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Bod-Inc: A-553

Augustinus Hipponensis

Opus quaestionum.


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a1r [Table of contents.] Renouard, Badius II, 53-4.

a1r ‘Ad diuum Aurelium Augustinum episcopum huius operis et ipsum lecturorum commendatio.’ Incipit: ‘Augustine decus doctorum flumen abundans | Uirtute ac sacri dogmatis eloquio'; 5 elegiac distichs. See Walther, Initia, 1756.

a1v Badius Ascensius, Jodocus: [Letter, acknowledging the editorial work of Augustinus de Ratisbona], addressed to Petrus Gerardus, Prior of Augustinian convent at Paris. Renouard, Badius II, 54-6.

a2r Augustinus: Retractatio II,55 ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 57 (1984), 132-4. See CPL 250.

a2r ‘Tabula questionum.’

b1r Augustinus: ‘Opus variarum questionum.’ [Also known as Quaestiones in Heptateuchum.] Edited by Augustinus de Ratisbona. ed. J. Fraipont, CCSL 33 (1958), 1-377. See CPL 270. On Augustinus' involvement see also his letter to Johann Amerbach, dated Paris, 20 June 1495 (Amerbachkorrespondenz, 47-8, no. 37).

l7v [Explanatory note addressed to the reader.] Incipit: ‘Habes, itaque, lector optime, questiones diui patris Aurelii Augustini Hypponensis epsicopi super Heptateuchon . . .’

l7v ‘Prenotatio.’ Incipit: ‘[P]ost questionum beatissimi patris Augustini in Heptateuchon . . .’

l7v ‘Tabula questionum noui et ueteris testamenti.’

m1r Augustinus [pseudo-; Ambrosiaster]: Quaestiones veteris et novi testamenti CXXVII. ed. A. Souter, CSEL 50 (1908), 13-416; PL XXXV 2213-386. See CPL 185 and C. Martini, Ambrosiaster. De auctore, operibus, theologia (Rome, 1944), 12-15, 18-32.

A1r Augustinus: [Retractatio II,16.] ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 57 (1984), 102-3. See CPL 250.

A1r ‘Tabula.’

A3r Augustinus: De consensu evangelistarum. ed. F. Weihrich, CSEL 43 (1904). See CPL 273.

G5v Augustinus: Retractatio II, 12. ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 57 (1984), 99. See CPL 250.

G6r ‘Tabula.’

Aa1r Augustinus: Quaestiones euangeliorum. ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 44B (1980), 1-118, with slightly different ending. See CPL 275.

Bb8r Augustinus: [Retractatio I,26.] ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 57 (1984), 74-87. See CPL 250.

Bb8r ‘Capitula.’

Cc1r Augustinus: De lxxxiii quaestiones. ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 44A (1975), 11-249. See CPL 289.

Ff1r ‘Tabula.’

Ff1v Dialogus quaestionum lxv. PL XL 733-52.

Gg1r Augustinus: Retractatio II,65. ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 57 (1984), 141. See CPL 250.

Gg1r ‘Tabula.’

Gg1r Augustinus: De octo Dulcitii quaestionibus. ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 44A (1975), 253-97. See CPL 291.

Gg7v ‘Tabula.’

Hh1r Augustinus: [Retractatio II,63.] ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 57 (1984), 140. See CPL 250.

Hh1r Augustinus: Enchiridion. In this edition, chapter one is entitled ‘Proemium.’ ed. E. Evans, CCSL 46 (1969), 23-114. See CPL 295.

Ii8r Augustinus: [Retractatio II,20.] ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 57 (1984), 106. See CPL 250.

Ii8r Augustinus: ‘Ad inquisitiones Ianuarium.’ [Also known as Epistolae ad Januarium (nos 54-5).] ed. A. Goldbacher, CSEL 34 (1895-8), 158-213. See CPL 262.

Kk5v Augustinus: [Retractatio II,36.] ed. A. Mutzenbecher, CCSL 57 (1984), 119-20. See CPL 250.

Kk5v [Table of contents.]

Kk5v Augustinus: ‘Prefatio' to De gratia novi testamenti, addressed to Honoratus. ed. A. Goldbacher, CSEL 44 (1904), 155-234. See CPL 262.

