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Bod-Inc: A-021

Adelardus Bathoniensis

Quaestiones naturales.


Analysis of Content

a1v ‘Tabula.’

a3r Adelardus Bathoniensis: ‘Prologus' [addressed to Richard, Bishop of Bayeux.] Adelard of Bath, Conversations with his Nephew, On the Same and the Different, Questions on Natural Science and On Birds, ed. and trans. Charles Burnett, Cambridge Medieval Classics, 9 (Cambridge, 1998), 82. The dedicatee, who is named in most of the manuscripts of this work, but not in the incunable editions, is either Richard FitzSamson (†1133, bishop 1107-33) or Richard of Kent (†1142, bishop 1135-42): see Adelard, Conversations, p. xiv; Sarell Everett Gleason, An Ecclesiastical Barony of the Middle Ages: The Bishopric of Bayeux 1066-1204, Harvard Historical Monographs, 10 (Cambridge, Mass., 1936), 24 suggests that the dedicatee was Richard FitzSamson.

a3v Adelardus Bathoniensis: Quaestiones naturales [addressed to his nephew.] Adelard, Conversations, 90-226; Adelardus Bathoniensis, Die Quaestiones Naturales, ed. M. Müller, BGPTM 31 (2) (Münster, 1934); see Sharpe, Latin Writers, no. 47, Thorndike–Kibre 304, and Charles Burnett, ‘The Writings of Adelard of Bath and Closely Associated Works, together with the Manuscripts in which they occur', in Adelard of Bath: An English Scientist and Arabist of the Early Twelfth Century, ed. Charles Burnett, Warburg Institute Surveys and Texts, 14 (London, 1987), 163-96, at 175-6, no. 29; on the Quaestiones naturales in general, Adelard, Conversations, pp. xxii–xxxiii; on the transmission of the text see Charles Burnett and Italo Ronca, ‘The Transmission of Adelard's Questiones naturales’, Revue d'histoire des textes, forthcoming.

e11r [Verse.] Incipit: ‘Qui petit occultas rerum agnoscere causas | Me videat quia sum leuis explanator earum'; 1 elegiac distich.


Imprint: [Louvain: Johannes de Westfalia, between 8 Apr. 1476 and Nov. 1477]. 4°.

Remarks: For the date see Zeldzaam & Kostbaar: vijf jaar aanwinsten Bijzondere Collecties 1987-91 (The Hague, 1992), no. 31. GW dates to [1475], Sheppard to [1477-83].


Collation: a–d8 e12.


ISTC: ia00049000

GW: GW 218;

Hain: HC 26;

Goff: Goff A‑49;

BMC: BMC IX 147;

Proctor: Pr 9219;

Others: Campbell 4; CIBN A‑21; HPT II 435; ILC 10; Oates 3703; Sheppard 7110.

LCN: 14335281


Copy number: A-021(1)

Bound with:
1. Pomponius Mela, Cosmographia, sive De situ orbis. Venice: [Printer of Pomponius Mela], 15 Nov. 1477 (M‑176(2));
3. Pseudo-Aristoteles, Liber de secretis secretorum. [Paris: Printer of Ockam, c.1477] (A‑429);
4. Sextus Aurelius Victor, De viris illustribus. Venice: Andreas de Paltasichis, 5 June 1477 (A‑618).

Binding: Mottled calf, probably eighteenth-century, with later repairs to the spine; a floral roll on the upper cover. The gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers.

Size: 227 × 145 × 43 mm.

Size of leaf: 199 × 126 mm.

On the endleaf manuscript excerpts in Greek from Heliodorus, Aethiopica. Two manuscript lists of contents, one, on the recto of the front endleaf, approximately contemporary, the other, on the front pastedown, in a later, probably nineteenth-century, hand.

Provenance: Robert Plompton (sixteenth century). John Selden (1584-1654): see MS. Broxb. 84. 10, p. 56, listed as ‘Pomponius Mela, De situ orbis. Ven. 1477. cum aliis.’ Presented in 1659.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: 4° M 23 Art. Seld.; Auct. N 5.2.

SHELFMARK: S. Seld. e.1(2).

