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Bod-Inc: A-480


De resurrectione [Latin].


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page with table of contents.]

a1v Ficinus, Marsilius: [Letter addressed to] Germanus de Ganay (†1520). Incipit: ‘[M]ultis iamdiu de causis te multum amo nec minus quam germanum suauissime . . .’ See Kristeller, Supplementum Ficinianum, I, p. lxx, no. o 1.

a2r Athenagoras: De resurrectione. Incipit: ‘[R]ationes de rebus humanis alie trahuntur ex ordine naturali . . .'} A translation or rather a paraphase of excerpts by Marsilius Ficinus. Incipit: ‘[R]ationes de rebus humanis alie trahuntur ex ordine naturali . . .’ See Umanesimo e padri della chiesa: Manoscritti e incunaboli di testi patristici da Francesco Petrarca al primo Cinquecento, ed. Sebastiano Gentile (Florence, 1997), no. 111; on authorship see CPG I 1071.

a4r Ficinus, Marsilius: [Letter addressed to] Germanus [de Ganay]. Incipit: ‘[H]ymnum orpheum de natura legere latinum, mi Germane, cupis . . .’

a5r Xenocrates [pseudo-?]: ‘Liber de morte.’ [Also known as Axiochus.] Dedicated to Piero de' Medici. Translated by Marsilius Ficinus. Incipit: ‘[C]um in Cynosargem proficiscerer et Ilisso iam applicarem . . .’ Marsilius Ficinus, Opera, II 1965-8; on the authorship see Jackson P. Hershbell, Pseudo-Plato, ‘Axiochus’, Society of Biblical Literature, Texts and Translations, 21, Græco-Roman religion ser., 6 (Ann Arbor, Mich., 1981), 20-1. On the translation see Jacques Chevalier, Étude critique du dialogue pseudo-platonicien l'Axiochos (Paris, 1915), 3 no. 3; on Ficino's ascription to Xenocrates see, J. Hankins, Plato in the Italian Renaissance (Leiden, 1990), 307, note 104.

b1r Cebes [pseudo-]: Tabula [Pinax]. Translated by Ludovicus Odaxius. Incipit: ‘[C]asu euenerat ut in Saturni sacello deambularemus . . .’ On the translation see Reinhard Schleier, Tabula Cebetis oder ‘Spiegel des Menschlichen Lebens dariñ Tugent und untugent abgemalet ist'. Studien zur Rezeption einer antiken Bildbeschreibung im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert (Berlin, 1973), 14-16.


Imprint: Paris: Guy Marchant, partly for Jean Petit, 18 Aug. 1498. 4°.


Collation: a8 b6.


ISTC: ia01176000

GW: GW 2763;

Hain: HC 1907;

Goff: Goff A‑1176;

Proctor: Pr 8008;

Others: CIBN A‑641; Hillard 203; Rhodes 181; Sack, Freiburg, 325; Sheppard 6225.

LCN: 13981118


Copy number: A-480(1)

With Marchant's device; Petit's device is found in some copies.

Binding: Nineteenth-century blind-tooled calf for the Bodleian Library; the gold stamp of the Library on both covers.

Size: 190 × 138 × 11 mm.

Size of leaf: 185 × 129 mm.

Provenance: certainly acquired by 1674, probably by 1605; see Hyde, Catalogus (1674), I 49, where the shelfmark is given as G 3. 4 Th.; an undated Athenagoras with this shelfmark in James, Catalogus (1620), 42; probably the same as the undated Athenagoras in James, Catalogus (1605), 9 with the shelfmark G 3. 5 [Th.].

SHELFMARK: Auct. O 5.7.

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