson, 1499]. Broadside.
  • S-183(2) Sermones — Sermones ‘Sensati'. — Gouda: Gerard Leeu, 20 Feb. 1482. Folio.
  • T-098(1) Thomas àKempis — Imitatio Christi, et al. — [Venice]: Peregrinus de Pasqualibus, Bononiensis, and Dionysius Bertochus, 1485. 4°.
  • V-147(1) Vita — Vita et Processus sancti Thomae Cantuariensis martyris super libertate ecclesiastica. — Paris: Johann Philippi, 27 Mar. 1495. 4°.
  • W-024(1) Winifred, S. — The lyf of the holy and blessid vyrgyn saynt Wenefryde (trans. William Caxton) [English]. — [Westminster: William Caxton, 1484]. Folio.
  • Z-010(1) Zenders de Wert, Wilhelmus — Lilium grammaticae. — [Zwolle: Peter van Os, between 27 Mar. 1493 and 1 Dec. 1496]. 4°.
  • BB-5

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