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Bod-Inc: A-304




Analysis of Content

A1v [Table of contents.]

A2r ‘Principalium sententiarum iuxta alphabeticum ordinem opusculorum beati Anselmi Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis Annotatio.’

a1r Anselmus: Cur deus homo, two books. See A‑303.

c5r Anselmus: De incarnatione verbi contra hebreos. ‘Liber siue epistola ad Urbanum papam de fide quem de incarnatione verbi contra iudaeos inuenimus praenotatum.’ See A‑303.

d4r Anselmus: De conceptu virginali et peccato originali. ‘Capitula.’

d4r Anselmus: De conceptu virginali et peccato originali. See A‑303.

e4r ‘Declaratio cuiusdam super eodem libro.’ See A‑303.

e5v Anselmus: [Letter addressed to Lanfrancus], Archbishop of Canterbury. ‘Beati Anselmi abbatis Beccensis ad archiepiscopum Cantuariensem illi se commendantis eique scripta quedam a se ad examinandum praebentis epistola.’ Anselm, Opera omnia, I 5-6.

e6r Anselmus: Monologion. See A‑303.

h1r Anselmus: Proslogion. See A‑303.

h6v Anselmus: De processione spiritus sancti contra Grecos. See A‑303.

k1r Anselmus: Dialogus de casu diaboli, capitula.

k1v Anselmus: Dialogus de casu diaboli. See A‑303.

l3v Anselmus [pseudo-; Gaunilo]: Pro insipiente. See A‑303.

l4v Anselmus: Contra insipientem. See A‑303.

l7r Anselmus: ‘De miseria hominis.’ See A‑303.

l8r Anselmus: De diversitate sacramentorum. See A‑303.

l8v Anselmus: De fermentato et azimo. See A‑303.

m2r Anselmus [pseudo-]: Expositiones membrorum et actuum Dei et vestimentorum. ‘Liber de vestimentis, membris et actibus Deo attributis.’ Incipit: ‘[V]bicunque sacra scriptura sparsim diuersis libris in Deo motus animi seu humana membra describit . . .’

m4v Anselmus [pseudo-]: De voluntate Dei. See A‑303.

m5v Anselmus: De concordia praescientiae et praedestinationis et gratiae Dei cum libero arbitrio. See A‑303.

n7r Anselmus: De libero arbitrio, capitula.

n7v Anselmus: De libero arbitrio. See A‑303.

o4v Anselmus: De veritate. See A‑303.

p2v Anselmus [pseudo-; Eadmerus Cantuariensis]: Liber de similitudinibus, capitula.

p4r Anselmus [pseudo-; Eadmerus Cantuariensis]: Liber de similitudinibus, cap. 1-192. PL CLIX 605-702.

s6v Anselmus [pseudo-]: De mensuratione crucis. See A‑303.

t3r Anselmus [pseudo-; Augustinus pseudo-; Jean de Fécamp]: Meditationes magnae. See A‑303.

t6v Anselmus: Meditatio de redemptione generis humani, capitula.

t7r Anselmus: Meditatio de redemptione generis humani. See A‑303.

v1r Anselmus [pseudo-]: De passione Domini. See A‑303.

v4v Anselmus [pseudo-; Ekbertus de Schönau]: ‘Speculum euangelici sermonis quo Dominus noster Jesus Christus potest tamquam presens speculari alias stimulus amoris est nuncupatus', capitula.

v5r Anselmus [pseudo-; Ekbertus de Schönau]: ‘Speculum euangelici sermonis alias stimulus amoris.’ See A‑303.

x1r Anselmus [pseudo-; Hervaeus Burdigalensis?; Radulphus Cantuariensis?]: Homelia “Intravit Jesus in quoddam castellum” [Lc 10,38]. See A‑303.

x2v Anselmus [pseudo-; Eadmerus Cantuariensis]: De excellentia virginis Mariae, capitula.

x2v Anselmus [pseudo-; Eadmerus Cantuariensis]: De excellentia virginis Mariae. PL CLIX 557-80. On authorship see PL CLIX.

y2v Anselmus: Epistolae. Epistola II,12: PL CLVIII 1160-3. PL CLVIII 551-4. Epistolae 101, 112, 121, 168, 258, 231, 37, 65, 160, 161, 188, 281, 185: Anselm, Opera omnia, III 232-4, 244-6; III 260-1; IV 43-6, 170-1, 136-8; III 144-8, 181-5; IV 29-31, 31-4, 73-4, 196-8, 203-4.

z2r Anselmus [pseudo-; Honorius Augustodunensis]: De imagine mundi. See A‑303.

[et7v] ‘Inuocatio matris virginis Mariae simul et filii eius.’ See A‑303.

[et8r] ‘Ex gestis Anselmi colliguntur forma et mores beatae Mariae et eius vnici filii Jesu.’ Incipit: ‘Maria Dei genitrix didicit hebraicas litteras adhuc patre eius Joachim viuente . . .’


Imprint: [Basel: Johann Amerbach, not after 1497]. 4°.


Collation: A B a–z [et]8.


ISTC: ia00761000

GW: GW 2033;

Hain: HC *1136;

Goff: Goff A‑761;


Proctor: Pr 7648;

Others: BSB‑Ink A‑556; CIBN A‑405; Oates 2805; Rhodes 102; Sack, Freiburg, 205; Sheppard 2456.

LCN: 14425118


Copy number: A-304(1)

Binding: Seventeenth-century German (Prüll near Regensburg) blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards, remains of two clasps. On both covers triple fillets form a frame; the inner rectangle is divided by triple fillets into two concentric squares. In the frames two different floral rolls; as centre-pieces two oval stamps, the one on the upper cover depicting St Bruno with surrounding inscription ‘S. Bruno fundator s. ordinis Carthusiensis', the one on the back cover depicting S. Vitus with surrounding inscription ‘S. Vitus patron. Carthusiæ in Priell prope Ratis.' The same stamps are found on Munich, BSB 2° Inc. c.a. 1349, 2270b, and 3092u. On the spine and inside the upper cover the Prüll shelfmark ‘V 3.’

Size: 204 × 145 × 47 mm.

Size of leaf: 194 × 130 mm.

Some early marginal notes and copious underlining.

Provenance: Regensburg, Bavaria, Prüll, Carthusians, S. Vitus; on A1r: ‘Pertinet Carthusiensibus in Prü[ll] prope Ratisponam', on [et8v]: ‘priori(!) domus Ratispona'. Duplicate from the Royal Library, Munich; no. 2122 in list of duplicates in quarto. Acquired between 1847 and c.1892, probably in 1850; not in Catalogus (1843) with Appendix.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 5Q 6.11.

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