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Bod-Inc: B-145

Benedictus, S.

Regula [Latin and French] (trans. Guido Juvenalis).


Analysis of Content

a1r [Title-page.]

a2r Benedictus, S.: [Prologue: Pars prima Latin]. ed. Rudolph Hanslik, CSEL 75 (1960), 1-4, in which the prologue is not divided.

a2v Benedictus, S.: ‘L'exposition en francoys'.’ Translated by Guido Juvenalis. Incipit: ‘Mon filz, escoute les enseignemens de ton maistre Iesus et mectz ton cueur a voulentiers . . .’

a3r Benedictus, S.: ‘Secundi prologi pars' [Latin].’ ed. Rudolph Hanslik, CSEL 75 (1960), 4-9.

a4r Benedictus, S.: ‘La seconde partie du prologue'.’ Translated by Guido Juvenalis. Incipit: ‘Puis que nostre seigneur nous inuite si douscement . . .’

a5r Benedictus, S.: Regula [Latin]. ed. Rudolph Hanslik, CSEL 75 (1960), 17-165; ed. A. de Vogüé, Sources Chrétiennes 181-2 (Paris, 1971-2), I 412–II 672; see J. D. Broekaert, Bibliographie de la Règle de saint Benoît. Editions latines et traductions imprimées de 1489 à 1929, 2 vols, Studia Anselmiana 77-8 (Rome, 1980) I no. 12-13.

a5v Benedictus, S.: Regula [French]. Translated by Guido Juvenalis. Incipit: ‘Il est manifeste qu'il est quatre manieres de moynes . . .’ Each section or chapter of the Latin text is followed by the French translation.

k6v [Prayer.] Incipit: ‘Deo gratias inexplicabiles agere non desistimus'.’

A1r ‘Tabula'.

A2v ‘La table'.

A3v [Colophon, French only].


Imprint: Paris: [André Bocard], for Geoffroy de Marnef, 7 Sept. 1500. 4°.

Remarks: Attributed to Bocard on the basis of the type by CIBN.


Collation: a8 b–k6 A4.

Illustrations: Woodcut on a1r; see BMC. Woodcut initial on a2r.


ISTC: ib00308300

GW: GW 3831;

Hain: H 2775; C 943;

Goff: Goff B‑311;


Proctor: Pr 8267;

Others: Anselm M. Albareda, Bibliografia de la Regla Benedictina (Monserrat, 1933), 296, nos 12-13 and pl. 79; CIBN B‑212; Rhodes, 315; Sheppard 6447.

LCN: 13932473


Copy number: B-145(1)

Printed on parchment, with paper endleaves. Leaf b2 slightly mutilated. Variants: on a1r, l. 3: ‘ . . . dominu[m] . . .', and, on a2r, l. 3: ‘ . . . d[omi]no . . .’

Binding: Limp parchment, with gold-tooled spine. Bound at the end, a parchment leaf containing manuscript bidding prayers, used in an unidentified French(?) monastery, written in a fifteenth/sixteenth-century hand, for the benefactors and for the Pope and the College of Cardinals, the King, Queen, and Dauphin of France, the lords temporal, the Archbishop of Rouen and the other lords spiritual, other ecclesiastics, the monastery, unnamed, and the churches of Verdelay (unidentified), Bethancourt (Béthancourt-en-Valois, Oise, or Béthancourt-en-Vaux, Aisne), Freismont (unidentified), Vallis Nostrae Dominae (Val Notre-Dame, Antheit, near Liège; Cistercian convent, suppressed 1797: see Cottineau II 3262), Gaudii Vallis (Vaujours, Seine et Oise; Augustinian convent: see Cottineau II 3304-5), the farmers, labourers, and merchants, for themselves, for peace, and for founders and benefactors, particularly master Petrus de Nelle, Guillermus de Pilleronce, Stephanus Danery, and Guillermus de [ ] dominus. Also fragments of a parchment leaf, containing unidentified manuscript text, in a fifteenth-century(?) hand.

Size: 200 × 150 × 23 mm.

Size of leaf: 193 × 137 mm.

Some early pen-trials and scribbles. Head of Christ drawn in crayon on A4v.

Ruling supplied in red. Capitals touched with yellow wash.

Provenance: Louis de Meau(l)x (†1607); name inside the upper cover; also inscription on front endleaf, perhaps in the hand of La Fontaine: ‘L. De Meaux, moine soub prieur de St. Denis en France', with signature on a1r, A3v, A4r, and rear endleaf. Jean de La Fontaine (†1661); inscription on front endleaf: ‘J. De La Fontaine, Moine Infirmier de l'abbaye de St. Denis en France', and signature on A3v. Richard Rawlinson (1690-1755). Presumably acquired by the Bodleian Library with the rest of R. Rawlinson's books.

Former Bodleian shelfmarks: Arch. Bodl. D e.31; Arch. Bodl. D subt.70d; 4° Rawl. 44.

SHELFMARK: Arch. B e.39.

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