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Bod-Inc: A-344

Antoninus Florentinus

Summa theologica. Partes I–IV.


Analysis of Content

[a2r] Antoninus Florentinus: ‘Prologus.' ‘Prohemium.’ Incipit: ‘  “[Q]uam magnificata sunt opera tua, domine” [Ps 91,6] . . . Contemplatur philosophia in excessu mentis positus . . .’ See Bloomfield 4355.

[a3r] ‘Tabula.’

[a4r] Antoninus Florentinus: Summa theologica. Pars I. Incipit: ‘  “[V]enite, audite, et narrabo omnes qui timetis deum, quanta fecit anime mee” [Ps 65,16] . . . Invitat Psalmista non omnes sed timentes deum . . .’ See Bloomfield 6375; Kaeppeli I 80-2 no. 239; Orlandi 297 no. (A) 2.

[M5v] [Colophon.]

[M5v] [Note on the death of Antoninus.] Incipit: ‘Obiit idem sacre scripture interpres anno legis . . .’

[M5v] [Epitaph for Antoninus.] Incipit: ‘Hic est ille tuus pastor Florentia, pro quo | Non cessas mesto spargere rore genas'; 2 elegiac distichs. BMC II 416. Part II.

[a2r] Antoninus Florentinus: ‘Prologus.’ Incipit: ‘  “[T]u contribulasti capita draconum in aquis, tu confregisti capita draconis” . . . [Ps 73,13-14]. Dicit dominus Ezechielis, xviii, ‘`Anima que peccauerit ipsa morietur” [Ez 18,20]. De anima quidem et eius nobilitate et de potenciis eius quibus operatur . . .’ See Bloomfield 6102.

[a3v] Antoninus Florentinus: Summa theologica. Pars II. Incipit: ‘  “[F]ilii hominum usque quo graui corde vt quid diligitis vanitatem et queritis mendacium” [Ps 4,3] . . . Gregorius xiiii moralia cxix super v plumbi lamina . . .’

[O3v] [Colophon.]

[O4r] [Table of contents.] Part III.

[a2r] Antoninus Florentinus: ‘Prologus.’ Incipit: ‘  “[A]stitit regina a dextris tuis in vestitu deaurato circumdata varietate”, Psalmista xliiii [Ps 44,10]. Uerba ista prophete loquentis ad dominum deum . . .’ See Bloomfield 499.

[a5r] Antoninus Florentinus: Summa theologica. Pars III. Incipit: ‘  “[B]eatus es et bene tibi erit, uxor tua sicut vitis abundans in lateribus domus tue . . .” [Ps 127,2-3]. Dicit sacrosanctum concilium vniuersale ecclesie . . .’

[ee8r] [Colophon.]

[* 2 r] [Table of contents.] Part IV.

[a2r] Antoninus Florentinus: ‘Prohemium.’ Incipit: ‘  “[B]enedictionem dabit legislator ibunt de virtute in virtutem” . . . [Ps 83,8]. Tota vita hominis super terram est quoddam iter . . .’ See Bloomfield 635.

[a3r] Antoninus Florentinus: Summa theologica. Pars IV. Incipit: ‘[C]irca virtutem in generali consideranda sunt sex . . .’

[V8v] [Table of contents.]

[V9v] [Note on the death of Antoninus.] Incipit: ‘Obiit ipse Antoninus vir consiliorum clarissimus, Romane urbis olim auditor . . .’

[V9v] [Epitaph for Antoninus.] Incipit: ‘Hic est ille tuus pastor Florentia, pro quo | Non cessas mesto spargere rore genas'; 2 elegiac distichs. BMC II 416.

[V9v] [Colophon.]


Imprint: Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 1477-9. Folio.

Remarks: In four parts, dated: (I) 17 Oct. 1478; (II) 10 Oct. 1477; (III) 26 Jan. 1478; (IV) 29 Apr. 1479. The colophon-date of part III reads ‘Februarii Kalendas septimo', which is 26 Jan., incorrectly interpreted in BMC as 26 Feb. Colophon of part I, l. 4, reads ‘ . . . Nürn= | berg', as GW, not as BMC.


