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Bod-Inc: A-637


Canon medicinae (Lib. I; III, Fen 1-22; IV, Fen 1).


Analysis of Content

a1v Lascaris, Janus: [Letter, incorporating a paraphrase of the Royal privilege, to] Jacobus Ponceau. ‘Operis huius magistri Jacobi de partibus in Auicennam nuncupatio ac priuilegii ne alibi imprimatur aut aliunde aduehatur manifestatio.’ Incipit: ‘Vetus sane Romanorum institutum fuit, vt qui ciuem hostibus circumuentum ab exitio defendisset . . .’ On the privilege see Elizabeth Armstrong, Before Copyright. The French Book-privilege System 1498-1526 (Cambridge, 1990), 140 and 209.

a2r Avicenna: Canon medicinae [preface]. ‘Liber canonis primus Auicenne principis Abohaly de medicina.’ Translated by Gerardus Cremonensis. Incipit: ‘[I]n primis Deo gratias agemus, sicut sui ordinis celsitudo et beneficii ipsius multitudo meretur . . .’ See Thorndike–Kibre 705.

a2r Jacobus de Partibus: [Commentary.] ‘Explanatio.’ Incipit: ‘Titulus operis . . . Atteude(!) quod canon arabice Latine dicitur norma . . .’

a3r ‘Tabula.’

a5r Avicenna: Canon medicinae, book I.

a5r Jacobus de Partibus: [Commentary.]

eee5v [First colophon.]

[*2r] ‘Tabula.’

[*2v] ‘Carmen in tertium canonis Auicenne principis.’ Incipit: ‘Sancta sedes anime caput est ratione fruentis | Particulas cuius docet hec fen et vtilitates'; 4 hexameters.

A1r Avicenna: Canon medicinae, book III, fen 1-12. Tables of contents preceding each fen.

A1r Jacobus de Partibus: [Commentary.]

Aa1v ‘Tabula.’

Aa2r Avicenna: Canon medicinae, book III, fen 13-22. Tables of contents preceding each fen.

Aa2r Jacobus de Partibus: [Commentary.]

Yyy5v Jacobus de Partibus: [Note by the commentator.] Incipit: ‘Ego, Jacobus Despars de Tornaco natus, magister in medicina Parisius, exposui ad longum totum primum librum Canonis Auicenne . . .’

aaaa1v ‘Tabula.’

aaaa1v ‘Carmen in fen sequentem.’ Incipit: ‘Charior hac tibi sit fen nulla magisque legenda | Que plus dimidio tribuit praxis medicine'; 4 hexameters.

aaaa2r Avicenna: Canon medicinae, book IV, fen 1.

aaaa2r Jacobus de Partibus: [Commentary.]

zzzz7r [Note by the printer.]

zzzz7r [Second colophon.]


Imprint: Lyons: Johannes Trechsel, completed by Johannes Clein, 24 Dec. 1498. Folio.


Collation: a–z [et] [con] [rum] aa–zz [et][et] [con][con] [rum][rum] aaa-ccc8 ddd eee6 [*2] A–S8 T6 U–Z AA–ZZ8 AAA BBB6 Aa–Zz Aaa–Xxx8 Yyy6 aaaa8 bbbb-yyyy6 zzzz8. Aa2 is signed Aa.

Illustrations: One woodcut diagram in volume 2.


ISTC: ia01428000

GW: GW 3127;

Hain: H *2214;

Goff: Goff A‑1428;


Proctor: Pr 8616;

Others: BSB‑Ink A‑964; CIBN A‑816; Hillard 248; Rhodes 241; Sack, Freiburg, 417; Sheppard 6678.

LCN: 13955752


Copy number: A-637(1)

Bound in four volumes. Two leaves with a table of contents of the Canon medicinae bound in as endleaves in vol. 1.

Wanting the blank leaves eee6 and zzzz8 and leaves C3 and T2.

Binding: All volumes are bound uniformly in seventeenth-century(?) English (Oxford) blind-tooled calf; two leather straps lost; staple-marks of a hasp at head of the upper covers.

Size: Vol.1: 403 × 300 × 110 mm; vol. 2: 402 × 290 × 85 mm; vol. 3: 400 × 298 × 83 mm; vol. 4: 398 × 285 × 40 mm.

Size of leaf: 386–92 × 268–76 mm.

Leaves from a missal printed on parchment used as reinforcing pieces in all volumes.

Early marginal notes. In vol. 3 loose leaves with manuscript notes interleaved.

Provenance: Jérôme de Monteux (fl. 1523); ‘Hieronimus de montuis astuis me possidet 15a Augusti 1523' on a1r of vol. 1; similar inscriptions on [*1r] of vol. 2, on Aa1r of vol. 3 and on aaaa1r of vol. 4. Acquired by 1602/3; see James, ‘Catalogus' (1602), fol. 167r; James, Catalogus (1605), 181.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q 1.5-8.

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