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Bod-Inc: A-133

Albertus Magnus

Secreta mulierum et virorum cum commento.


Analysis of Content

[a1r] [Preface.] Incipit: ‘Scribit philosophus philosophorum princeps .iiij. ethicorum: Homo est optimum eorum que sunt in mundo . . .’ Several editions in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the latest available in the Bodleian Library being Amsterdam: Henricus and Theodor Boom, 1669, at 3-4.

[a1v] Albertus Magnus [pseudo-]: Secreta mulierum et virorum. Incipit: ‘[D]ilecto sibi in Cristo socio et amico N. clerico de tali loco vere sapiencie et augmentum continuum vite presentis . . .’ Amsterdam: Henricus and Theodor Boom, 1669, at 4-118. For a paraphrase of the contents see Thorndike II 739-45. On authorship and the history of the text see Meersseman 145-8; Glorieux, Répertoire, 6 du; Christoph Ferckel, ‘Zur Bibliographie der Secreta mulierum', Sudhoffs Archiv für Geschichte der Medizin, 7 (1914), 47-8; Christoph Ferckel, ‘Die Secreta mulierum und ihr Verfasser', Sudhoffs Archiv für Geschichte der Medizin, 38 (1954), 267-74; Thorndike, ‘Further Consideration', 427-43. For an account of recent research see Brigitte Kusche, ‘Zur Secreta-mulierum-Forschung', Janus, 62 (1975), 103-23; Kristian Bosselmann-Cyran, “Secreta mulierum” mit Glosse in der deutschen Bearbeitung von Johann Hartlieb. Text und Untersuchungen, Würzburger medizinhistorische Forschungen, 36 (Hannover, 1985), 9-14; Margaret Schleissner, ‘Secreta mulierum', VL VIII 986-91.

[a1v] ‘Commentum.’ Incipit: ‘Iste liber cuius subiectum est contractum ad ens mobile contractum ad naturam secretorum mulierum, vt ipsis infirmantibus possumus dare remedia . . .’ Amsterdam: Henricus and Theodor Boom, 1669, at 4-118. On commentaries on the ‘Secreta mulierum' see Thorndike, ‘Further Consideration', 427-43.


Imprint: [Cologne: Nicolaus Götz, c.1475]. 4°.


Collation: [a b8 c d6 e8 f g6].

Illustrations: Historiated initial S with standing figure on [a1r].


ISTC: ia00301700

GW: GW 719;

Hain: C 198;

BMC: BMC I 239;

Proctor: Pr 1114;

Others: CIBN A‑166; Oates 598; SC 1174; Sheppard 847; Voulliéme, Köln, 44.

LCN: 14291799


Copy number: A-133(1)

For this copy see Coates–Jensen 254-5, no. 21.

Wanting a3.

Bound after MS. F with:
MS. A (fols 1r –32v). Constantius presbiter, Vita S. Germani Autissiodorensis; Liber de naturis animalium;
MS. B (fols 33r –88v) Heptarchia Saxonum in Britannia; Liber generationis regum Angliae per genealogiam tripartitam cum gestis illorum abbreuiatis;
MS. C (fols 89r –102v) Acta S. Barbarae; Contra malos praelatos; De donatione dominii de Pontefracto per Guillelmum Conquestorem Hilberto de Lacy militi; list of deaths between 1311 and 1377; notes; Notitia de captione Andreae Barton, Piratae Scoti (in the year 1511);
MS. D (fols 103r –113v) Historia de bello sacro; De terra sancta; Exordium Carthusianorum monachi per Brunonem;
MS. E (fols 114r –128v) De origine et vita sanctorum ordinis fratrum gloriosae virginis de Carmelo, dated 1426; Johannes Grossus, Viridarium de ortu religionis et floribus eiusdem ordinis; Johannes Bacon[thorpe], Speculum eiusdem ordinis; Notitiae de rebus Anglicis historicae; Legenda Amelii et Amici; De origine fratrum praedicatorum;
MS. F (fols 129r –141v) Fundatio Abbatiae de Kirkestall in comitatu Eborniensi; Historia Silvestri papae qui fecit diabolo homagium;
(fols 188r –191r) Christophorus Columbus, Epistola de insulis nuper inventis. Paris: In campo Gaillardi (Guy Marchant), [after 29 Apr. 1493] (C‑389);
MS. G (fols 192r –204v) Speculum ecclesiae Edmundi Riche.
For a fuller description see Coxe, Laudian MSS, cols 513-15; M. V. Clarke and N. Denholm-Young, ‘The Kirkstall Chronicle', Bulletin of the John Rylands Library, 15 (1931), 100-37. On MS. F see also Elizabeth Freeman, Narratives of a New Order: Cistercian Historical Writing in England, 1150-1220, Medieval Church Studies, 2 (Turnhout, 2002), 137-49.

Binding: Seventeenth-century English sprinkled calf with border of triple fillets; 1630s, bound in London by Richard Badger for Laud, and stamped on both covers in gold with the arms of Canterbury, impaled with Laud.

Size: 197 × 152 × 48 mm.

Size of leaf: 190 × 138 mm.

Two parchment leaves from a fifteenth-century manuscript used as reinforcing pieces.

Provenance: Kirkstall, Yorkshire, Cistercians. Anthony Adell [Jackson]; see Ker, Medieval Libraries, 107 and note 8, but without reference to Adell; inscription on 102v: ‘Antonius Adell monachus de kirkstall'; on 126r: ‘Liber for Kirstall'. Thomas Falkingham of Northall (before 1563-?1619/20); on 192r: ‘This bouke was ffounde wherat Thomas ffolkyngham did preserve it from burninge anno domine Elizabethe regine .37. primo may .1595.' On the same page: John Ahornor(?) (fl. before 1633). Jo[hannes?] Hundleby (fl. before 1633); name on fols 193r and 204v; on fol. 97v: ‘Transcribed. J.H.', on fol. 102v: ‘exscripsi. J.H.' William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury (1573-1645); inscription dated 1633 on fol. 1r: ‘Liber Guilielmi Laud Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis et Cancellarii Vniuersitatis Oxoniensis. 1633.’ Donated by Laud in 1633; see Coxe, Laudian MSS, p. xxxv.

SHELFMARK: MS. Laud Misc. 722 (fols 142-87).

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