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Bod-Inc: B-174

Bernardus Claravallensis



Analysis of Content

[a2r] ‘Tabula epistolarum'.

[b1v] [Guilelmus, Abbas Sancti Theoderici: Sancti Bernardi vita prima, liber I, cap. XI:] ‘Miraculum de prima epistola'. PL CLXXXV 255-6 no. 50.

[b2r] Bernardus Claravallensis: Epistolae. PL CLXXXII 68-514 and 578-80; Bernardus, Opera, VII 1-402; VIII 1-230, and 335-7. The last letter also printed in Bernardus, Éloge, ed. Émery, 400-6. On authorship see Glorieux, Migne, 70. 309 letters. Corpus epistolarum nos 1-83, 84bis -146, 148-228, 231-54, 84, 255-307, 230, 147, 310; ‘Epistolae extra corpus, series antiqua', no. 374.

[y6r] Bernardus Claravallensis: ‘Lectio prima'. PL CLXXXII 609-12; Bernardus, Opera, VIII 377-9 no. 398. First of eight lectiones.

[y6v] Bernardus Claravallensis: [Sermo primus in natali sancti Victoris.] ‘Lectio secunda'. PL CLXXXIII 371-3; Bernardus, Opera, VI/1, 29-32. Nos two, three, and four of eight lectiones.

[y8r] Bernardus Claravallensis: Sermo secundus [in natali sancti Victoris.] ‘Lectio quinta'. PL CLXXXIII 373-6; Bernardus, Opera, VI/1, 33-7. Nos five, six, seven, and eight of eight lectiones.


Imprint: Brussels: [Fratres Vitae Communis], 11 Apr. 1481. Folio.


Collation: [a6 b–x8 y10].


ISTC: ib00384000

GW: GW 3924;

Hain: HC 2871;

Goff: Goff B‑384;

BMC: BMC IX 172;

Proctor: Pr 9333;

Others: Boekdrukkunst (1973), 94; Campbell 268; CIBN B‑260; Hillard 328; HPT II 397; ILC 382; Oates 3851; Sack, Freiburg, 563; Sheppard 7180.

LCN: 14004773


Copy number: B-174(1)

Bound with B‑171; see there for details of binding and provenance.

Size of leaf: 263 × 192 mm.

Wanting gathering [a] containing the table.

Early marginal notes.

On [b2r] a six-line initial is supplied in blue with reserved white decoration and pen-flourishing in red. Other initials and paragraph marks are supplied in blue or red; capital strokes in yellow.

SHELFMARK: Auct. 7Q inf. 2.16(1).

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