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Bod-Inc: A-427


Secreta secretorum (trans. pseudo-Philippus Tripolitanus).


Analysis of Content

a2r [Table of contents.]

a3r Philippus [Tripolitanus pseudo-]: ‘Prologus illius qui transtulit librum istum de greco in latinum.’ Incipit: ‘[D]omino suo excellentissimo in cultu religionis christiane strennuissimo Guidoni de Valentia, ciuitatis Tripolis glorioso pontifici, Philippus suorum minimus clericorum seipsum et fidelis deuotionis obsequium. Dignum fuit vt haberet vestra clementia istum librum . . .’ A shortened version of the prologue as edited in Hiltgart von Hürnheim, Mittelhochdeutsche Prosaübersetzung des ‘Secretum secretorum’, ed. Reinhold Möller, Deutsche Texte des Mittelalters, 56 (Berlin, 1963), 1-2. See Thorndike–Kibre 465.

a3v Aristoteles [pseudo-]: Secreta secretorum. [Translated by pseudo-Philippus Tripolitanus.] Incipit: ‘[R]eges sunt quatuor, scilicet largus sibi et subditis, auarus sibi et subditis, item rex auarus sibi et largus subditis et rex largus sibi et auarus subditis . . .’ Explicit: Et haec sufficiant pro nunc. In 30 numbered chapters, lacking chapter 23; approximately corresponding to chapters 4-8, 10-17, 19, 211, 20, 212 -24, 252 -441, 50-2, 42-3 (see also 55-6, Anhang no. 1), 651, 671, 70-1, 73, 75-6 in Hiltgart von Hürnheim, ed. Möller. On the text see Grabmann, Forschungen, 250 and M. A. Manzalaoui, ‘Philip of Tripoli and his Textual Methods', in Pseudo-Aristotle, The Secret of Secrets: Sources and Influences, ed. W. F. Ryan and C. B. Schmitt (London, 1982), 55-72. On the textual transmission see Richard Förster, ‘Handschriften und Ausgaben des pseudo-aristotelischen Secretum secretorum', Centralblatt für Bibliothekswesen, 6 (1889), 1-22 and 57-76, at 15-18; VL VIII 993-1013. On the translation see PAL 54-75 no. 81.B and AL (1957), I 93.


Imprint: [Antwerp: Mathias van der Goes, 1486-91]. 4°.


Collation: a–c6 d4.

Illustrations: Woodcut initial.


ISTC: ia01047600

GW: GW 2483;

Hain: C 638;

Proctor: Pr 9408;

Others: Campbell 177; CIBN A‑555; Oates 3941; Sheppard 7200.

LCN: 13981460


Copy number: A-427(1)

Leaf d4r, l.2: ‘ . . . cuiſlibet.’

Binding: Parchment.

Size: 200 × 142 × 10 mm.

Size of leaf: 192 × 136 mm.

Provenance: On endleaf ‘Bought at the Kockx sale, Antwerp. received 28 Jan. 1892'; invoice in Library Bills (1892), but the individual items cannot be identified.

SHELFMARK: Auct. Q inf. 1.40.

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