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Bod-Inc: A-458


Articella seu Opus artis medicinae.


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a1v Gregorius a Vulpe Vincentinus: [Letter of dedication addressed to] Marinus Georgius. Arrizabalaga, Articella, 71. On this edition see Arrizabalaga, Articella, 6-7, 11-15.

a1v [Table of contents.]

a2r Johannitius: Isagoge. [Translated by Constantinus Africanus(?).] See A‑457.

a4v Philaretus [pseudo-](?): De pulsibus. Incipit: ‘Intentionem habemus in presenti conscriptione de pulsuum negocio compendiosam exponere traditionem . . .’ See A‑457.

a5r Theophilus Protospatharius: De urinis. Incipit: ‘De urinarum differentia negocium multi veterum medicorum aggressi sunt scribere . . .’ See A‑457.

a7v [Argilagues, Franciscus: Introductory comment on contents.] Incipit: ‘[Q]uoniam ordo in scibilibus est . . .’ See A‑457.

a8r [Argilagues, Franciscus]: ‘Tabula Aphorismorum.’ See A‑457.

2a1r Constantinus Africanus: ‘Prefatio' addressed to Azo. Incipit: ‘[L]icet petitionibus tuis continuis, fili mi Azo, mihi sepius diceres vt ex opusculis Galieni aliqua Latine lingue transducerem ex Arabica lingua . . .’ See A‑457.

2a1r Hippocrates: Aphorismi. Translated by Constantinus Africanus. Incipit: ‘Vita breuis, ars vero longa, tempus autem acutum experimentum fallax . . .’ See A‑457.

2a1r Galenus: [Commentary on Aphorismi.] Translated by Constantinus Africanus. Incipit: ‘[P]lurimi interpretes huius libri in hoc maxime sunt concordati hic siue unus sit aphorismus siue plures sint aphorismi totius esse quasi proemium subsequentis operis . . .’ See A‑457. The commentary surrounds the text.

e7r [Argilagues, Franciscus]: ‘Tabula super libros Hippocratis.’ See A‑457.

e8r Hippocrates: Prognostica. [Translated by Constantinus Africanus or Gerardus Cremonensis.] Incipit: ‘Omnis qui medicine artis studio seu gloriam seu delectabilem amicorum consequi desiderat copiam . . .’ See A‑457.

e8r [Galenus: Commentary on Prognostica.] Translated by Constantinus Africanus.] Incipit: ‘[M]anifestum est quod Hypocrates non vtitur hac dictione . . .’ See A‑457. Commentary surrounds the text.

i2r Hippocrates: De regimine acutorum morborum. [Translated by Gerardus Cremonensis and Constantinus Africanus.] Incipit: ‘Qui de egrotantium accidentibus in singulis egritudinibus tractantes potius consensisse feruntur . . .’ See A‑457.

i2r Galenus: [Commentary on De regimine acutorum morborum. Translated by Constantinus Africanus (Gerardus Cremonensis?)]. Incipit: ‘[N]on solum cum scripserunt rememorationes . . .’ See A‑457.

o1r Hippocrates: Epidemiae (book VI). [Translated by Simon Januensis.] Incipit: ‘Quibuscumque ex dissolutione circa matricem et tumorem in capitis grauedinem conuertuntur . . .’ See A‑457.

o1r Johannes Alexandrinus: [Commentary on Epidemiae (book VI). Translated by Simon Januensis(?).] See A‑457. Commentary surrounds the text.

r6v Hippocrates: De natura foetus. ‘De natura puerorum'. ‘De natura embryonis.’ Translated by Bartholomaeus de Messina. Incipit: ‘Si sperma ab utrisque permanserit in matrice mulieris . . .’ See A‑457.

A1r Hali: [Prologue to commentary on Liber Tegni.] Incipit: ‘Intendimus edere sermonem exponentem illud quod clausum est . . .’ See A‑457.

A1r Galenus: Liber Tegni. Incipit: ‘Tres sunt omnes doctrine que ordine habentur . . .’ See A‑457.

A1r Hali: [Commentary on Liber Tegni.] Incipit: ‘[D]octrina est actio doctoris in discipulum . . .’ See A‑457.

G3r [Gentilis Fulginas]: De divisione librorum Galeni. Incipit: ‘Testatur Galienus in commentarus(!) supra dicta Hyppocratis se librum composuisse de ordine legendi suos libros . . .’ See A‑457.

G4r Hippocrates: De lege. Incipit: ‘Medicina artium preclarissima et excellentissima propter indisciplinam utentium . . .’ See A‑457.

G4r Hippocrates: Iusiurandum. Translated by Nicolaus Perottus. Incipit: ‘Testor Apollinem et Aesculapium Hygiemque et panaciam Aesculapii filias . . .’ See A‑457.

G4r [Colophon.]

G4v [Argilagues, Franciscus]: ‘Tabula super libros Tegni.’ See A‑457.


Imprint: Venice: Bonetus Locatellus, for Octavianus Scotus, 20 Dec. 1493. Folio.


Collation: a 2a–r A–E8 F G6.

Remarks: Leaf a1 not signed; thereafter a2 is signed a, a3 a2 etc.

Illustrations: Woodcut initials.


ISTC: ia01146000

GW: GW 2682;

Hain: HR 1872;

Goff: Goff A‑1146;

Proctor: Pr 5040;

Others: Arrizabalaga, Articella, 50, no. 5; Durling, ‘Chronological census', 250; Sheppard 4205.

LCN: 13982046


Copy number: A-458(1)

Wanting the blank leaf G6.

Binding: Late sixteenth-century English (London) blind-tooled calf. Formerly chained: staple-marks of a hasp at tail of the upper cover. On both covers fillets form three concentric frames; within the outer one was apparently once a roll, which is now too badly worn to be identified; within the inner frame is a floral spiral stem roll, Oldham, Blind-stamped Bindings FL.b. (7): pl. xliv no. 726, see p. 48. The inner rectangle is empty except for the library stamp. Rebacked. The gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers.

Size: 327 × 227 × 42 mm.

Size of leaf: 314 × 206 mm.

Early marginal annotations.

Provenance: ‘Emptus 26 [ ]', on G5v. Acquired by 1602/3: James, ‘Catalogus' (1602), fol. 180v; James, Catalogus (1605), 199: ‘I 1.1 [Med.]'.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: H 1.7 Med.; Auct. P 1.11.

SHELFMARK: Auct. O 3.29.

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