Kk5v Augustinus: De gratia novi testamenti. ed. A. Goldbacher, CSEL 44 (1904), 448-9, letter no. 140, ch. 2.

Pp1r [Table of contents.]

Pp1r Augustinus: Epistola Hilarii ad Augustinum. ed. A. Goldbacher, CSEL 44 (1904), 448-9, letter no. 156. See CPL 262.

Pp5v [Table of contents.]

Pp5v Augustinus: Epistola ad Deogratiam de sex quaestiones contra paganos. ed. A. Goldbacher, CSEL 34 (1895-8), 544-78, letter no. 102. See CPL 262.

Pp9v ‘Peroratio', addressed to Petrus Gerardus. Incipit: ‘[H]ec sunt magistrorum nostrorum optime, magister Petre Gerardi . . .’


Imprint: Lyons: Johannes Trechsel, 25 Apr. 1497. Folio.


Collation: a–g8 h6 i8 k6 l–p8 q r6 s8 A–F8 G6 Aa–Kk8 Ll6 Pp10.


ISTC: ia01297000

GW: GW 2915;

Hain: HC *1965;

Goff: Goff A‑1297;


Proctor: Pr 8613;

Others: BSB‑Ink A‑894; CIBN A‑711; Oates 3223; Rhodes 214; Sheppard 6675-6.

LCN: 13887464


Copy number: A-553(1)

Bound with:
2. Paulus Florentinus, Breviarium totius iuris canonici. Memmingen: Albrecht Kunne, 1499 (P‑053).

Gatherings a–s, with the exception of a1, are bound after gathering Ll. A note concerning this, dated 1884, in the hand of Falconer Madan, attached to the front endleaf. An unsigned blank leaf between Ll6 and a2.

Binding: Contemporary German (Memmingen, Kyriß workshop no. 110) blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards, with metal clasps and catches. On both covers fillets form concentric frames. The outer frame on each cover contains a cresting roll, on the upper cover see Schwenke–Schunke 79, no. 4 (Buxheim, near Memmingen), on the lower cover Kyriß pl. 221, no. 7. Two middle frames on each cover contain the roll Kyriß pl. 221, no. 3. On the upper cover the inner rectangle is divided by double fillets into triangular compartments with a circular eagle stamp. On the lower cover the inner frame contains a cresting roll and the inner rectangle a star-shaped stamp.

Size: 290 × 220 × 83 mm.

Size of leaf: 275 × 194 mm.

Contemporary manuscript table of contents on front endleaf.

Provenance: Buxheim, Bavaria, Carthusians, BVM; inscriptions on the front endleaf and on q5v of item (2): ‘Liber Cartusien[sium] in Buchshaim prope Memmingen'; inscription: ‘Cartusiæ in Buxheim' and stamp on a1r. Graf von Ostein, 1803. Graf Hugo von Waldbott-Bassenheim (1820-1895); Buxheim sale, lot 3123. Purchased by Falconer Madan for the Bodleian in 1884 from for 10 Marks; see Library Bills, 19 Feb. 1884; see Honemann, ‘Buxheim Collection', Bod2.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 4Q 4.25(1).

Copy number: A-553(2)

Binding: Contemporary German (Kyriß workshop no. 60) blind-tooled pigskin over wooden boards, with remains of clasps. On both covers double fillets form concentric frames, the outer one undecorated, the inner one with a large circular rose stamp, Kyriß pl. 123, no. 1, and a scroll stamp, bearing the binder's(?) name ‘Ramin', Kyriß pl. 123, no. 2. The inner rectangle on both covers contains merrythoughts and a fleuron stamp. Remains of a manuscript label on the spine.

Size: 298 × 210 × 65 mm.

Size of leaf: 282 × 197 mm.

Some early marginal notes, in black or red ink. Occasional ‘nota' marks and contemporary manuscript catchwords.

Provenance: Duplicate from the Royal Library, Munich; ‘Duplum' (in ink), ‘III N 94' (in pencil) on front flyleaf; ‘A XII' (in ink) on a1r; ‘9761' on a slip of paper attached to front flyleaf. Acquired between 1847 and c.1892, possibly in 1850; not in Catalogus (1843) with Appendix.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 5Q 4.6.

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