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Bod-Inc: A-556

Augustinus Hipponensis



Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a2r Brant, Sebastian: [Verse] addressed to Augustinus. Incipit: ‘Iamdudum libuit, pater Augustine sacrate | Carminibus laudes concelebrare tuas'; 32 elegiac distichs. Sebastian Brant, Varia carmina, with additions by Johann Bergmann. Basel: Johann Bergmann, de Olpe, 1 May [14]98, H5r -H6r, distichs 1-31, with distich 53 printed here as no. 32.

a2v ‘De ortu, ingenio, eruditione, errore, conuersione ac sacra baptismali regeneratione diui doctoris Augustini breuis narratio.’ Incipit: ‘Augustinus Afer Carthaginensis ex Patricio patre et Monica matre genitus . . .’

a3r ‘Hymnus de fide christi.’ [Hymn for Trinity.] Incipit: ‘[T]e deum laudamus | Te dominum confitemur.’ See Chevalier, Rep. hymn., 20086.

a3r Ambrosius: ‘Sermo sancti Ambrosii episcopi factus postque baptizatus et nouis vestibus indutus fuit Augustinus.’ The whole volume was edited by Augustinus Dodo; see Amerbachkorrespondenz I, esp. pp. 43-4. Incipit: ‘[Q]uod his diebus contigit, fratres humanissimi, vidistis . . .’ Unidentified.

a3v Augustinus [pseudo-]: ‘In Regulas diui Aurelii Augustini prefatio.’ Incipit: ‘[N]on mediocrem verba vim habent ad monendum animum auditoris . . .’ On Augustine's rule see L. Verheijen, La Règle de S. Augustin, 2 vols (Paris, 1967), and George Lawless, Augustine of Hippo and his Monastic Rule (Oxford, 1987).

a4r Augustinus [pseudo-]: Regula prima. [Also known as Regula consensoria.] PL XXXII 1447-50; Verheijen II, 7-9.

a4v Augustinus [pseudo-]: Regula secunda. [Also known as Ordo monasterii.] PL XXXII 1449-52, LXVI 995-8; Lawless, 74-9. See CPL 1839a.

a5r Augustinus: Regula tertia (regula recepta). PL XXXII 1377-84. See Verheijen II, 117-18.

a6v ‘Forma secundum quam beatus Augustinus communem societatem dedit eis qui suo fratrumque suorum consortiis coniungi optabant.’ Incipit: ‘[O]mnes quamuis per gratiam baptismi, fratres, simus in christo . . .’

b1r ‘Annotatio sermonum ad fratres in heremo.’

b2r Augustinus [pseudo-]: Sermones ad fratres in heremo. PL XL 1235-1358. See CPPM 1127.

i7r ‘Quedam ex diuersis collecta et ad gloriam beati Augustini hic subiuncta.’ Incipit: ‘[M]onica mater sancti Augustini cuius historia trahitur . . .’

k1r ‘Annotatio principalium sententiarum.’ Part II.

2a1r [Title-page.]

2a2r ‘Annotatio sermonum de verbis domini.’

2a3r Augustinus: Sermones de verbis Domini. PL XXXVIII–XXXIX, in order as listed in PL XXXIX 2429-31, except that sermon 14 has the phrase ‘[C]um sanctum euangelium legeretur' added before the incipit. See Verbraken 79-80.

l6r [Colophon.]

A1r ‘Annotatio precipuarum sententiarum.’ Part III.

3a1r [Title-page.]

3a2r ‘Annotatio.’

3a2r Augustinus [pseudo-]: Sermones de verbis apostoli. PL XXXVIII–XXXIX, in order as listed in PL XXXIX 2431-2. See Verbraken 155.

3h3v [Colophon.]

3h4r ‘Annotatio precipuarum sententiarum.’ Part IV.

4a1r [Title-page.]

4a2r ‘Annotatio.’

4a2r Augustinus: ‘Prefatio.’ PL XXXV 1977-8.

4a2r Augustinus: Sermones in epistolam Johannis. PL XXXV 1978-2062. See CPL 279.

4d6r [Colophon.]

4d6v ‘Annotatio.’ Part V.

5a1r [Title-page.]

5a1v ‘Annotatio thematum quinquaginta homeliarum.’

5a2r Augustinus; [Caesarius Arelatensis; Heraclius Presbyter]: Quinquaginta. PL XXXVIII–XXXIX, in order as listed in PL XXXIX 2432, with the exception that sermon 17 has an additional sentence ‘[S]ecundum vasis electionis confessionem atque doctrinam quoniam fides misericordie dei donum est', added before ‘Lectionibus, canticis . . .' The ‘Quinquaginta' consists of 50 sermons, 22 by Augustine; 19 by Caesarius Arelatensis, one by Heraclius Presbyter, and eight anonymous: see Verbraken, 210-12; CPPM 765 records 18 sermons by Caesarius.

5g6v [Colophon.]

5h1r ‘Annotatio notabilium sententiarum.’ Part VI.

2A1r [Title-page.]

2A2r ‘Annotatio sermonum S. Augustini de tempore.’

6a1r Augustinus: Sermones de tempore. PL XXXVIII–XXXIX, in order as listed in PL XXXIX 2432-5; sermon 24 has the phrase ‘[E]t Christus, fratres, in mundo erat' added before the standard incipit; sermon 107 has incipit ‘[I]n lectione ista que nobis rectitata est . . . de natura propria iam audistis. Nam si fortis esset . . .’

K5v [Colophon.]

4A2r ‘Annotatio notabilium sententiarum.’ Part VII.

7a1r [Title-page.]

7a1v ‘Annotatio sermonum de sanctis.’

