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Bod-Inc: B-245

Biblia Latina


Analysis of Content

[a2r] [Bussis], Johannes Andreas [de: Editor's preface addressed to] Paulus II, Pont. Max. Bussi 56-7.

[a2v] ‘Tabula'.

[a3v] Palmerius [Pisanus], Mathias: [Letter addressed to] Paulus II, Pont. Max. Incipit: ‘[C]um et antea semper, beate Pontifex, intellexerim . . .’ On the dedication see Giovanni Mercati, Codici Latini Pico Grimani Pio, Studi e Testi, 75 (Vatican City, 1938), 288; Edoardo Barbieri, Le bibbie italiane del quattrocento e del cinquecento, 2 vols (Milan, 1992), I 200-1.

[a3v] Aristeas [pseudo-]: Ad Philocratem de lxx interpretibus. Translated by Mathias Palmerius Pisanus. Pref. no. 59. H. T. Andrews in R. H. Charles, Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament, II (1913), 83-122, with this edition noted on 90; see also A‑381.

[c2r] Hieronymus: [Letter addressed to] Paulinus. Pref. no. 1.

[c4v] [Gn–I Par.]

[x2r] ‘Prologus' [to II Par]. [Also known as Alius prologus [to I–II Par].] Pref. no. 2; in other editions, this follows ‘Prefatio sancti Hieronymi in librum Dabreiamin, qui est Paralypomenon'.

[x2v] [II Par.]

[y8r] [OrMan.]

[y8r] [I–II Esr.] II Esr here entitled ‘Neemias'.

[z9v] [III Esr.] III Esr here entitled ‘II Esr'.

[A6r] [Tb–Est.]

[C4r] [Hieronymus]: ‘Alius prologus' [to Iob]. Pref. no. 3; preceded by ‘Prologus in Iob'.

[C4v] [Iob–Ps (G).] Ps (G) preceded by the first of Jerome's prologues only. Volume 2.

[G2r] [Prv.]

[H1r] ‘Prologus' [to Ecl]. Pref. no. 6.

[H1v] [Ecl–Ct.]

[H6r] ‘Prologus' [to Sap]. Pref. no. 7.

[H6v] [Sap–Lam.] Lam, except with introduction, ‘[E]t factum est postquam in captiuitate . . .', appended to first chapter.

[P10r] ‘Prefatio' [to Bar]. Pref. no. 10, followed by Bar–Dn.

[T7r] ‘Alius prologus' [to Os]. Pref. no. 12; preceded by ‘Prologus in librum duodecim prophetarum'.

[T7v] [Os.]

[T10v] ‘Prologus' [to Ioel]. Pref. no. 13.

[T10v] ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 14.

[V1r] [Ioel.]

[V2r] ‘Prologus' [to Am]. Pref. no. 17.

[V2r] ‘Alius prologus'. Pref no. 18; in other editions, called ‘argumentum'.

[V2v] ‘Tercius prologus'. Pref. no. 19, followed by Am.

[V2v] [Am.]

[V5r] ‘Prologus' [to Abd]. Pref. no. 20, followed by Abd.

[V5r] [Abd.]

[V5v] ‘Prologus' [to Ion]. Pref. no. 21.

[V6r] ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 22, folowed by Ion.

[V6r] [Ion.]

[V7r] ‘Prologus' [to Mi]. Pref. no. 23, followed by Mi.

[V7r] [Mi.]

[V8v] ‘Prologus' [to Na]. Pref. no. 24.

[V9r] [Na.]

[V9v] ‘Prologus' [to Hab]. Pref. no. 25.

[V10v] [Hab.]

[X1r] ‘Prologus' [to So]. Pref. no. 26.

[X1v] [So.]

[X2v] ‘Prologus' [to Agg]. Pref. no. 27.

[X3r] [Agg.]

[X3v] ‘Prologus' [to Za]. Pref. no. 28.

[X4r] [Za.]

[X7v] ‘Prologus' [to Mal]. Pref. no. 29, followed by Mal.

[X7v] [Mal.]

[X8v] Hieronymus: ‘Prologus' [to Mcc]. Pref. no. 31.

[X9r] [I–II Mcc.]

[aa1v] ‘Prologus' [to Mt]. Pref. no. 35; preceded by ‘Epistola beati Hieronymi ad Damasum Papam in quatuor Euangelia' and ‘argumentum' (Pref. no. 34).

[aa2r] [Mt.]

