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Bod-Inc: A-241

Amsterdamis, Hervicus de

Oratio funebris in Fridericum XII Bavariae Ducem.


Analysis of Content

[a1r] [Title-page.]

[a1v] Wimpfeling, Jacobus: [Letter addressed to] Ludwig and the other sons of Philipp, Count Palatine. Jakob Wimpfeling, Briefwechsel, ed. Otto Herding and Dieter Mertens, I, Opera selecta, III/1 (Munich, 1990), 281-3. Text dated Sulz, 19 May 1498. On this edition see Joseph Knepper, Jakob Wimpfeling (1450-1528). Sein Leben und seine Werke (Freiburg in Breisgau, 1902), 95 note.

[a2r] Hervicus de Amsterdamis: Oratio funebris in Fridericum XII Bavariae Ducem († 12 Dec. 1476). Incipit: ‘  “Beati mortui qui in domino moriuntur” [Apc 14]. [F]lebili oratione atque lugubri questu hic opus esset, patres ac fratres carissimi . . .’ Text dated Heidelberg, 28 Jan. 1477; the date of Friedrich's death is erroneously given as 1477.

[a5r] Wimpfeling, Jacobus: ‘In Fridericum victoriosissimum epicedion.’ Incipit: ‘Vna salus patrie, dux et Mauorcius heros | et leo magnanimus, hic, Friderice, iaces'; 10 elegiac distichs. Hugo Holstein, ‘Ungedruckte Gedichte oberrheinischer Humanisten', Zeitschrift für vergleichende Litteraturgeschichte, 4 (1891), 359-82, 446-73, at 361. See Knepper 26.

[a5v] [Wimpfeling, Jacobus(?)]: ‘Epigramma in Fridericum.’ Incipit: ‘Friderico Magnanimo Bauarie duci, Patrie patri, Comitatus Rheni Palatini Augusto . . .’ This is not actually written in verse.

[a5v] [Wimpfeling, Jacobus(?)]: [Epitaph for Fridericus.] ‘Aliud epigramma.’ Incipit: ‘Friderico fuit virtus vite socia, gloria mortis comes.’

[a5v] [Wimpfeling, Jacobus]: ‘De sepultura Friderici.’ Incipit: ‘Sepultus est Fridericus in cenobio Fratrum minorum Heydelbergensi . . .’ On Wimpfeling's polemic against the Franciscans see Knepper 188 note 2. On the tomb see Renate Neumüllers-Klauser, Die Inschriften der Stadt und des Landkreises Heidelberg (Stuttgart, 1970), 69-70.

[a5v] [Wimpfeling, Jacobus]: ‘De comitate et mansuetudine Philippi moderni comitis Palatini.’ Incipit: ‘Fridericus dux assumpto Philippo nepote in hebdomada penosa sacram monachorum aedem accessit . . .’

[a6r] [Hoest, Stephanus]: Incipit: ‘Simplicitas claustri nobis placet optime, quando | sub pulla veste candida corda latent. | At si corda etiam tetro sint tecta colore | Vaeh quantum monstrum, intus et extra nigrum'; 2 elegiac distichs. Addressed to a Franciscan monk. Quoted by Wimpfeling at the end of the preceding text. Stephan Hoest, Reden und Briefe, ed. F. Baron, Humanistische Bibliothek, II/3 (Munich, 1971), 218-19.

[a6r] Bolandus, Petrus: ‘In Fridericum Dystichon . . . in quo numerus anni.’ Incipit: ‘Debita nature felix reddens, Friderice, | profesto(!) Odilie celum pro sede capesse.’ Gives the year 1476.

[a6r] Wimpfeling, Jacobus: ‘In Fridericum Distychon . . . in quo numerus anni.’ Incipit: ‘Transiit in celsas patrias magnus Fridericus, | profesto(!) Odilie cepit regnare Philippus.’ Gives the year 1476.

[a6r] [Colophon.]


Imprint: Strasbourg: Johann (Reinhard) Grüninger, [after 19 May 1498]. 4°.


Collation: [a6].

Remarks: Leaves [a2] to [a4] numbered 2 to 4.

Types: Types: 145 G (Proctor 17); see BMC I 101 and pl. X; 89 R (Proctor 22); see BMC I 102 and pl. X; 64B R (Proctor 23); see BMC I 102 and pl. XI.

Leaves: Six leaves.

Line number: 30 lines, plus headline ([a2v]).

