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Bod-Inc: A-334

Antoninus Florentinus

Confessionale: Defecerunt scrutantes scrutinio [Italian]. Explicit: ‘Defecerunt vulghare'.


Analysis of Content

[*1r] [Title-page.]

[*1v] ‘Tabule.’

a1r Antoninus Florentinus: [Prologue.] Incipit: ‘  “[D]efecerunt scruptantes scruptinio”, ait psalmista lxiii [Ps 63,7]. Lo scruptinio el quale e la confessione in nella quale il penitente discute e ricercha la conscientia sua . . .’ See Bloomfield 1500.

a1v Antoninus Florentinus: Defecerunt vulghare [Italian]. [Also known as Confessionale: Defecerunt scrutantes scrutinio.] Incipit: ‘Quanto al primo cioe della auctorita del confessore e da sapere che quegli che non sono sacerdoti non possono udire le confessioni . . .’ See Kaeppeli I 92-6 no. 256; Orlandi 319 no. (B) 1.

x6r [Colophon.]

[y1r] [Antoninus Florentinus]: [On excommunication.] Incipit: ‘Scomunicationi che solo al papa s'apertiene labso. La prima se alcun bacte cherico o religioso uiolentemente . . .’ In other editions transmitted as the final section of the ‘Defecerunt.’


Imprint: Florence: Francesco di Dino, [c.1492]. 4°.


Collation: [*]4 a–u8 x6 [y]4.

Remarks: Leaf a1 not signed; a2-3 are signed ai–ii.


ISTC: ia00835000

GW: GW 2141;

Hain: HCR 1210;

Goff: Goff A‑835;

BMC: BMC VI 634-5;

Proctor: Pr 6137;

Others: Sheppard 5094.

LCN: 14268628


Copy number: A-334(1)

Binding: Twentieth-century quarter brown russia over modern wooden boards, with clasps.

Size: 218 × 138 × 41 mm.

Size of leaf: 193 × 130 mm.

On the recto of the back parchment endleaf, notes on baptisms of members of the Montauti family, from 1564 to 1569. On the verso is a circular floral drawing, in black ink, produced using a compass. Occasional marginal annotations.

One- to three-line initials are supplied in blue.

Provenance: Antonio Montauti, ‘Chericho di Sagrestia', 1586; inscription on [y4v]. Ottavio Paolsanti (eighteenth century). Abbot Paolsanti. Giuseppe Maria Salvetti (†1739), from Abbot Paolsanti; inscription on [*1r]: ‘Questo libro fu donato a me F. Giuseppe Maria Saluetti Servita, Sacerdote indegnissimo, e fiorentino dall'Illustrissimo Signor Abate [ ] Paolsanti, ed era d[e]ll'Illustrissimo Signor Ottauio suo fratello, e me lo diede per gratitudine per auer io assistito alla sua morte seguita adi [ ]'. Acrostic IMS/cross, AI and ‘3' on the upper margin, in the same hand. Oval stamp, with shield showing two lions combatant, on [*1r]. Inside the upper cover a circular engraving, 16 mm diameter, of the head of a dog baillonné; also in A‑334, C‑147 and D‑003; the arms of dell'Osso of Ravenna are a dog baillonné seated. Purchased from Francesco Perrella, Naples, 4 Oct. 1900 for 71.70 Lire; see Library Bills.

SHELFMARK: Inc. e. I9.1.

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