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Bod-Inc: A-301

Annius, Johannes

De futuris Christianorum triumphis in Saracenos, seu glossa super Apocalypsin.


Analysis of Content

a1r ‘Capitula.’

a3v Annius, Johannes: ‘Epistola ad papam Sixtum quartum et reges ac senatus cristianos . . .’ Incipit: ‘[B]eatissimo pape Sixto quarto et cristianissimis regibus Francie, Yspanie, Sicilie citra farum, Ungarie . . .’

a3v Annius, Johannes: ‘Prohemium.’ Incipit: ‘[B]eatus qui legit et qui audit verba prophecie huius . . .’

a5r Annius, Johannes: De futuris Christianorum triumphis in Saracenos, seu glossa super Apocalypsin. Incipit: ‘[M]agister Raymundus Martini, ordinis predicatorum, et magister Nicolaus de Lira, ordinis minorum, ac complures alii qui litteralem expositionem sequuntur . . .’ See Cesare Vasoli, ‘Profezia e astrologia in un testo di Annio da Viterbo', in Studi sul medioevo cristiano offerti a Raffaello Morghen, II, Istituto Storico Italiano per il Medio Evo, Studi Storici, 88-92 (Rome, 1974), 1027-60.


Imprint: [Gouda: Gerard Leeu, between 1481 and 5 Sept. 1482]. 4°.

Remarks: As dated by HPT; Polain dates to [31 Mar. 1480], which appears in the author's colophon.


Collation: a–i8.


ISTC: ia00752000

GW: GW 2019;

Hain: C 479;

Goff: Goff A‑752;


Proctor: Pr 8926;

Others: Campbell 1277; HPT II 493; ILC 253; Oates 3398; Polain 223; Sheppard 6899-900.

LCN: 14425052


Copy number: A-301(1)

Binding: Nineteenth-century half calf for the Bodleian Library.

Size: 210 × 147 × 15 mm.

Size of leaf: 206 × 140 mm.

Two leaves of manuscript text, in a late fifteenth/early sixteenth-century hand, entitled ‘Ex epistola cardinalis Bartholomei Frisonis ord. Carthusiensis de monasterio Ruremunden[si] data anno domini etc 86°', and with incipit, ‘Glosam quandam super Apocalipsin. Septem vltima capitula a magistro Johanne de Viterbio edita vidi et perlegi . . .' Ruremund is Roermond an der Maas, Limburg. The author of the letter would appear to be Bartholomeus de Maastricht (†1446), Professor of Theology, Heidelberg 1408, Rector 1412, entered Roermond Charterhouse 1434, Prior 1441/2 (not listed in Eubel); see Gruys I 46, H. J. J. Scholtens, ‘De kartuizer Bartholomeus van Maastricht', Ons Geestelijk Erf, 15 (1941), 98-104 and Ton Meijknecht, Bartholomeus van Maastricht (†1446) monnik en conciliarist (Assen, 1982).

Two- and three-line initials, and one six-line initial, and paragraph marks are supplied in red, sometimes over printed guide-letters; underlining and capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Utrecht, Brothers of the Common Life, S. Hieronimus; inscription on i8v: ‘Liber domus gloriosi iheronis in traiecto'. Probably the copy purchased for £0. 16. 0 via Parker, at Abraham (Adolf) Asher's sale, 30 Oct. 1860, lot 2353; see Library Bills (1860), no. 224, and Books Purchased (1861), 3.

SHELFMARK: Auct. Q inf. 1.8.

Copy number: A-301(2)

For this copy see Coates–Jensen 249-50, no. 11.

Bound with:
1. Gualtherus Burlaeus [pseudo-], De vita et moribus philosophorum. Louvain: Johannes de Westfalia, [1477-83] (B‑613).

Wanting i7-8.

Binding: Contemporary English(?) sheep over wooden boards.

Size: 215 × 147 × 47 mm.

Size of leaf: 208 × 141 mm.

At the front two parchment endleaves, the first a former pastedown, now raised; from a thirteenth/fourteenth-century manuscript of the Decretals, book VI. At the back two blank parchment leaves, the second being the pastedown.

Prayer, unread, on a1v; one contemporary annotation on d2v.

Provenance: John Maxsey († before 1540). Thorney Abbey, Cambridgeshire, Benedictines, SS. Maria et Botulphus; inscriptions on a1v of item 1: ‘Frater Johannes Maxsey'; ‘Monachus de Thorney'. John Orton (sixteenth century ?); inscription on a1v and a2r of item 1. William Powell; inscription on a1r of item 1. Nathaniel Crynes (1686-1745). Presented by Crynes, probably to Tanner; inscription on a1r of item 1: ‘Ex dono Nath. Crynes'; this inscription is not found in those of Crynes's books which the Bodleian Library selected for itself. Thomas Tanner (1674-1735); signature on a2r of item 1: ‘Thom. Tanner'. Bequeathed in 1735 by Tanner.

Former Bodleian shelfmarks: Crynes 919; Crynes 951; possibly extracted from the Tanner books before cataloguing and added to the Crynes collection. M. J. Sommerlad, ‘The Historical and Antiquarian Interests of Thomas Tanner, 1674-1735', unpublished D. Phil. thesis, University of Oxford, 1962, 361 note 3 considers that this book was owned first by Tanner, then acquired by Crynes, from whom it was bequeathed to the Bodleian.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q 5.19(2).

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