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Bod-Inc: A-541

Augustinus Hipponensis

De disciplina christiana.


Analysis of Content

[a1r] Augustinus: De disciplina christiana. ed. R. Vander Plaetse, CCSL 46 (1969), 205-24. See CPL 310.


Imprint: [Cologne: Ulrich Zell, c.1470]. 4°.


Collation: [a8].


ISTC: ia01260000

GW: GW 2900;

Hain: HC 1963a; C 740;

Goff: Goff A‑1260;

BMC: BMC I 183;

Proctor: Pr 825;

Others: CIBN A‑698; Sheppard 623-4; Voulliéme, Köln, 192.

LCN: 13887364


Copy number: A-541(1)

Bound with:
1. Johannes Gerson, Conclusiones de diversis materiis moralibus, sive De regulis mandatorum. [Cologne: Ulrich Zell, not after 1470] (G‑100);
2. Johannes Gerson, De meditatione cordis. [Cologne: Ulrich Zell, c.1468] (G‑113);
3. Johannes Gerson, De sollicitudine ecclesiasticorum. [Cologne: Ulrich Zell, c.1470] (G‑131(1));
4. Johannes Gerson, Opus tripartitum de praeceptis Decalogi, de confessione, et de arte moriendi. [Cologne: Ulrich Zell, c.1470] (G‑117(1));
5A. Johannes Gerson, De pollutione nocturna. [Cologne: Ulrich Zell, c.1467-72] (G‑123);
5B. Johannes Gerson, De cognitione castitatis; De pollutionibus diurnis; Forma absolutionis sacramentalis. [Cologne: Ulrich Zell, c.1468] (G‑096);
6. Propositiones responsivae ad quaestionem de observantia dominicalium dierum. [Cologne: Printer of Dictys (Arnold Ther Hoernen), not after 19 Sept. 1470] (P‑485);
7. Matthaeus de Cracovia, Dialogus rationis et conscientiae de frequenti usu Communionis. Henricus de Hassia, Expositio super orationem dominicam et Ave Maria. Speculum animae. [Cologne: Ulrich Zell, not after 1470] (M‑150(1));
8. Augustinus, Sermo super orationem dominicam. Expositio super symbolum. De ebrietate. [Cologne: Ulrich Zell, c.1467] (A‑590(1));
9. Thomas Aquinas, De articulis fidei et ecclesiae sacramentis. [Cologne: Ulrich Zell, c.1470] (T‑118);
11. Augustinus, Soliloquium (`Verbum mihi est . . .'). Thomas Aquinas, De astrorum iudiciis. [Cologne: Printer of Dictys (Arnold Ther Hoernen), c.1470] (A‑604(1));
12. Thomas Aquinas, De venerabili sacramento altaris ad modum decem praedicamentorum. Nicolaus de Lyra, Dicta de sacramento. [Cologne: Printer of Augustinus, ‘De fide'], 8 Apr. 1473 (T‑185);
13. Thomas Aquinas, De virtutibus et vitiis. De suffragiis missae. [Cologne: Printer of Dictys (Arnold Ther Hoernen), c.1471] (T‑190).

Binding: Eighteenth-century calf; gold-tooled spine.

Size: 203 × 147 × 63 mm.

Size of leaf: 193 × 133 mm.

Contemporary list of contents on [a1v] of item 1, in two hands.

One five-line initial ‘L' on [a1r] and paragraph marks are supplied in red. Capital strokes and underlining in red.

Provenance: Theodoric Honborch (fifteenth century?); left the book to Ijsselstein, Cistercian convent, Mons dominae; inscription in a contemporary hand on rear parchment endleaf: ‘Hunc librum legauit monasterio nostro Montis Domine nostre in Yselsteyn dominus Theodericus Honborch uicarius ecclesie sancti Saluatoris in Traiecto cuius anima requiescat in pace'. Francesco, Count Vimercati Sanseverino (fl. 1750); inscription on the same leaf: ‘Hic liber impressus fuit Anno Domini 1473 et in publica auctione Hage Comitum facta anno 1750 emptus a me fuit pretio trium numerorum aureorum Venetorum. Ego [Franciscus] Vicomercatus Sanseuerinus Cremensis [Abbas et Comes]'. Sale (1816), by Evans, lot 318, purchased by Heber for £0. 11. 6, note on front endleaf. Richard Heber (1773-1833); see Catalogue, 6 (1835), lot 1472. Purchased for £1. 15. 0; see Books Purchased (1835), 3.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 1Q 5.34(10).

Copy number: A-541(2)

Bound with:
1. Augustinus, Homiliae. [Cologne: Ulrich Zell, c.1470] (A‑551(2));
3. Augustinus, Sermo super orationem dominicam. [Cologne: Ulrich Zell, c.1470] (A‑591);
4. Augustinus, Soliloquium. [Cologne: Printer of Dictys (Arnold Ther Hoernen), c.1470] (A‑604(2));
5. Augustinus, De spiritu et littera. [Cologne: Printer of Dictys (Arnold Ther Hoernen), c.1470] (A‑559(2)).

Binding: Eighteenth-century calf; on both covers triple gold-tooled fillets; the spine gold-tooled; marbled pastedowns.

Size: 210 × 140 × 25 mm.

Size of leaf: 199 × 132 mm.

Although the binding dates only from the eighteenth century, it is clear from a contemporary list of contents on the front flyleaf that all the works now in this volume have been together since the fifteenth century; other works appearing in the list have presumably been removed in rebinding.

One five-line initial ‘L' on [a1r] and paragraph marks are supplied in red. Capital strokes and underlining in red.

Provenance: Cleves, Brigittines, Marienbaum; inscription on [a2r] of item 1: ‘vtuntur me fratres inclusi ad Arborem sancte M(A)R(I)AE in Cliuia.’ Purchased for £1. 1. 0; see Books Purchased (1844), 3.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 7Q 5.12(2).

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