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Osborne, Thomas (d.1767); bookseller; purchased all Harleian printed books; see H. R. Plomer, G. H. Bushnell, and E. R. Dix, A Dictionary of the Printers and Booksellers who were at Work in England, Scotland and Ireland from 1726 to 1775 (London, 1932, repr. 1968), 185-6; Oldham, Shrewsbury School Bindings, 114; Mellot–Queval no. 2930; [William Oldys], Catalogus Bibliothecae Harleianae, 5 vols (London, 1743-5). ♦ Categorisation: Type: Person. Gender: Unknown. Dates: unknown year to 1767. Period: unknown century to 18th century.

9 entries:

  • A-179(1) Alexander de Villa Dei — Doctrinale. — Parma: Angelus Ugoletus, 29 Nov. 1486. 4°
  • B-252(1) Biblia Latina — Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 16 Nov. 1475. Folio.
  • C-232(2) Cicero, Marcus Tullius — De oratore. — Venice: Andreas de Paltasichis, 20 Aug. 1478. Folio.
  • C-264(2) Cicero, Marcus Tullius — Epistolae ad familiares (corr. Gabriel de Orsonibus). — Milan: [Pamfilo Castaldi, Blaxius de Terzago, and Antonius and Fortunatus Zarotus, for Julianus de Merlis, between 1 Apr. and 14 July 1472]. Folio.
  • D-152(1) Donatus, Aelius — Ars maior, II–III. — Milan: Antonius Zarotus, 22 Sept. 1473. 4°.
  • P-358(1) Plinius Secundus, Gaius (Pliny the elder) — Historia naturalis. — Venice: Johannes de Spira, [before 18 Sept.] 1469. Folio.
  • P-499(1) Psalterium — Psalterium. — [Cologne: Ulrich Zell, c.1468?]. 8°.
  • R-143(1)? Rudimentum Novitiorum — Rudimentum novitiorum [French] La Mer des histoires. — Paris: Pierre Le Rouge, 1488-9. Folio.
  • S-112(1) Schottus, Petrus — Lucubratiunculae (ed. Jacobus Wimpfeling). — Strasbourg: Martin Schott, 2 Oct. 1498. 4°.

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