[bb5v] ‘Prologus' [to Mc]. Pref. no. 36.

[bb5v] [Mc.]

[cc4r] Hieronymus: ‘Prefatio' [to Lc]. Pref. no. 37.

[cc4v] [Lc.] Verses 1-4 here called ‘Prohemium'.

[dd9v] ‘Prologus' [to Io]. Pref. no. 38, followed by Io.

[dd9v] [Io.]

[ff1v] ‘Prologus' [to Rm]. Pref. no. 39; preceded by ‘Prefatio sancti Hieronymi in omnes epistolas sancti Pauli'.

[ff2r] [Rm.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

[ff7v] [I Cor.] Preceded by ‘argumentum', here entitled ‘Prologus'.

[gg5r] ‘Prologus' [to II Cor]. Incipit: ‘[P]ost actam a Corinthiis penitentiam . . .’

[gg5r] [II Cor–Hbr]. Pref. no. 42, followed by II Cor–Hbr. Gal–Hbr each preceded by ‘argumentum', the one before Gal being entitled ‘Prologus'.

[ii5v] Hieronymus: ‘Prologus' [to Act]. Pref. no. 42.

[ii5v] [Act.]

[kk10r] ‘Prologus' [to Canonical Epistles]. Pref. no. 44.

[kk10v] [Iac–Iud.] Each letter preceded by ‘argumentum'.

[ll7v] [Gilbertus Pictaviensis]: ‘Prologus' [to Apc]. Pref. no. 49.

[ll8r] ‘Alter prologus'. Pref. no. 50, followed by Apc.

[ll8r] [Apc.]

[mm7r] [Verse colophon addressed to the reader.] Darlow–Moule 909, Botfield 48 and Copinger, Incunabula Biblica, 37.

[nn1r] [Langton, Stephen]: ‘Interpretationes hebraicorum nominum'. Pref. no. 65.


Imprint: Rome: Conradus Sweynheym and Arnoldus Pannartz, [not before 15 Mar.] 1471. Folio.


Collation: Vol. 1: [a b8 c–g10 h8 i–m10 n12 o–r10 s t8 v–z A10 B8 C–E10 F12]; vol. 2: [G–L10 M8 N–R10 S8 T–Y10 Z12 aa–ee10 ff8 gg–kk10 ll mm8 nn–qq10 rr–tt8].


ISTC: ib00535000

GW: GW 4210;

Hain: HC *3051;

Goff: Goff B‑535;


Proctor: Pr 3316;

Others: CIBN B‑368; Copinger, Incunabula Biblica, 13; Darlow–Moule 6081; Oates 1362; Quentin 76-7; Sheppard 2629.

LCN: 13911191


Copy number: B-245(1)

Wanting the blank leaves [a1], [F12], [G1], and [tt8].

Bound in two volumes.

Binding: Eighteenth-century French red morocco; the gold stamp of the royal arms of France, surrounded by the collar of the Order of the Holy Ghost, on both covers of each volume. Spine gold-tooled with various stamps, including a repeated fleur-de-lis, and a floral(?) monogram surmounted by a crown. Circular paper label bearing French Royal Library shelfmark ‘A.61.2' on spine of vol. 2.

Size: Vol. 1: 395 × 290 × 65 mm; vol. 2: 395 × 290 × 85 mm.

Size of leaf: 384 × 271 mm.

Rubrication in vol. 2 only: on [G2r] a twelve-line initial ‘P' is supplied in interlocked red and purple, with purple pen-work infill, and surrounded by red pen-work decoration, extending into the guttering; on [R3v] a seven-line initial ‘E' is supplied in yellow with reserved white decoration, inhabited by a crowned lion rampant(?) in yellow and black. Other initials are supplied in red or purple or interlocked red and purple, some with extensions into the margins or guttering. In some cases, pencil outlines of sketches of initials are still visible.

Provenance: Paris, Bibliothèque Royale; circular stamp on [a2r], arms on binding (as above); former Royal Library shelfmark: ‘A.61' on front endleaf of vol. 1, and ‘A.61.2' on [G2r] and [G3r] of vol. 2: see Catalogue des Livres Imprimés de la Bibliothèque du Roy, I (Paris, 1739), A3r, cols 1-2; further shelfmarks on [a2r] of vol. 1 ‘A.106a’ and on front endleaf of vol. 2 ‘A.106 b’. Purchased for £35; seeBooks Purchased (1804), 1, and Macray 285.

SHELFMARK: Auct. M 1.10,11.

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