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Bod-Inc: A-168

Alexander de Hales

Expositio super tres libros Aristotelis de anima.


Analysis of Content

a2r Alexander [de Hales, pseudo-; Alexander Bonino de Alexandria]: Expositio super tres libros Aristotelis de anima. Incipit: ‘[I]nterrogasti me, honoret te deus, illustrissime fili Philippe de Melduno, de optimo quod est in nobis, scilicet anima cogitans . . .’ For authorship see Glorieux, Répertorie, 301s and 340b; Glorieux, La Faculté, 81 no. 19; Lohr (1967), 353 no. 1. In the colophon ascribed to venerabilis Alexander.


Imprint: Oxford: Theodoricus Rood, 11 Oct. 1481. Folio.


Collation: a–f8 g6 h–s8 t–x6 y z A–H8.

Illustrations: Some copies have a woodcut border on a2r.


ISTC: ia00382000

GW: GW 869;

Hain: HC 655;

Goff: Goff A‑382;


Proctor: Pr 9748;

Others: Duff 21; Oates 4161-2; Rhodes 55; Sheppard 7482-5; STC 314.

LCN: 14289959, 14290001, 14290039, 14294045


Copy number: A-168(1)

Without the woodcut border.

Binding: Contemporary English (Oxford) blind-tooled calf over wooden boards; two clasps lost; formerly chained (staple-mark at tail of the upper cover). The upper cover plain; on the lower cover double fillets form a frame, the inner rectangle divided by diagonal double fillets into lozenge-shaped compartments. On the lower cover oval stamp with Madonna and child, see Gibson, Oxford Bindings, 19 no. 15, pl. xxxiv no. 40 (under former shelfmark, for which see below).

Size: 300 × 216 × 58 mm.

Size of leaf: 288 × 200 mm.

Parchment pastedowns from a fourteenth-century manuscript of the Digestum novum with commentary and glosses.

Early marginal notes in gathering a. On H8v an early note of price ‘iij s viij d'; see Duke Humfrey's Library, no. 117.

Initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red.

Provenance: Roger Balkwell (late fifteenth century); inscription: ‘Iste liber est ex dono Rogeri Balkwell ut occupantes eum orent pro anima illius'. Sir Edwin Sandys (1561-1629); purchased with his benefaction of money in 1603; see Benefactors' Register I 57: ‘Alexander de anima. fo. Oxon. 1481'; James, ‘Catalogus' (1602), fol. 203v; James, Catalogus (1605), 277.

Former Bodleian shelfmarks: A 5.4 Art; C 7.15 Art; Auct. R sup. 10.

SHELFMARK: Arch. G d.37.

Copy number: A-168(2)

Fragments: leaf r6 and fragments of C1 and E6 only.

A note in the margin of fol. 3 of this book of fragments records that these leaves probably came from the bindings of D 1. 16 Th. (John Davenant, Praelectiones de duobus in theologia controversis capitibus. Cambridge: University Press, 1631) [this shelfmark has been cancelled in the note], and 4° D 48 Th. (George Downame, An answere to a sermon preached . . . [N. pl.: n. pr.], 1609, etc.). Given the size of the fragments, the fact that they show signs of use as pastedowns, and that the note relating to D 1. 16 Th. has been cancelled, it seems more likely that the fragments actually come from 4° D 48 Th. alone.

Binding: Nineteenth-century half maroon morocco with black paper boards, bound for the Bodleian Library.

Sizes of fragments: 190 × 122 mm, 171 × 132 mm, 183 × 133 mm.

Provenance: (of 4° D 48 Th.) not identified in James, Catalogus (1620).

Former Bodleian shelfmark: Auct. R. sup. 14.

SHELFMARK: Inc. d. E2.1481.1.

Copy number: A-168(3)

A fragment of h8 only.

Binding: Stored in a modern case of red cloth, backed with red morocco.

Size of fragment: 190 × 127 mm.

Provenance: Francis Edward Norris (1885-1966). Presented by him in 1952.

SHELFMARK: Inc. e. E2.1481.1.

Copy number: A-168(4)

A fragment of r1.

Bound with a collection of fragments of books printed in Oxford:
1. Rufinus Tyrannius, Expositio in symbolum apostolorum. Oxford: [Printer of the Expositio in symbolum apostolorum], 17 Dec. ‘1468' [1478] (R‑148(2));
2. Phalaris, Epistolae. Oxford: Theodoricus Rood and Thomas Hunt, 1485 (P‑250(1));
3. Aristoteles, Ethica ad Nicomachum. Oxford: [Printer of the Expositio in symbolum apostolorum], 1479 (A‑400(2)).

Binding: Nineteenth-century black half calf over marbled pasteboards.

Size: 215 × 138 × 10 mm.

Size of leaf: 96 × 35 mm.

Provenance: Acquired by 1835; Catalogus (1843), I 40.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: Auct. R sup. 9(4).

SHELFMARK: Arch. G e.7(4).

Copy number: A-168(5)

Not in Sheppard.

Part of a collection of fragments, assembled by Strickland Gibson to provide illustrative material for use in his university course on bibliography; formerly stored in a document case, bearing the label ‘Bibliography Room New Bodleian'.

Parts of leaves b1, b2, and b4 only.

Binding: Bound in a modern guard-book of fragments.

Size of fragments: 100/1 × 165/6 mm.

Provenance: Strickland Gibson (1877-1958). Presented by Gibson.

SHELFMARK: Gibson 403(1/1-3).

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