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Bod-Inc: A-629


Liber Teisir, sive Rectificatio medicationis et regiminis, et al.


Analysis of Content

[*2r] ‘Tabula super tractatus et capitula Auenzohar.’

[*3v] ‘Tabula super Colliget Auerrois.’

a1r Avenzohar: Liber Teisir, sive Rectificatio medicationis et regiminis. ‘Liber Theicrifi Dahalmodana Vahaltadabir cuius est interpretatio Rectificatio medicationis et regiminis.’ Translated into Latin by ‘magister Pathauinus physicus', according to the heading. Incipit: ‘[D]ixit seruus regis scilicet Abumaruan Auenzohar: “Deum testor quod non compilaui hunc librum nisi vi et conamine multarum precum . . .”  ‘ See Thorndike–Kibre 406, DSB XIV, 637-9, and EI III, 977-8. Translated from Arabic into Hebrew by Jacobus Hebraeus. Translation dated Venice, [21] Aug. 1281. On the translator, erroneously identified as Paravicius, see Lynn Thorndike, ‘Paravicius: a Misprint, not a Translator', Isis, 26 (1936), 33-6.

g1v Avenzohar: Antidotarium. Incipit: ‘[H]ec est particula Antidotarii Abumeronis Auenzohar conueniens illis qui non didicerunt scientiam medicine demonstratiuam . . .’ See Thorndike–Kibre 601.

2a2r Averroes: Colliget. ‘Liber de medicina qui dicitur Colliget.’ [Translated by Armengaud Blasius of Montpellier or [Jacob] Bonacosa]. Incipit: ‘[Q]uando ventilata fuit super me voluntas pernobile preceptum ex parte nobilis domini Audelach Sempse a Mirelmomini de de Marocho . . .’ See Thorndike–Kibre 1171. For Armengaud Blasius as translator see Thorndike–Kibre; for Bonacosa see Nancy G. Siraisi, Arts and Sciences at Padua: The ‘Studium' of Padua before 1350, Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, Studies and Texts, 25 (Toronto, 1973), 155, note 61, and Danielle Jacquart and Françoise Micheau, La médecine arabe et l'occident médiéval, Collection Islam-Occident, 7 (Paris, 1990), 182.


Imprint: Venice: Johannes and Gregorius de Gregoriis, de Forlivio, 4 Jan. 1490/91. Folio.


Collation: [*4] a–f6 g4 2a–k6 l4.


ISTC: ia01408000

GW: GW 3103;

Hain: H 2186;

Goff: Goff A‑1408;

BMC: BMC V 341;

Proctor: Pr 4513;

Others: BSB‑Ink A‑950; CIBN A‑802; Sack, Freiburg, 407; Sheppard 3884.

LCN: 13955756


Copy number: A-629(1)

Bound with:
1. Avicenna, Metaphysica [Latin]. Venice: Bernardinus Venetus, de Vitalibus, for Hieronymus de Durantibus, 26 Mar. 1495 (A‑638(1));
2. Avicenna, De animalibus. [Venice: Johannes and Gregorius de Gregoriis, de Forlivio, c.1500] (A‑634(1)).

Binding: Old parchment; staple-marks of a hasp at head of the upper cover.

Size: 298 × 210 × 30 mm.

Size of leaf: 289 × 201 mm.

On g4r four aphorisms(?) in a seventeenth-century(?) hand.

Provenance: John Selden (1584-1654); motto on a2r of item 1. Presented in 1659.

Former Bodleian shelfmark: F 1.10.

SHELFMARK: C 1. 5(3) Med. Seld.

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