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Bod-Inc: A-507

Augustinus Hipponensis



Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a2r [Tables of contents.]

a6r ‘Liber ad lectorem.’ Incipit: ‘Barbara quid prodest vel quid Romana trophea | Nosse? Quid ethereas solis adire vias?'; 5 elegiac distichs. Repr. in Renouard, Badius II, 56. See Walther, Initia, 2074.

b1r Augustinus [pseudo-; Anselmus pseudo-; Jean de Fécamp]: Meditationes. See A‑505.

c8r [OrMan.] See A‑505.

c8v Augustinus [pseudo-]: Soliloquia (`Agnoscam te . . .'). PL XL 863-98. On the composition of the Soliloquia see Dictionnaire de spiritualité, I, 1134.

e8r Augustinus [pseudo-: Preface to Manuale.] PL XL 951.

e8r Augustinus [pseudo-]: Manuale. PL XL 951-68. On the composition of the Manuale see Wilmart, Auteurs spirituels, 195-6. Slight variation in ending.

f6r Augustinus: [Retractatio II,63.] ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 57 (1984), 140. See CPL 250.

f6r Augustinus: Enchiridion. In this edition, chapter 1 is entitled ‘Prohemium.’ ed. E. Evans, CCSL 46 (1969), 23-114. See CPL 295.

i4v Augustinus [pseudo-; Patricius, Episcopus Dublinensis]: De triplici habitaculo. See A‑505.

i6v Augustinus [pseudo-; Guigo Carthusiensis; Bernardus Carthusiensis]: Scala paradisi. See A‑505.

k1v [Table.]

k1v Augustinus [pseudo-; Hugo de Sancto Victore pseudo-; Cyprianus pseudo-]: De duodecim abusionum gradibus. [Also known as De xii abusivis saeculi.] See A‑505.

k5v Augustinus: [Retractatio I,2.] ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 57 (1984), 11. See CPL 250.

k5v Augustinus: De beata vita. In this edition, chapter 1 is entitled ‘Prohemium.’ ed. W. M. Green, CCSL 29 (1970), 65-85. See CPL 254.

l3v Augustinus [pseudo-]: ‘Prohemium' to [De assumptione virginis Mariae]. PL XL 1141-3. BSB ascribes to Anselmus.

l3v Augustinus [pseudo-]: De assumptione virginis Mariae. PL XL 1143-8.

l5v Augustinus: De divinatione daemonum. PL XL 581-92. See CPL 306.

m2r Augustinus [pseudo-; Caesarius Arelatensis]: De honestate mulierum. [Also known as De fuga mulierum, sermon 41]. See A‑504.

m3r Augustinus: [Retractatio II,64.] ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 57 (1984), 140. See CPL 250.

m3r Augustinus: De cura agenda pro mortuis. [Also known as De cura pro mortuis gerenda and Cura mortuorum.] PL XL 591-610. See CPL 307.

m8v Augustinus [pseudo-]: De vera et falsa poenitentia. PL XL 1113-30. See Bloomfield 4419. Bloomfield ascribes to Gilbertus Minorita?.

o1r Augustinus [pseudo-]: De contritione cordis. PL XL 943-50.

o4r Augustinus [pseudo-]: Sermo de contemptu mundi. PL XL 1215-18. See CPPM 1121.

o5v Augustinus [pseudo-; Caesarius Arelatensis]: De convenientia decem preceptorum. [Also known as Sermo de decem preceptis et decem plagis Aegypti, sermon 20/1]. See A‑505.

o6v Augustinus [pseudo-; Honorius Augustodunensis]: De cognitione verae vitae. PL XL 1005-32. On the authorship see A‑505.

p2r Augustinus: [Retractatio II,6.] ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 57 (1984), 94. See CPL 250.

p2r Augustinus: Confessiones. ed. L. Verheijen, CCSL 27 (1981). See CPL 251.

z4r Augustinus: [Retractatio II,4.] ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 57 (1984), 92-3. See CPL 250.

z4r Augustinus: ‘Prologus' to [De doctrina christiana]. ed. J. Martin, CCSL 32 (1962), 1-6. See CPL 263.

z5r Augustinus: De doctrina christiana. ed. J. Martin, CCSL 32 (1962), 6-167. See CPL 263.

D6r Augustinus [pseudo-; Fulgentius, Episcopus Ruspensis]: ‘Prologus' to [De fide trinitatis ad Petrum]. See A‑504.

D6v Augustinus [pseudo-; Fulgentius, Episcopus Ruspensis]: De fide trinitatis ad Petrum. See A‑504.

F2r Augustinus: Sermo de vita et moribus clericorum [sermon 355]. PL XXXIX 1568-74. See CPL 284.

F4r Augustinus: Sermo secundus de vita et moribus clericorum [sermon 356]. PL XXXIX 1574-81. See CPL 284.

F6r Augustinus: [Retractatio I,13.] ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 57 (1984), 36-41. See CPL 250.

G1r Augustinus: De vera religione. ed. K. Daur, CCSL 32 (1962), 187-260. See CPL 264.

I1r Augustinus [pseudo-: Prologue to De anima et spiritu.] PL XL 779-81.

I1r Augustinus [pseudo-]: De anima et spiritu. See A‑506.

L6r Augustinus [pseudo-; Pelagius; Fastidius]: ‘Prologus' to De vita christiana. PL XL 1031-3. See CPL 730.

L6r Augustinus [pseudo-; Pelagius; Fastidius]: De vita christiana. PL XL 1033-46. On the authorship see G. Cannone, ‘Sull'attribuzione del “De vita christiana” a Pelagio', Vetera christianorum, 9 (1972), 219-31.