Copy number: A-021(2)

Bound with:
1. Miles Windsor, Academiarum quae aliquando fuere et hodie sunt in Europa catalogus. London: G. Bishop and R. Newberie, 1590 (STC 25841);
2. Thomas Coryate, Traveller for the English. [London]: W. Jaggard and H. Fetherston, 1616 (STC 5812);
3. Richardus Crocus, Orationes . . . duae. [Paris: 1520];
4. Louis Du Moulin, Oratio auspicalis. Oxford: Leon. Lichfield, 1652 (Wing D2546);
5. Sir Edward Greaves, Oratio habita . . . die Harvaei memoriæ dicato. London: J. Cotterel, 1667 (Wing G1794);
6. Sir William Cornwallis, Essays of certain paradoxes. London: for T. Thorp, 1616 (STC 5779);
7. Nothing without God. [London: 1669] (Wing 3087A);
8. Bilibaldus Pirckheimer, The Praise of Government. London: G. P[urslowe], for J. Budge, 1617 (STC 19947);
9. Certain necessary directions as well for the cure of the plague. Oxford: W. Hall, 1665 (Wing C1709);
10. William Foster, Hoplocrisma-spongus. London: T. Cotes, 1631 (STC 11203);
11. Sir Edward Greaves, Morbus epidemius anni 1643. Oxford: L. Lichfield, 1643 (Wing G1792);
13. John Jones, The Bathes of Bathes Ayde. London: T. East, 1572 (STC 14724a.3);
14. Comptoir Almanack. Amsterdam: B. Jansz, 1629;
15. Edmond Halley, Ephemeris ad annum . . . 1688. London: J. Heptinstall, 1688 (Wing A1807).

Binding: Early eighteenth-century(?) English calf over pasteboard, with a frame formed by fillets and decorated in each corner with a tool of two leaves and a wreath; also a cresting roll.

Size: 179 × 135 × 45 mm.

Size of leaf: 179 × 135 mm.

Provenance: John Aubrey (1626-1697); table of contents on the endleaf possibly in his hand. Anthony Wood (1632-1695); see Kiessling, Anthony Wood, no. 18. Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, in 1695. Transferred to the Bodleian Library in 1858-60.

SHELFMARK: Wood 498(12).

Copy number: A-021(3)

On this copy see Coates–Jensen 257, no. 27.

Bound with:
1. Publius Terentius Afer, Vulgaria. [English and Latin]. [Oxford: Theodoricus Rood, not after 1483] (T‑053(2));
2. Petrus Paulus Vergerius, De ingenuis moribus ac liberalibus studiis. [Louvain]: Johannes de Westfalia, [between 8 Apr. 1476 and Nov. 1477] (V‑065).

Wanting e11 and e12.

Binding: Contemporary English (Oxford) calf over wooden boards; metal catch; clasp missing; lower board almost detached. Fillets on both covers; see Duke Humfrey's Library, no. 120; Gibson, Oxford Bindings, p. 26 (under former shelfmark, for which see below).

Size: 201 × 140 × 25 mm.

Size of leaf: 202 × 140 mm.

Front parchment pastedown and endleaf from a medical work, copied in a late thirteenth-century anglicana hand, with a table of contents of medical works on conception etc., in a hand of a similar date; pastedown possibly from a lectionary written in a thirteenth-century bookhand. On the recto the text is Gal 1, mutilated, Gal 2,1-5, 6-10. This is followed on the verso by Gal 2,9 with a commentary.

Many pen-flourished initials. Initials and pilcrows rubricated.

Provenance: Brother John Grene (fl. 1483); purchase inscription on the endleaf: ‘1483 Frater Johannes Grene emit hunc librum Oxon' elemosinis amicorum suorum'. Henry Strach[ ](?) (fifteenth/sixteenth century); inscription on endleaf: ‘Henricus Strach[ ](?) . . . hu[n]c libru[m] bedfordie'. John Uncle (early sixteenth century). Robert Hontor (sixteenth century); inscription on a1v. Thomas Goldsmith (sixteenth century). Henry Stave (sixteenth century); inscription on a1r: ‘His ffreinds and Thomas Goldsmith having unto you and . . . house per C . . . per me Henry Stave'. Thomas Thomson (1768-1852): sale (1866), lot 1068. Acquired in 1866 for £36; see Invoice Book (1865-7, Library Records d. 431); there are inscriptions ‘Bibl Bodl', ‘Auctar Liber Oxon', ‘Auct Libb Oxon', perhaps implying an earlier connection with the Bodleian, although this is not documented.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: Auct. R sup. 2(3).

SHELFMARK: Arch. G e.5(3).

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