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Bod-Inc: A-373

Apuleius Minor [pseudo-]

De nota aspirationis et de diphthongis.


Analysis of Content

a1r Apuleius [Minor pseudo-; Ricchieri, Ludovico Celio pseudo-]: De nota aspirationis. Incipit: ‘[O]mnis aspirationis nota aut principalis est syllabarum aut terminalis aut media . . .’ Apuleius Minor, De orthographia fragmenta et Apuleii minoris De nota aspirationis et De diphthongis libri duo, ed. Fridericus Osann (Darmstadt, 1826), 87-119. The ascription to Apuleius is rejected by J. N. Madvig, ‘De L. Apuleii fragmentis de orthographia nuper inventis', Opuscula academica, 2nd edn (Copenhagen, 1834), 1-38; Ricchieri is suggested by O. Crusius, ‘Entstehungszeit und Verfasser von Ps.-Apuleius De orthographia', Philologus, 47 (1888), 434-48; the ascription to Ricchieri is rejected by C. Cessi, ‘Intorno al falsificatore del trattato “De orthographia” attribuito ad Apuleio', Ateneo Veneto, II (1900), 42-55; also H. D. Jocelyn, ‘L. Caecilius Minutianus', in Homo sapiens Homo humanus, I, ed. by G. Tarugi (Florence, 1990), 208-11; A. S. Hollis, ‘Apuleius' De orthographia, Callimachus Fr. [815] Pf. and Euphorion 166 Meineke', Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigrafik, 92 (1992), 109-14.

b7v Apuleius [Minor pseudo-]: De diphthongis. Incipit: ‘[D]iphthongi quibus ueteres utebantur Latini quattuor erant . . .’ Apuleius Minor, De orthographia fragmenta, ed. Osann, 120-46; see Laura Biondi, ‘Mai, Osann e Apuleius grammaticus: un Testi Antiquior del “de nota aspirationis” e del “De diphthongis”, ACME: Annali della Facoltà di lettere e filosofia dell'Università degli Studi di Milano, 50/2 (1997), 65-108.

d1r Phocas [pseudo-]: De aspiratione. Keil, Grammatici Latini, V 439-41; Colette Jeudi, ‘La tradition manuscrite du De Aspiratione attribué au grammarien Phocas', 197-15, edition at 212-5, but not listing this edition.

e1r Guarinus Veronensis: [De diphthongis; letter addressed to] Valerius Florus. Incipit: ‘[N]on sine causa factum esse certo scio, quod diphthonganda uocabula scire te uelle intelligo . . .’ See Sabbadini 48-49.

[e10v] Table of contents. Incipit: ‘In hoc uolumine continentur Guarinus Veronensis de diphthongis, Apuleius de nota aspirationis et de diphthongis, Focas de aspiratione.’


Imprint: [Milan: Johannes Antonius de Honate, c.1480]. 4°.


Collation: a b8 c10 d4 e10.


ISTC: ia00939000

GW: GW 2306;

Goff: Goff A‑939;

Proctor: Pr 5899;

Others: Sheppard 4923.

LCN: 14268195


Copy number: A-373(1)

Wanting e9.

Leaf e10 is bound before e1, which from the position of the watermark appears to be its correct place. Gathering e is bound before a1; the order of the texts thus corresponds to the table of contents. Between d2 and d3 is bound another copy of a4.5 which lacks the signature on a4r.

Binding: Nineteenth-century blind-tooled calf for the Bodleian Library; the gold stamp of the Library on both covers.

Size: 204 × 145 × 11 mm.

Size of leaf: 197 × 139 mm.

Occasional sixteenth/seventeenth-century marginal notes.

Epigraphic initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red.

Provenance: Purchased for £4. 4. 0; see Books Purchased (1825), 12, s. v. Guarinus Veronensis.

SHELFMARK: Auct. N 5.36.

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