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Bod-Inc: A-324

Antoninus Florentinus

Confessionale: Defecerunt scrutantes scrutinio. Explicit: ‘Articulo mortis tuae.’


Analysis of Content

a2r ‘Rubrice.’

a3r Antoninus Florentinus: ‘Prologus.’ Incipit: ‘  “[D]efecerunt scrutantes scrutinio”, ait psalmista [Ps 63,7]. Scrutantes aliorum peccata sunt confessores . . .’ See A‑316.

a3r Antoninus Florentinus: ‘De instructione seu directione simplicium confessorum.’ [Also known as Confessionale: Defecerunt scrutantes scrutinio.] Incipit: ‘[Q]vantum igitur ad primum, ut habeas auctoritatem audiendi confessiones . . .’ See A‑316; also Orlandi 317 no. (A) 39.

h8r Johannes Chrysostomus(?): Sermo de penitentia. Incipit: ‘[P]rouida mente et profundo cogitatu cognosci debent duo rerum distincta negocia . . .’ See A‑316.

i2r ‘Tabula de casibus.’

A1r [Guilelmus Parisiensis]: Dialogus de septem sacramentis. ‘Tractatus de septem sacramentis ecclesie sumptus ex scriptis sancti Thome de Aquino ac Petri de Tharenthasia qui per modum questionum discipuli ac magistri responsionum de cuiuslibet sacramenti efficacia ordinate loquitur et succincte. In quo Petrus sub cuiusdam discipuli nomine querit et per Gregorium eidem ut a magistri uicem gerente respondetur. Et primo de sacramento baptismi'. Incipit: ‘[P]etrus. Quero a) Ex quibus constituitur baptismi sacramentum? Gregorius. Ex uerbis et rebus . . .dicta sunt de matrimonio et impedimentis sufficiat’ Many variants from the same text found in Pr 468. See Kaeppeli II 130-31, no. 1618.

[*2v] ‘Tabula super dyalogum de septem sacramentis ecclesie'.


Imprint: [Louvain: Johannes de Westfalia, between 1483 and 1485]. Folio.

Remarks: Dated from HPT.


Collation: a–h8 i6 A–E8 [*4].


ISTC: ia00816000, it00331000

GW: GW 2099;

Hain: HC 1168; 1170;

Goff: Goff A‑816; T‑331;

BMC: BMC IX 150;

Proctor: Pr 9243; 9252;

Others: Campbell 162; 1491; CIBN A‑422; HPT II 437; ILC 258, 2094; Oates 3725 (I); Sheppard 7125.

LCN: 14267083


Copy number: A-324(1)

Bound with:
2. Thomas de Chabham, Liber penitentialis. [Louvain: Johannes de Westfalia, between 1483 and 1485] (T‑198).

Wanting the blank leaf a1.

Binding: Contemporary Netherlandish calf over wooden boards, backed with red morocco. Wanting two bosses on each cover. On each cover, a frame formed by pairs of fillets. The panels so formed are divided by fillets into triangular compartments. Parchment index tabs.

Size: 300 × 225 × 63 mm.

Size of leaf: 290 × 205 mm.

Parchment pastedowns, the upper one raised, the lower one still partially attached, with manuscript notes on the verso.

Note marks and occasional annotations, including the numbering of points of interest, on b1r-v and b4r –b8r. On i6v an authorship note on this edition in a contemporary hand, brown ink: ‘Nota quod titulus sequentis operis falsus [crossed out and above: ‘incorrectus'] est quia pro Gregorio deberet poni Gilo [above: ‘Guido']. Nam a Gilone Cameracensi episcopo editus est hic tractatus siue dyalogus et aliter incipit opus hic habetur quia principium hic deficit quod(?) est tale etenim(?) me sepius/ rogasti Petre etc.' In the heading on A1r after ‘Tractatus' both ‘Gilonis Cameracensis episcopi' and above ‘Guidonis' have been added in the same hand. The last gathering, unsigned, is given a manuscript signature ‘F' in the same early hand. Note about the printer on a1v in French, in an eighteenth-century(?) hand.

Two- to five-line initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red; four six-line initials are supplied in blue. On A1r a five-line initial ‘P' is supplied in blue with reserved white decoration. Underlining and capital strokes in red.

Provenance: ‘F 2'. ‘£1. 4. 0'. Samuel Parr (1747-1825); printed label; probably sale (20 May 1828), lot 834. Francis Douce (1757-1834); armorial book-plate. Bequeathed in 1834.

SHELFMARK: Douce 240.

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