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Bod-Inc: A-403


Ethica Nicomachea (trans. Robertus Grosseteste).


Analysis of Content

a1v Felix Lingonensis, Claudius: ‘Exhortatiua ad lectores et operis laudatiua epistola.’ Incipit: ‘Moralis illa (quam Ethicen vocant) philosophia languentium animorum morbis salutifera medela . . .’

a1v Felix Lingonensis, Claudius: ‘Ad lectorem.’ Incipit: ‘Si cupis, o lector, felicem ducere vitam | Hoc lege, quod tenui codice dogma latet'; 8 elegiac distichs.

a2r [Buridanus, Johannes: Commentary on Ethica.] ‘Prohemium Ethicorum.’ Incipit: ‘[C]irca Ethica Aristotelis queritur, utrum de virtutibus moralibus sit scientia, et arguitur primo . . .’ See Lohr (1971), 338 no. 2 ascribes to Martinus Magistri, but also Lohr (1970), 161-83, at 179-81 no. 42; for further references see B‑597. Commentary alternates with the text.

a3r Aristoteles: Ethica Nicomachea. [Translated by Robertus Grosseteste.] See A‑387.

x2v [Colophon.]

x3r [Table of contents.]

x6r [List of virtues and vices, comparing the terminology of Robertus Grosseteste, Leonardus Brunus and Johannes Argyropoulos.] ‘Vicia per excessum. Virtutes. Vicia per defectum.’


Imprint: [Paris]: André Bocard, for Jean Petit, [c.1496-1500]. Folio.

Remarks: As dated by GW; CIBN dates [before 31 Mar. 1498] from the type and devices; BSB‑Ink and Sack, Freiburg date [not after Feb. 1500], from the date of purchase of a copy in Brünn; Sheppard dates [c.1497-1500].


Collation: a–x6.

Illustrations: Woodcut initials.


ISTC: ia00989000

GW: GW 2377;

Hain: H 1743; C 629;

Goff: Goff A‑989;


Proctor: Pr 8169;

Others: BSB‑Ink A‑692; CIBN A‑518; Sack, Freiburg, 272; Sheppard 6401.

LCN: 13981330


Copy number: A-403(1)

Bound with:
1. Augustinus Niphus, Expositiones in libros de Sophisticis elenchis Aristotelis. Paris: Jean Roigny, 1540.

Wanting a1, supplied in photostat from the British Library copy.

Binding: Seventeenth-century English(?) reversed calf; holes for two clasps, formerly chained: staple-marks at head of the lower cover.

Size: 280 × 199 × 48 mm.

Size of leaf: 270 × 187 mm.

Pastedowns from an unidentified edition of Nicolaus Panormitanus de Tudeschis, Lectura super secundo Decretalium.: V. de Spira, 1471-3 (BMC V 162 (I), V 159 (II), XII 13 (III/1)); Basel: [M. Wenssler, B. Ruppel & B. Richel], 1477 (BMC III 723 & III 738); Venice: A. Torresanus de Asula, 1482-3 (Rhodes 1303)]

Scribbles on x5v and x6r.

Provenance: Richard Cottell(?) (sixteenth century); on endleaf following item 1, ‘Charus dei Cottelus', ‘Richardus Cottlellus', ‘Charus dei cultor'. James Baron William Kelson; on v6v: ‘James Baron William Kelson oneth this Bucke Amen Worthington'; name on x6r. Thomas Worthington (1549-1622?); name on x6r. Arthur Bache (1600–after 1650); on endleaf following item 1, ‘D.D. Ric. was he borne Artur Bacch. Ex Coll. Ex . . .' Richard Washbourne (1597-1672); inscription on endleaf following item 1: ‘Richard Washbourne his booke'. John Harvye/Marvye (sixteenth/seventeenth century?); name on endleaf following item 1; ‘John Harvye(?) his booke. My freinde ws'. Acquired before 1674; see Hyde, Catalogus (1674), I 43.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: N 1.5(2) Jur.

SHELFMARK: M 8.18(2) Jur.

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