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Bod-Inc: B-090

Bartholomaeus Floridus

Oratio confoederationis initae inter Alexandrum VI et Venetorum, Mediolani et Bari duces.


Analysis of Content

[a1r] Bartholomaeus Floridus: Oratio confoederationis initae inter Alexandrum VI et Venetorum, Mediolani et Bari duces. Incipit: ‘[S]i illorum potestatem extollere atque admirari solemus . . .’ Text dated 1493.


Imprint: [Rome: Eucharius Silber, after 25 Apr. 1493]. 4°.


Collation: [a4].

Illustrations: Woodcut initial.


ISTC: if00228200

GW: GW 3448;

Hain: CR 2541;

BMC: BMC IV 115;

Proctor: Pr 3873;

Others: Accurti II 72; BSB‑Ink F‑168; Sheppard 3066-7.

LCN: 14830105


Copy number: B-090(1)

Boxed with A‑241; see there for details of binding and provenance.

Binding: Paper wrappers; bound for Kloß.

Size: 207 × 143 × 1 mm.

Size of leaf: 207 × 139 mm.

Manuscript pagination from 225-31.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q 6.2(14).

Copy number: B-090(2)

Bound with:
1. Johannes Lucidus Cataneus, Oratio ad Alexandrum VI. [Rome: Stephan Plannck, after 5 Nov. 1492] (C‑116);
2. Antonius Lollius, Oratio Passionis dominicae coram Innocentio VIII habita contra Judaeorum perfidiam. [Rome: Stephan Plannck, after 24 Mar. 1486] (L‑143(1));
3. Leonellus Chieregatus, Propositio coram Carolo VIII facta. [Rome: Stephan Plannck, after 20 Jan. 1488] (C‑181);
4. Leonellus Chieregatus [taken out for exchange in November 1913; now in the British Library];
5. Nicolaus Tygrinus, Oratio Lucensium pro obedientia praestanda. [Rome: Andreas Freitag, after 25 Oct. 1492] (T‑295);
7. Thomas ex Capitaneis, de Colleonibus, Oratio in die Omnium Sanctorum habita, 1483. [Rome: Stephan Plannck, after 1 Nov. 1483] (C‑058(2));
8. Rodericus de Sancta Ella, Oratio in die Parasceve anno 1477. [Rome: Stephan Plannck, 1481-7] (F‑017(2));
9. Andreas Brentius, In Pentecosten oratio. [Rome: Eucharius Silber, after 18 May 1483] (B‑523(2));
10. Guilelmus Bodivit, Sermo habitus in die Annuntiationis, 1484. [Rome: Bartholomaeus Guldinbeck, after 12 Aug. 1484] (B‑380);
11. Ambrosius de Cora, Oratio de conceptione Virginis. [Rome: Bartholomaeus Guldinbeck, c.1482-8] (C‑442);
12. Guilelmus Bodivit, Sermo habitus in die Trinitatis, 1485. [Rome: Bartholomaeus Guldinbeck, after 29 May 1485] (B‑381(2));
13. Petrus Terrasse, Oratio de divina providentia. [Rome: Eucharius Silber, after 9 Mar. 1483] (T‑057).

Binding: Pasteboards covered with leaves from a manuscript antiphonary(?) on parchment.

Size: 215 × 158 × 23 mm.

Size of leaf: 206 × 143 mm.

Manuscript foliation from 250-3.

Provenance: Thomas Thorpe (1791-1851); Catalogue (1842), supplement no. 9594, priced at £0. 15. 0; date of acquisition unknown; not found in Books Purchased (1842).

SHELFMARK: Auct. 2Q 6.48(6).

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