Collation: Part I: [a10 b–o8 p6 q–t8 v6 A10 B–L8 M6]; part II: [a8 bc10 de8 fg10 h6 i8 k10 l–n8 op10 qr8 s–z10.8 A8 B10 C8 D–F10 G H8 I10 K–N8 O6]; part III: [a–c10 d–f8 g–v10.8 x y8 z10 A–Y8.10 Z8 aa10 bb8 cc10 dd10 ee8 *6]; part IV: [a–i8 k6 l–o8 pq6 r–z8 A–K8 L10 M–Q8 RS6 T8 V10].

Remarks: In part I, GW collates as ‘[x10 yz8 A–H8 I6]'. In part II, collation as GW [D10] not as BMC, and as BMC [H8] not as GW.


ISTC: ia00871000

GW: GW 2186;

Hain: HC *1242;

Goff: Goff A‑871;

BMC: BMC II 416, 415, 417;

Proctor: Pr 1988, 1981, 1983, 1992;

Others: BSB‑Ink A‑594; CIBN A‑452; Sack, Freiburg, 228; Sheppard 1452, 1440(b), 1443-4, 1455.

LCN: 14270173


Copy number: A-344(1)

Bound in 4 volumes.

Part III wanting [a1].

Part II: [y3] and [y4] bound in reverse order. Part III: [*] bound before [a].

Binding: All four volumes bound in contemporary German (Munich, bindery with the unicorn stamp) blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards, with marks of bosses and clasps visible. Contemporary parchment book-label, with title, on the upper covers of parts I, II, and IV, but missing from part III; remains of historiated woodcut initial ‘D' on parts I and II, and manuscript ‘E' on parts III and IV, probably marking a break in shelving between the four volumes. Stamps now very badly worn. On both covers triple fillets form an outer frame within which are small floral and rectangular foliate stamps. Double fillets form a further frame, within which are a lozenge-shaped unicorn stamp and, at each corner, a fylfot stamp. In the inner rectangle of the upper cover are merrythoughts, with the lozenge-shaped unicorn stamp in the centre of each. On the lower cover the inner panel is divided by double fillets into compartments of various shapes. Parts II and III have leather tabs marking sections. Similar bindings: (1) Munich, BSB: 2° Inc.c.a. 340a, 742a, 1024, and many others; (2) Budapest, Library of Hungarian Academy of Sciences: Inc. 1008.

Size: Volume 1: 500 × 350 × 95 mm; vol. 2: 505 × 350 × 105 mm; vol. 3: 505 × 350 × 140 mm; vol. 4: 507 × 350 × 115 mm.

Size of leaf: Pt I: 480 × 320 mm; pt II: 483 × 332 mm; pt. III: 476 × 320 mm; pt IV: 480 × 327 mm.

Part III contained the following pastedowns, which were removed in Apr. 1918:
1. Sixtus IV, Pont. Max., Summarium indulgentiarum bullae apostolicae contra Turcos. [Augsburg: Johann Blaubirer, after 4 Dec. 1480] (S‑237);
2. Sixtus IV, Pont. Max., Forma confessionalis [in favour of war against the Turks]. [Augsburg: Johann Blaubirer, 1482] (XYL‑34(2)).

Occasional marginal annotations.

Parts I, II and IV: Five- to seven-line initials, often with extensions into the margins, paragraph marks and underlining are supplied in red. Capital strokes in red. Part III: Four- to eight-line initials and paragraph marks supplied in red. On [a2r] eleven-line initial is supplied in red with extensions into the margins and infill and pen-flourishing in black ink; on [a5r] fifteen-line initial is supplied with similar decoration. Capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Munich, Franciscan Observants; S. Antonius de Padua; circular stamp on upper edges of each volume: ‘SAM', with cross; ‘Monachii ad Patres Franciscanos pro bibliotheca.' Duplicate from the Royal Library, Munich; ‘Inc. Typ. No. 57', formerly ‘Inc. Typ. No. 32', this now deleted. Acquired between 1847 and c.1892, probably in 1850; not in Catalogus (1843) with Appendix.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 4Q inf. 1.6-9.

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