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Bod-Inc: A-238

Amerinus, Aegidius, Delphin



Analysis of Content

Printed side Amerinus, Aegidius, Delphin: [Memoria.] Incipit: ‘[E]gidius Delphin Amerinus arcium et sacre theologie professor totiusque ordinis minorum generalis minister ordinis beatissimi patris nostri Francisci . . .’ A letter of privilege in favour of donors to the Franciscan order, granting spiritual benefits and burial rights.


Imprint: [Rome: Eucharius Silber, after 11 Oct. 1500.] Single sheet.


Types: Type: 146 G; see BMC IV 103 and pl. XI.

Line number: 24 lines.

Type area: Type area 170 ×287 mm.

Remarks: Probably not an incunable, although the type was in use by 1498, since Aegidius was not appointed general of the third order of the Franciscans until 11 Oct. 1500; see DBI XXXVI 540-2.


LCN: 14421854


Copy number: A-238(1)

Printed on parchment.

Size of sheet: 308 × 340 mm.

Mark of a seal, now lost. Name of the recipient, Carlo Grati, also mentioning his family, added in ink, probably in the hand of Aegidius Amerinus: ‘domino Charolo de Gratis de Bononia uxori liberis ac nepotibus et toti familie'; also the date and the place at which the indulgence was granted, 25 July 1502 at Modena ‘anno vero ab impressione sacrorum stigmatum beatissimi patris nostri Francisci cclxxviii', and Aegidius Amerinus's signature, ‘Frater Egidius qui supra generalis concedit propria manu etiam de capellano'. ‘Confessionale in sixteenth-century Italian hand, brown ink, on the verso.

A six-line epigraphic initial ‘E' is supplied in gold, with yellow decoration, within a red frame and with vine-scrolling in red, green, pink-edged with white, and blue-edged with white, on a black background with white dots.

Provenance: Carlo Grati, of Bologna (†1519). Giuseppe Alberto Martini (1870-1944). Albert Ehrman (1890-1969); purchased from Martini in 1937 for £7. 0. 0. Presented in 1978 by John Ehrman.

SHELFMARK: Broxb. 95.29.

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