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Bod-Inc: A-584

Augustinus Hipponensis

Meditationes (`Invocatio dei omnipotentis . . .').


Analysis of Content

[a1v] Venia, Masellus: [Letter] addressed to Hieronymus Podius, Abbot of St Peter's, Verzuolo, Piedmont. Incipit: ‘[C]ogitanti mihi, reuerende pater, quantum utilitatis noua hec humani ingenii indagatio librorum imprimendorum studiosis attulerit . . .’

[a3r] ‘Liber ad lectorem.’ Incipit: ‘Barbara quid prodest uel quid Romana trophea | Nosse? Quid ethereas solis adire uias?'; 5 elegiac distichs. Reprinted in Renouard, Badius II, 56. See Walther, Initia, 2074.

[a3r] [Table of contents.]

[a3v] ‘Tabula totius uoluminis per capitula.’

[b1r] Augustinus [pseudo-; Anselmus pseudo-; Jean de Fécamp]: Meditationes. PL XL 901-42. See A‑505.

[g3r] [OrMan.] See A‑505.

[g3v] Augustinus [pseudo-]: Soliloquia (Agnoscam te, domine). PL XL 863-98. On the composition of the Soliloquia see Dictionnaire de spiritualité I, 1134.

[m2v] Augustinus [pseudo-: Preface to] Manuale. PL XL 951.

[m2v] Augustinus [pseudo-]: Manuale. PL XL 951-68. On the composition of the Manuale see Wilmart, Auteurs spirituels, 195-6.

[o2r] Augustinus [pseudo-; Guigo Carthusiensis; Bernardus Carthusiensis]: Scala paradisi. See A‑505.

[p1v] Augustinus [pseudo-; Cyprianus pseudo-]: De duodecim abusionum gradibus. [Also known as De xii abusivis saeculi.] PL IV 947-60, XL 1079-88. See CPL 1106.

[r1r] Bernardus Claravallensis [pseudo-; Hugo de Sancto Victore]: Meditationes de cognitione humanae conditionis. PL CLXXXIV 485-508. See Bloomfield 3126. Bloomfield ascribes to Guilelmus Tornacensis(?).

[v1r] Bernardus Claravallensis: De conscientia aedificanda. De interiori domo. PL CLXXXIV 507-52.

[A6v] Bernardus Claravallensis [pseudo-]: Epistola de gubernatione familiae, addressed to Raimondus of Corbetta, near Milan. PL CLXXXII 647-51 (ep. 456); C. D. M. Cossar, The German Translations of the pseudo-Bernhardine “Epistola de cura rei familiaris”, Göppinger Arbeiten zur Germanistik, 166 (Göppingen 1975), 97-102. On authorship see Glorieux, Migne, 70 and Cossar p. ii. See also Gerhard Eis, Mittelalterliche Fachliteratur (Stuttgart, 1962), 29.

[B1r] Bernardus Claravallensis [pseudo-]: Rhythmus ad membra Christi patientis. ‘Oratio.’ Incipit: ‘Salue mundi salutare | Salue salue Iesu chare | Cruci tue me aptare | Uellem uere tu scis quare.’ PL CLXXXIV 1319-24.


Imprint: [Milan: Johannes Antonius and Beninus de Honate, c.1480-2]. 8°.


Collation: [a–k8 l4 m–p8 qr r s8 t4 v8+1 x–z A8 B4].

Remarks: Collation as GW. BMC collates ‘[[*]8 a–i8 k4 l–o8 p4 q r8 s4 t10-1 u–z8 [et]4]'.


ISTC: ia01292000

GW: GW 2970;

Hain: CR 733;

Goff: Goff A‑1292;

BMC: BMC VI 740;

Proctor: Pr 5900;

Others: Oates 2282; Sheppard 4921.

LCN: 13884412


Copy number: A-584(1)

Binding: Nineteenth-century half mottled calf, with marbled boards; bound for Kloß. Parchment index tabs.

Size: 217 × 155 × 42 mm.

Size of leaf: 199 × 135 mm.

Early marginal notes, mainly in black ink, but some in red, including one ascribing the De duodecim abusionum gradibus to Hugo de Sancto Victore.

Provenance: Schwäbisch-Gmünd, Franciscan convent: see Moorman 443; inscription on [*1r]. Georg Franz Burkhard Kloß (1787-1854); book-label; sale (1835), lot 342. Purchased for £0. 10. 0; see Books Purchased (1835), probably p. 3, where it is ascribed to Ulric Scinzeller, and where the ‘Enchiridion' is listed among the works included.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 7Q 4.23.

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