Type area: Type area: 131 (142) ×86 mm ([a2v]).

Illustrations: On [a1r] a woodcut depicting the coat of arms of the dukes of Bavaria.

Watermarks: No watermarks visible.


ISTC: ia00567000

Hain: H *931;

Goff: Goff A‑567;

Proctor: Pr 486;

Others: Sheppard 398.

LCN: 14509734


Copy number: A-241(1)

Boxed with:
1. Hector Fliscus, Oratio ad Innocentium VIII. [Rome: Eucharius Silber, after 27 Apr. 1485] (F‑065(1));
2. Marianus de Genazano, Oratio coram Innocentio VIII dominica tertia adventus habita. [Rome: Eucharius Silber, after 19 Dec. 1487] (G‑062(1));
3. Hector Fliscus, Oratio ad Innocentium VIII. [Rome: Stephan Plannck, after 27 Apr. 1485] (F‑066(2));
4. Robertus Guiba, Oratio ad Innocentium VIII in obedientia praestanda. [Rome: Stephan Plannck, after 10 June 1485] (G‑270);
5. Bernardus Justinianus, Oratio habita apud Sixtum IV contra Turcos. [Rome: Stephan Plannck, c.1481-7] (J‑286);
6. Antonius Lollius, Oratio Circumcisionis dominicae coram Innocentio VIII habita. [Rome: Stephan Plannck, after 1 Jan. 1485] (L‑140(2));
7. Antonius Lollius, Oratio Circumcisionis dominicae coram Innocentio VIII habita. [Rome: Stephan Plannck, 1488-90] (L‑141);
8. Antonius Lollius, Oratio habita in funere Philberti cardinalis Matisconensis. [Rome: Stephan Plannck, not before 30 Sept. 1484] (L‑142);
9. Ludovicus Imolensis, Oratio in die Stephani habita. [Rome: Georgius Teutonicus (Lauer?) and Sixtus Riessinger, c.1483] (L‑198);
10. Bernardus Herulus, Oratio in funere Cardinalis Spoletani. [Rome: Johannes Bulle, after 2 Apr. 1479] (H‑066);
(11. formerly: Petrus Terasse, Oratio de divina providentia. [Rome: Eucharius Silber, after 9 Mar. 1483] (Pr 3927); exchanged as a duplicate with the British Museum in 1915);
12. Antonius Galeazius Bentivolus, Oratio ad Alexandrum VI nomine Bononiensium habita (Ed: Ferdinandus de Salazar). [Rome: Eucharius Silber, not before Sept. 1492] (B‑153(1));
13. Antonius Galeazius Bentivolus, Oratio ad Alexandrum VI nomine Bononiensium habita. [Rome: Stephan Plannck, not before Sept. 1492] (B‑151);
14. Bartholomaeus Floridus, Oratio confoederationis initae inter Alexandrum VI et Venetorum, Mediolani et Bari duces. [Rome: Eucharius Silber, after 25 Apr. 1493] (B‑090(1));
15. Hieronymus Gaona, Oratio ad comitem de Tendilla. [Rome: Eucharius Silber, after 13 Sept. 1486; not after 1487] (G‑031);
16. Gentilis Becchius Urbinas, Oratio Florentinorum coram Alexandro VI habita. [Rome: Stephan Plannck, after 28 Nov. 1492] (G‑064);
17. Petrus Gravina, Oratio de Christi ascensu. [Rome: Stephan Plannck, after 16 May 1493] (G‑191);
18. Thomas Phaedrus Ingheramius, Panegyricus in memoriam S. Thomae Aquinatis. [Rome: Eucharius Silber, after 7 Mar. 1500] (I‑005);
19. Benevenutus de Sancto Georgio, Oratio pro Bonifacio marchione Montisferrati habita. [Rome: Stephan Plannck, after 17 Feb. 1493] (S‑057).

Binding: Nineteenth-century half calf for Kloß.

Size: 210 × 153 × 5 mm.

Size of leaf: 202 × 147 mm.

On [a1r] pedigree of the Counts Palatine Ruprecht III (†1410) to Ottheinrich (†1559) added in a sixteenth-century hand.

Woodcut coat of arms coloured in red and brown. Initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red; capital strokes and underlining in red.

Provenance: Georg Franz Burkhard Kloß (1787-1854); sale (1835), lot 2768. Purchased for £7. 17. 6; see Books Purchased (1835), 20 (Orationes variae).

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q 6.2(20).

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