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Bod-Inc: A-118

Albertus Magnus



Analysis of Content

[*1r] [Printers' claim of copyright, dated 27 Sept. 1494.]

[*1v] ‘Tabula.’

[*7v] Judecus, Nicolaus: Quid apud Aristotelem significat verbum utrumlibet. Dedicated to Laurentius Bragadenus. Incipit: ‘[H]ortatus sum te sepenumero, mi Laurenti, vt grecas litteras discas. Nam libri Aristotelici preciosi philosophie thesauri . . .’ See Lohr, Renaissance, 207: Introductio ad librum Aristotelis De syllogismo.

a1r Albertus Magnus: [Super Porphyrium De quinque universalibus.] ‘De praedicabilibus.’ Opera (1651), I 1-94; Opera (1890), I 1-148; J. Blarer, ‘Albertus Magnus, De antecedentibus ad logicam', Teoresi, 9 (1954), 177-242. For the manuscript transmission of the text see Fauser no. 1; see Lohr (1967), 339 no. 1.

f3v Albertus Magnus: De [decem] praedicamentis. Opera (1651), I 94-193; Opera (1890), I 149-304. Waldemar Gremper (ed.), Tractatus secundus libri praedicamentorum de substantia (Dr.Phil. thesis, Fribourg, 1957), partly published as Waldemar Gremper, ‘Der Traktat “De substantia” der Praedikamentenparaphrase Alberts d. Großen', Freiburger Zeitschrift für Philosophie und Theologie, 3 (1956), 369-87; 4 (1957), 34-51, 175-96 (edition of book II). For the manuscript transmission see Fauser no. 2; see Lohr (1967), 340 no. 2.

l6r [First colophon.]

m1r Albertus Magnus: De sex principiis. Opera (1651), I 194-236; Opera (1890), I 305-72. Book I, 1-7: Albertus Magnus, Liber sex principiorum auf handschriftlicher Grundlage mit Einleitung ed. Benno Sulzbacher (Dr.Phil. thesis, Fribourg, Teildruck, Vienna, 1955). For the manuscript transmission of the text see Fauser no. 3; see Lohr (1967), 340 no. 3.

o1r Albertus Magnus: Perihermenias. Also known as De interpretatione. Opera (1651), I 237-89; Opera (1890), I 373-457. For the manuscript transmission see Fauser no. 5; see Lohr (1967), 340 no. 4.

q6r Albertus Magnus: Analytica priora. Opera (1651), I 289-512; Opera (1890), I 459-809. For the manuscript transmission see Fauser no. 6; see Lohr (1967), 340 no. 6.

r1r Albertus Magnus: Analytica posteriora. Opera (1651), I 513-658; Opera (1890), II 1-232. For the manuscript transmission see Fauser no. 7; see Lohr (1967), 340 no. 7.

[con]2r Albertus Magnus: Topica. Opera (1651), I 658-839; Opera (1890), II 233-524. For the manuscript transmission see Fauser no. 8; see Lohr (1967), 340 no. 8.

HH4v Albertus Magnus: De sophisticis elenchis. Opera (1651), I 840-953; Opera (1890), II 525-713. For the manuscript transmission see Fauser no. 9; see Lohr (1967), 340 no. 9.

OO9r [Second colophon.]


Imprint: Venice: Johannes and Gregorius de Gregoriis, de Forlivio, 15 June 1494, 27 Sept. 1494. Folio.

Remarks: Variants on a1r as in GW transcription, not as in the Szczecin copy cited in GW Anm.


Collation: [*]8 a–m6 n8 o–q rr–zz [et][et] [con][con] [rum][rum] A–C r–z [et] [con] [rum] AA–NN6 OO10.

Remarks: Gathering [*] is numbered ‘2-4' but not signed.

Illustrations: Eight woodcut diagrams.


ISTC: ia00270000

GW: GW 677;

Hain: H *486;

Goff: Goff A‑270;

BMC: BMC V 345;

Proctor: Pr 4537;

Others: BSB‑Ink A‑162; Rhodes 35; Sheppard 3901.


Copy number: A-118(1)

Wanting the blank leaf OO10.

Binding: Nineteenth-century blind-tooled calf.

Size: 305 × 217 × 60 mm.

Size of leaf: 299 × 198 mm.

Marginal notes in a seventeenth-century hand on a1r -a3v and occasionally throughout the volume; various hands.

Provenance: Simon Dig[by?], on 1r: ‘per me simonem Dig . . .' (unread name or possibly date). William Smith (†1735); inscription on 1r: ‘Liber Guil. Smith Collegij Universitatis Socij 1678'. University College, Oxford; book-plates with shelfmarks ‘N 20.13' and ‘FF.30.17' on pastedown and ‘P.2.5' on 1r; ‘List of Rare Books', p. 3. Deposited in 1941 by the Master and Fellows of University College, Oxford. The copy bought with money given in 1600 by Thomas Sackville, Lord Buckhurst, is no longer in the Library; see Benefactors' Register I 3, and James, Catalogus (1605), 278.

SHELFMARK: Univ. Coll. c.21.

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