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Bod-Inc: A-432

Arnoldus A Lude de Tungeris

Epitomata, sive Reparationes logicae veteris et novae Aristotelis.


Analysis of Content

Part I.

1A1r ‘Ad lectorem.’ Incipit: ‘Presulis Alberti logices epitomata lector | Quique stupor mundo prodigiumque fuit'; 2 elegiac distichs.

A2r Arnoldus a Lude de Tungeris: ‘Reparationes predicabilium Porphi[rii].’ Incipit: ‘[C]irca initium logice quedam preambulariter queruntur primo, quot sunt habitus intellectuales . . .’ See Lohr (1967), 369 no. 1 for this and the other items in this edition.

E5v Arnoldus a Lude de Tungeris: ‘Reparationes predicamentorum Aristotelis.’ Incipit: ‘[C]irca initium predicamentorum Aristotelis queritur primo, que est ratio ordinis istius libri ad sequentem . . .’

M1v Arnoldus a Lude de Tungeris: ‘Reparationes sex principiorum Gilberti.’ Incipit: ‘[C]irca initium libri sex principiorum Gilberti Porritani queritur primo, quid sit subiectum istius libri . . .’

O5v Arnoldus a Lude de Tungeris: ‘Reparationes libri Perihermeniarum Aristotelis.’ Incipit: ‘[C]irca initium libri Perihermenias Arestotelis queritur primo, que est ratio ordinis istius libri ad precedentes et sequentes . . .’

S5v [Colophon with note on author and editor.]

Part II.

2A1v Arnoldus a Lude de Tungeris: Reparationes Priorum Analyticorum Aristotelis. Incipit: ‘[C]irca inicium noue logice Arestotelis queritur primo, de quo determinatur in noua logica . . .’

G6r Arnoldus a Lude de Tungeris: Reparationes Posteriorum Analyticorum Aristotelis. Incipit: ‘[C]irca initium libri Posteriorum Analyticorum Arestotelis queritur primo, quid est subiectum istius libri . . .’

P3v Arnoldus a Lude de Tungeris: Reparationes Topicorum Aristotelis. Incipit: ‘[C]irca initium libri Topicorum Arestotelis queritur primo, quid est subiectum istius libri . . .’

Z2v Arnoldus a Lude de Tungeris: Reparationes Elenchorum Aristotelis. Incipit: ‘[C]irca exordium libri Elenchorum queritur primo, vtrum de elencho sophistico sit scientia . . .’

EE4r [Colophon with note on the author and editor.]


Imprint: Cologne: Heinrich Quentell, 1500. 4°.

Remarks: In two parts, dated: (1) 3 Feb. 1500; (2) 29 July 1500.


Collation: 1A–S6. 2A–Z6 AA–DD6 EE4.

Illustrations: Woodcuts on1 C3v ('Arbor Porphiriana') and2 E2v.


ISTC: ia01064000

GW: GW 2515;

Hain: R 1097;

Goff: Goff A‑1064;

Proctor: Pr 1364;

Others: BSB‑Ink A‑754; Schreiber V 3362; Sheppard 1047; Voulliéme, Köln, 165 = 166.

LCN: 14479160


Copy number: A-432(1)

Part II bound first. Leaf1 S4 bound before1 S3.

Wanting Q6, gathering R and S1.6 in part I; wanting A2.5 and A3.4 in part II.

Binding: Early seventeenth-century English (Oxford) blind-tooled calf over pasteboards; staple-marks at head of the upper cover. On both covers triple fillets form a double frame. In the frames an ornamental roll: see Gibson, Oxford Bindings, pl. xl, roll xxiv.

Size: 195 × 138 × 49 mm.

Size of leaf: 187 × 127 mm.

Pastedowns from a history of the Turkish sultans in English, printed in the seventeenth century.

Scribbles and drawings by various hands on front endleaf. Occasional early marginal notes. On1 S5v: ‘O deus omnipotens Vituli miserere Johannis. | O deus, In quantis Animis Versatur amantis. | O gude why exilyd am I from company': see Ludwig Bertalot ‘Eine humanistische Anthologie', in Studien zum italienischen und deutschen Humanismus, ed. P. O. Kristeller, I, Storia e letteratura, 129 (Rome, 1975), 1-82, at 40-1, no. 100.

Provenance: William Tennand (sixteenth century); several inscriptions on2 A1r and1 A1v. Humphrey Barcroft (†1610); on1 A1v: ‘Humphray Barcroft. Emmanuell. John. William'. Acquired by 1728; see Fysher, Catalogus, II 100 (listed under Logica).

SHELFMARK: B 8.18 Linc.

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