M4v Augustinus [pseudo-; Gennadius]: ‘De diffinitionibus orthodoxae fidei.’ [Also known as De ecclesiasticis dogmatibus, De symbolo and De dogmatibus christianis.] PL XLII 1213-22. See CPL 958. This is the first revised version; see J.-P. Bouhout, ‘La tradition du “De fide” de Bacharius', Revue des études Augustiniennes, 25 (1979), 73-84.

M7v Augustinus: De disciplina christiana. ed. R. Vander Plaetse, CCSL 46 (1969), 205-24. See CPL 310.

N2r Augustinus: Sermo de caritate [sermon 350]. PL XXXIX 1533-5. See CPL 284; A. G. Hamman, ‘Le sermon 350 de Saint Augustin “De Charitate”. Transmission du texte, autenticité', in Bivium. Homenaje a Manuel Cecilio Diaz y Diaz (Madrid, 1983), 125-31.

N3r Augustinus: Sermo de decem cordis [sermon 9]. ed. C. Lambot, CCSL 41 (1961), 100-51. See CPL 284.

O2v Augustinus [pseudo-; Caesarius Arelatensis]: De ebrietate [sermon 47]. PL XL 2307-10; ed. G. Morin, CCSL 103 (1953), 211-15. See CPL 1008.

O3r Augustinus [pseudo-]: Sermo de vanitate saeculi. PL XL 1213-14 (excerpts). See CPPM 1120.

O4v Augustinus [pseudo-; Hieronymus]: De oboedientia et humilitate. ed. G. Morin, CCSL 78 (1958), 552-5. See CPL 605 and CPPM 1123. CPL ascribes to Hieronymus.

O5r Augustinus: [Retractatio II,3.] ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 57 (1984), 91-2. See CPL 250.

O5r Augustinus: De agone christiano. ed. J. Zycha, CSEL 41 (1900), 101-38. See CPL 296.

P2v Augustinus [pseudo-; Valerianus, Episcopus Cemeliensis]: De bono disciplinae. PL XL 1219-22, LII 691-6; ed. G. Morin, CCSL 78 (1958), 552-5. See CPL 1002 and CPPM 1122.

P4r Augustinus: ‘Regula . . .de communi vita clericorum.’ [Also known as Regula tertia (regula recepta).] PL XXXII 1377-84. See Verheijen II, 117-18.

P5r Possidius, Episcopus Calamensis: ‘Prologus' to [De vita et moribus Sancti Augustini]. PL XXXII 33-4. See CPL 358.

P5v Possidius: De vita et moribus Sancti Augustini. PL XXXII 34-66. See CPL 358.

Q7v [Colophon.]

Q7v [Verse.] Incipit: ‘Hos iuuat arguta scrutari indagine verum | Illos Dulichio verba lepore tenent'; 5 elegiac distichs.


Imprint: Strasbourg: Martin Flach, 20 Mar. 1489. Folio.


Collation: a6 b8 c–h8.6 i8 k–z A–K8.6 L6 M–P8.6 Q8.


ISTC: ia01218000

GW: GW 2865;

Hain: HC *1948;

Goff: Goff A‑1218;

BMC: BMC I 149;

Proctor: Pr 681;

Others: BSB‑Ink A‑897; Rhodes 188; Sack, Freiburg, 340-1; Sheppard 509.

LCN: 13979509


Copy number: A-507(1)

Wanting gathering a and the blank leaf Q8.

Leaves b1-2 repaired; sheets z2.5 and z3.4 have changed placed in the binding: gathering z now bound as z1,3,2,5,4,6.

Binding: Contemporary, Lower Rhenish blind-tooled calf over wooden boards, with metal clasps. On the upper cover triple fillets, over-stamped at head and tail with a small floral stamp, form a frame, decorated on outer side with a lozenge-shaped fleur-de-lis stamp, and on the inner with a small circular floral stamp; the upper and lower sections are divided by double fillets into triangular compartments with the small circular floral stamp. Double fillets form an inner frame decorated in alternate strips with a floral roll and with rows of fillets and the small circular floral stamp or the small floral stamp. On the lower cover double fillets form a frame decorated, on the outer side with the lozenge-shaped fleur-de-lis stamp, on the upper and lower sides with the small circular floral stamp, and on the inner side with a square stamp of a woodhouse (wild man) seated, holding a stick. Double fillets, overstamped with the small floral stamp and the small circular floral stamp, form an inner rectangle divided into square compartments with the stamp of the seated woodhouse.

Size: 295 × 210 × 55 mm.

Size of leaf: 280 × 199 mm.

Parchment pastedown on lower board, containing an unidentified work on physics, written in a thirteenth/fourteenth-century hand. Pastedowns removed from the upper cover now MS. Lat. liturg. b. 7 fols 110-11: described in an unpublished catalogue: ‘missal, temporale: portions from the second Sunday after the Epiphany to Sexagesima, notation adiastematic neums, St Gall type, parts of two leaves, written in long lines, twelfth cent.’

Occasional pointing hands. Some passages marked with ‘nota' marks in red.

Initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red. Capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Arnoldus Hemminck (sixteenth century); inscription on fragment of front endleaf. Johannes Ignaz zur Mühlen (eighteenth century); armorial book-plate: see Warnecke 1334. Purchased for £0. 8. 0; see Books Purchased (1844), 3.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 7Q 3.42.

Copy number: A-507(2)


Bound as front pastedown in M‑132; see there for details of binding and provenance.

Leaf B6 only.

Capital strokes and underlining are supplied in red.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 3Q 5.43 (pastedown).

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