7a3r Augustinus: Sermones de sanctis. PL XXXVIII–XXXIX, in order as listed in PL XXXIX 2435-6.

6f2v [Colophon.]

6f3r ‘Annotatio principalium sententiarum.’


Imprint: Basel: Johann Amerbach, 1494-5. Folio.

Remarks: In seven parts: part I undated; parts II–V 1494; parts VI and VII 1495.


Collation: Part I: a6 b–g8.6 h10 i8 k10; part II: a–k8.6 l6 A6; part III: a–f8.6 g h8; part IV: a8 b6 c d8; part V: a–f8.6 g6 h8; part VI: A6 a–k8.6 l m–x8.6 y12 A8 B–K6 A8 B C6 D8; part VII: a8 b6 c d8 e6 f8.

Remarks: BMC collates part VI ‘ . . . y10 A–D8.6 E–K 6  . . .’

Illustrations: Woodcuts on a1v of part I and A1v of part VI: see Schramm XXI p. 27 and pls 647-8 and Schreiber V, 3395.


ISTC: ia01308000

GW: GW 2920;

Hain: H *2008;

Goff: Goff A‑1308;


Proctor: Pr 7605;

Others: BSB‑Ink A‑892; Oates 2789 (VI–VII); Rhodes 216; Sack, Freiburg, 381-2; Schramm XXI p. 27 and pls 647-8; Schreiber V 3395; Sheppard 2446-8.

LCN: 13884793, 13884850


Copy number: A-556(1)

Parts I–V only. Variant in title not noted by GW: ‘In explanatione[m] Epiſtolȩ Canonicȩ beati Johannis primȩ: Sermones X.' Part II, headline on a2r: ‘Annotatio ſermonu[m] de verbis d[omi]ni'. Part IV is bound after part I. Gathering A of part II is bound in front of the rest of part II.

Binding: Nineteenth-century blind-tooled calf; bound for the Bodleian Library in 1855 at a cost of £0. 13. 0; see Binders' books (1855, Auct. and Rawl.), p. 1, no. 3 (Library Records d. 1203).

Size: 317 × 230 × 61 mm.

Size of leaf: 308 × 207 mm.

Initials are supplied in red or blue. Paragraph marks are supplied in red. Capital strokes and underlining in red.

Provenance: Thierhaupten, Bavaria, Benedictines, SS. Petrus et Paulus. Abbot Benedikt Gaugenrieder (fl. 1553-1597); armorial book-plate dated 1587: see Warnecke 2168 and Zimmermann, Kloster-Heraldik, 158; inscription in a seventeenth-century(?) hand on a1r. Duplicate from the Royal Library, Munich; ‘Duplum' written in black ink above Gaugenrieder's book-plate, and shelfmark ‘Inc. Typ. No. 2887'; pencil number ‘3' on a1r. Presumably acquired during the early 1850s, and certainly before 1855 (the date when it was rebound for the Library).

SHELFMARK: Auct. 6Q inf. 1.27.

Copy number: A-556(2)

Parts I–V only. For this copy see Coates–Jensen 251, no. 14.

Wanting gathering A in part II, g6 and gathering h in part V, and parts VI and VII.

Part II, headline: ‘Annotatio ſermonu[m] de verbis d[omi]ni.’ Volume misbound in the following order: parts III, IV, V, I, II.

Binding: Seventeenth-century English calf; on both covers triple fillets form a border and separate a narrow and a wide rectangle.

Size: 280 × 200 × 58 mm.

Size of leaf: 274 × 191 mm.

Early marginal annotations, some in the hand of Richard Kidderminster. Also pointing hands and underlining in black ink. Large number of early pen-trials on a1r of part I, also an account of payments. On k10v of part I, inscription in a sixteenth-century hand: ‘Rycharduus Steueneson(?) paye to | Thomas Rock for his housse this yere iis | and the makeng of a pere of hoosse | and the stocking of a pere of hoosse | his hole yeres Rentt'. On l6v of part II, an inscription in a sixteenth-century hand: ‘This bill made the xiith daye of | March anno domino 1566 Elyzabeth | by the grace of god queen of England | France and Erland'. An unattributed note in a nineteenth-century(?) hand, on the verso of the front flyleaf, suggests that some of the marginal notes are in the hand of ‘Old John Frewen, first rector of Northiam of that name': John Frewen (1558-1628).

Initials are supplied in red or blue. Paragraph marks are supplied in red.

Provenance: Richard Kidderminster (c.1462-post Nov.1531); see Emden, BRUO, 1047 and Ker, Medieval Libraries, 199, 315; inscription on b1v of part I: ‘Liber Dompni Ricardi Abbatis Monasterii diue uirginis Marie Sanctique Kenelmi regis et martiris de Winchelcomba ordinis beatissimi patris Benedicti'. Purchased in 1955; see dated purchase stamp. Inscription on a2r of part I: unread.

SHELFMARK: Inc. d. GS2.1494.1.

Copy number: A-556(3)

Parts VI and VII only.

Wanting parts I–V, and A1 of part VI, title-page and woodcut.

Binding: Nineteenth-century blind-tooled calf (c.1825) for the Bodleian Library; gold-tooled spine and gold stamp of the Library on both covers.

Size: 295 × 213 × 50 mm.

Size of leaf: 286 × 192 mm.

Very occasional underlining in black ink.

Partial rubrication in gatherings A a–t of part VI only: paragraph marks are supplied in red and capital strokes in red.

Provenance: Purchased for £1. 11. 6; see Books Purchased (1825), 3; ‘Purchased at Hamburgh 1825' on A2r.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: Auct. P 1.16.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 7Q 2.28.

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