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Bod-Inc: A-504

Augustinus Hipponensis



Analysis of Content

[a1r] Augustinus: [Retractatio II,4]. ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 57 (1984), 92-3. See CPL 250.

[a1r] Augustinus: [Prologue to De doctrina christiana.] ed. J. Martin, CCSL 32 (1962), 1-6. See CPL 263.

[a2v] Augustinus: De doctrina christiana. ed. J. Martin, CCSL 32 (1962), 6-167. See CPL 263.

[d4v] Augustinus: De natura boni. PL XLII 551-72, XLVII 1223-4. See CPL 323.

[e4v] Augustinus: [Retractatio II,9]. In this edition called ‘Prologus.’ ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 57 (1984), 97. See CPL 250.

[e5r] [Augustinus pseudo-]: De laude et utilitate poenitentiae. Incipit: ‘[D]ilectissimi vna nobiscum omnes suscipite . . .’

[e6v] Augustinus [pseudo-]: De vera et falsa poenitentia. PL XL 1113-30. See Bloomfield 4419. Bloomfield ascribes to Gilbertus Minorita?.

[f7v] Augustinus [pseudo-]: ‘Speculum siue Manuale.’ PL XL 967-84; for the compostion of Manuale see Wilmart, Auteurs spirituels, 195-6. Slight variation in ending.

[h1r] Augustinus [pseudo-]: ‘De contemplatione Ihesu Christi.’ [Preface to the Manuale.] PL XL 951.

[h1v] Augustinus [pseudo-: Manuale.] PL XL 951-62. Here the shorter version, chapters 1-24 only.

[h7r] Augustinus [pseudo-; Fulgentius, Episcopus Ruspensis: Prologue to] De fide trinitatis ad Petrum. PL XL 753, LXV 671-3; ed. J. Fraipont, CCSL 91 A (1968), 708-60; see CPL 826. CCSL and CPL ascribe to Fulgentius of Ruspe.

[h7r] Augustinus [pseudo-; Fulgentius, Episcopus Ruspensis]: De fide trinitatis ad Petrum. PL XL 753-80, LXV 673-708.

[k1v] ‘Registrum Soliloqui.’

[k2r] Augustinus [pseudo-]: Soliloquia (`Agnoscam te . . .'). PL XL 863-98 On the composition of the Soliloquia see DSAM I, 1134.

[m4r] [Augustinus pseudo-; Caesarius Arelatensis]: De honestate mulierum. [Also known as De fuga mulierum, sermon 41]. PL XXXIX 2301-5; ed. G. Morin, CCSL 103 (1953), 179-84. See CPL 1008 and CPPM 1078. CCSL ascribes to Caesarius of Arles.

[m5v] Augustinus [pseudo-]: Sermo de contemptu mundi. PL XL 1215-18. See CPPM 1121.

[m8r] Augustinus: ‘De correccione et gracia.’ PL XLIV 915-46. See CPL 353.

[o2v] Augustinus [pseudo-; Gennadius Massiliensis]: ‘De simbolo.’ [Also known as De ecclesiasticis dogmatibus, De diffinitionibus orthodoxae fidei and De dogmatibus christianis.] PL XLII 1213-22. See CPL 958. The first revised version: see J‑P. Bouhout, ‘La tradition du “De fide” de Bacharius', Revue des études Augustiniennes, 25 (1979), 73-84.

[o6v] Augustinus: De disciplina christiana. ed. R. Vander Plaetse, CCSL 46 (1969), 205-24. See CPL 310.

[p1r] Augustinus: De cura agenda pro mortuis. [Also known as De cura pro mortuis gerenda and Cura mortuorum.] PL XL 591-610. See CPL 307.

[p10r] Augustinus [pseudo-; Ambrosius Autpertus]: De conflictu vitiorum et virtutum. ed. R. Weber, CCCM 27B (1979), 907-31. See Bloomfield 455. Sheppard attributes authorship to Aubertus Casinensis, Bloomfield to Ambrosius Autpertus.

[q8r] Augustinus: De praedestinatione sanctorum. PL XLIV 959-92. See CPL 354.


Imprint: [Cracow: Printer of Turrecremata (Kaspar Straube?), c.1475]. Folio.

Remarks: BMC II 319 assigns to [Augsburg: Günther Zainer].


Collation: [a–q10 r12].

Remarks: Collation as GW. BMC collates [a–d10 e12 f–r10].


ISTC: ia01215000

GW: GW 2862;

Hain: C 739;

Goff: Goff A‑1215;


Proctor: Pr 1560 (see Supplement (1902), 14);

Others: Sheppard 2579.

LCN: 13979468


Copy number: A-504(1)

By an error of imposition, the text of [e2v] and [e9r] has changed places.

Binding: Contemporary Polish blind-tooled leather over wooden boards, with five metal bosses on each cover, and clasps; rebacked; parchment index tabs. On both covers fillets form a double frame, within the outer a foliate stamp, a strawberry stamp, and a curved stamp repeated, forming plaitwork; within the inner a lozenge-shaped fleuron, a small circular floral stamp, and a small petal stamp. The inner rectangle, formed by fillets, is decorated, on the upper cover with a circular ‘IHS' stamp and the small flower-petal stamp, and, on the lower cover with these two stamps and a hexagonal double-headed eagle stamp. Another binding from the same shop: Cracow, Jagiellonian Library, Inc.2512: Martinus Polonus, Margarita decreti [Speier: Peter Drach, c.1482/89] (Pr 2357); formerly owned by Jan Michałowski (†1512), ex informatione Dr Ewa Zwinogrodzka, Jagiellonian Library, Cracow.

Size: 327 × 223 × 55 mm.

Size of leaf: 318 × 210 mm.

Many early marginal annotations and typographical corrections, the latter by deletion, erasure, signes de renvoi and insertion.

Initials, some with extensions into the margins, and paragraph marks are supplied in red or blue. Capitals touched with yellow wash. Manuscript guide-letters in black ink.

Provenance: Note of ownership on [a1r] washed out. Purchased in 1949: see anonymous sale, Sotheby's, 14 Mar. 1949, lot 35.

SHELFMARK: Inc. d. Pol.1.1475.1.

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