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Bod-Inc: A-092

Albertus, Leo Baptista

De re aedificatoria.


Analysis of Content

a1v Politianus, Angelus: [Letter to] Lorenzo de' Medici. Leon Battista Alberti, L'architettura (De re aedificatoria), ed. Giovanni Orlandi and Paolo Portoghesi, 2 vols (Milan 1966), 2-5 (with Italian translation).

a2r Albertus, Leo Baptista: De re aedificatoria. Edited by Bernardus Albertus. Leon Battista Alberti, L'architettura, ed. Orlandi and Portoghesi, I 6-439, II 440-1001, with this edition recorded at II 1006-7. Hans-Karl Lücke, ‘Alberti Index.' Leon Battista Alberti, De re aedificatoria, Florenz 1485. Index verborum, Veröffentlichungen des Zentralinstituts für Kunstgeschichte in München, 6, 4 vols (Munich, 1975-9).

[rum]7v [Colophon.]

[rum]8r Baptista Siculus: ‘In auctoris persona ad lectorem.’ Incipit: ‘Ingenuum superesset opus nunc, Daedale, si me | Legisses ualidis uolitare per aera pennis'; 32 hexameters.


Imprint: Florence: Nicolaus Laurentii, Alamanus, 29 Dec. 1[4]85. Folio.


Collation: a–d8 e6 f–o8 p6 q–z8 & [con] [rum]8.

Remarks: The signatures in gathering a begin on the second sheet which is signed ai; the first sheet is unsigned. On [rum]4 the number has been added by hand.

Types: Types: BMC describes two stages: (1) G.9185(3) (IB.27125b) with colophon A and the innermost sheet of gathering l (l4 /l5) printed with Nerlius's type 110 R; (2) 169.i.3 (IB.27125a) and IB.27125 with colophon B and the innermost sheet of gathering l and the last gathering ([rum]) printed with Nerlius's type 110 R. Nerlius's type is distinguished from Laurentii 111RB by a separate ‘Q'. The Bodleian copy represents a third stage, having colophon A but without any occurrence of a separate ‘Q' on l4 (yet one on l5v) and only one in gathering [rum], at [rum]6v.


ISTC: ia00215000

GW: GW 579;

Hain: HC *419;

Goff: Goff A‑215;

BMC: BMC VI 630;

Proctor: Pr 6131;

Others: BSB‑Ink A‑125; CIBN A‑112; Oates 2336; Rhodes 20; Sack, Freiburg, 56; Sheppard 5064.

LCN: 14290278


Copy number: A-092(1)

By an error of imposition the text on p1 is the same as that on p2, and the text on p5 is the same as that on p6.

Binding: Parchment over pasteboards.

Size: 267 × 192 × 39 mm.

Size of leaf: 262 × 187 mm.

Provenance: Possibly Verrie, diocese of Angers, Benedictines; on a1r in a seventeenth-century hand ‘Verey M[onast]erij'(?). Luigi Celotti (c.1768-c.1846); sale (1819), lot 198, purchased by Heber for £0. 10. 6 (note on endleaf). Richard Heber (1773-1833); stamp; perhaps Catalogue, 2 (1834), lot 215, sold for £0. 2. 0. J. T. Hand (fl. 1834-1837), 1834; inscription on a1r; see sale (1837), lot 145. Purchased for £0. 5. 0; see Books Purchased (1837), 2.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q inf. 2.36.

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