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Bod-Inc: A-201

Alexandris, Carolus de

Sermo de passione Christi.


Analysis of Content

[a1r] Alexandris, Carolus de: Sermo de passione Christi. Incipit: ‘  “[O] vos omnes qui transitis per viam attendite et uidete, si est dolor sicut est dolor meus” Ieremie trenorum primo capitulo [Lam 1,12]. Domini nostri Iesu Christi acerrimam ac lacrimabilem passionem, beatissime pater reuerendissimique presides, nostreque piissimum atque admirabilem redemptionis modum . . .’ Text dated Rome, 24 Mar. 1475: ‘coram Sixto quarto anno iubilei in die parasceue intra missarum solenia'.


Imprint: [Rome: Ulrich Han, 1475]. 4°.


Collation: [a10].


ISTC: ia00457500

GW: GW 1225;

Hain: H *810;

Proctor: not in Pr;

Others: BSB‑Ink A‑308; Sheppard 2682.

LCN: 14293064


Copy number: A-201(1)

Bound with:
1. Thomas Aquinas, De venerabili sacramento altaris ad modum decem praedicamentorum. [Cologne: Bartholomaeus de Unkel, c.1481] (T‑186);
2. Augustinus, De vita christiana. [Mainz]: Peter Schoeffer, [c.1470-5] (A‑608);
4. Ludovicus Imolensis, Oratio in funere Cardinalis Petri Ferrici. [Rome: Georgius Lauer, c.1479] (L‑199);
5. Bernardus Justinianus, Oratio habita apud Sixtum IV contra Turcos. [Rome: Johannes Gensberg, c.1474] (J‑285(3));
6. Daniel, Somnia Danielis. [Rome: Johannes Bulle, c.1478-9] (D‑005);
7. Maphaeus Vegius, Philalethes. [Strasbourg: Heinrich Knoblochtzer, c.1480] (V‑054);
8. Lucius Annaeus Seneca, De remediis fortuitorum. [Cologne: Printer of Dares (Johann Schilling [Solidi]), c.1472] (S‑141(2));
9. Rabbi Samuel, Epistola contra Judaeorum errores. [Rome: Printer of Sixtus IV ‘Bulla' (H 14811), c.1480] (S‑048);
10. Sextus Aurelius Victor, De viris illustribus. [Rome: Johannes Gensberg, not before Sept. 1474] (A‑617(2));
11. Angelus Politianus, Pactianae conjurationis commentarium. [Rome: Johannes Bulle, after 26 Apr. 1478] (P‑425);
12. Sixtus IV, Pont. Max., Bulla 1 June 1478 “Ineffabilis et summi patris providentia” de excommunicationis Laurentii de Medicis. [Rome: Johannes Bulle, after 1 June 1478] (S‑219);
13. Sixtus IV, Pont. Max., Bullae 22 June 1478 “Ad apostolicae dignitatis auctoritatem” et “Inter cetera quorum nos cura sollicitat” contra Laurentium de Medicis. [Rome: Johannes Bulle, after 22 June 1478] (S‑220);
14. Sixtus IV, Pont. Max., Bulla 17 Aug. 1479 “Decet Romanum pontificem” contra Laurentium de Medicis. [Rome: Georgius Lauer, after 17 Aug. 1479] (S‑222);
15. Sixtus IV, Pont. Max., Bulla 16 Aug. 1479 “Et si natura omnibus in rebus” excommunicationis Roberti de Malatestis et aliorum. [Rome: Georgius Lauer, after 16 Aug. 1479] (S‑221).

Binding: Eighteenth-century English gold-tooled brown calf; bound for Thomas Coke, Earl of Leicester (1752-1842), between 1718 and 1728(?). On both covers triple fillets form a frame, containing a roll of gold-tooled dentelle; six panels on the spine, five with a four-acorn tool, one with ‘Thomas Aquinas etc.'; see David Rogers, ‘The Holkham Collection', BLR 4 (1953), 255-67, at 256 and 261. On both covers is the armorial stamp of Coke of Holkham, impaling Tufton; see Cyril Davenport, English Heraldic Book Stamps (London, 1909), 122. Gold-tooled spine. Gilt-edged leaves. Rebacked.

Size: 209 × 147 × 34 mm.

Size of leaf: 202 × 136 mm.

At the head of [a1r] of this item, a cropped contemporary manuscript title, similar to that in other items. Early marginal annotations in a fifteenth/sixteenth-century German hand, probably in the same hand as those in item 1, and perhaps also that of the manuscript additions on blank leaves following items 1 and 6 and on the last blank page of item 4. On the blank leaf d8r of item 1, part of an Expositio orationis dominicae: ‘Super verba “Et ne nos inducas in tempta[tionem]”. Non ut simpliciter non temptemur . . .', followed by a note on the apparition of Jerome after his death to Augustine: ‘Mortuo beato Jeronimo . . .'; on d8v: ‘De Meditatione creaturarum. Meditatio est frequens cogitatio . . .' On [a6v] of item 4, an account of the anti-Semitic trial concerning Simon Tridentinus: ‘In facto Judeorum Triden[tinorum] puerum interfectum quidam ex eisdem Judeis in tortura ut subscribitur confessus est. Interrogatus Quid faciunt ipsi Judei de dicto sanguine . . .' On [a7v] of item 6, ‘Ex libello de Moribus. Hinc bene precipiebatur a Socrate ut adolescens in speculo . . .'; on [a1r] of item 7, a note on the four Sundays in Advent: ‘Quatuor dominicis proximis ante festum natale . . .'; on the verso, ‘Formula bene viuendi. Studium cuiuslibet religiosi ut scilicet viuat in obediencia . . .' The similarity of the titles and notes suggests that most of the items were travelling together long before the book received its present binding.

Provenance: Johannes Sphyractes (1508-1578); on a2r of item 1, ‘Sum Joannis Sphyractae Basiliensis et amicorum'. Holkham Hall, Norfolk, Earls of Leicester; shelfmark written in pencil inside the upper cover: ‘Case 20th Shelf 3rd ‘; old shelfmark ‘C.2.A1' on endleaf, probably from Holkham. Purchased in 1953; Bodleian stamp dated 5 Oct. 1953.

SHELFMARK: Holk. e.1(3).

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