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Bod-Inc: B-256

Biblia Latina


Analysis of Content

a2r Hieronymus: [Letter addressed to] Paulinus. ‘Prologus in Bibliam'. Pref. no. 1.

a4v [Gn–IV Rg.] Ios preceded by ‘argumentum'.

n8r ‘Alius prologus' [to I–II Par]. Pref. no. 2; preceded by ‘Prefatio sancti Hieronymi in librum Dabreiamin, qui est Paralypomenon'. Slight variations in the incipit of the first preface to I–II Par.

n8v [I–II Par.]

p9v [OrMan.]

p9v [I–II Esr.] II Esr entitled ‘Neemias' in this edition.

q8r [III–IV Esr.] III Esr entitled ‘II Esr', and IV Esr ‘III Esr' in this edition.

s1v [Tb–Est.]

t3v ‘Alius prologus' [to Iob]. Pref. no. 3; preceded by ‘Prologus in Iob'.

t4r [Iob–Ps (G)]. Iob preceded by ‘argumentum'. Ps (G) preceded by the first of Jerome's prologues only.

y2r ‘Prologus' [to Prv]. Pref. no. 4; preceded by Jerome's preface.

y2r ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 5.

y2v [Prv.]

y9v ‘Prologus' [to Ecl]. Pref. no. 6.

y9v [Ecl–Ct.]

z3v ‘Prologus' [to Sap]. Pref. no. 7.

z3v [Sap–Is.] Is preceded by ‘argumentum'.

[rum]8v Hieronymus: ‘Prefatio' [to Ier.] Pref. no. 8.

[rum]8v ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 9. Preceded by ‘Prologus'.

[rum]8v [Ier.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

B7r Introduction to Lam]. Incipit: ‘[E]t factum est postquam in captiuitate . . .’

B7r [Lam.]

B9r ‘Prefatio' [to Bar]. Pref. no. 10.

B9r [Bar–Dn.]

E5r ‘Alius prologus' [to Twelve Prophets]. Pref. no. 11; preceded by ‘Prologus in librum duodecim prophetarum'.

E5v ‘Prologus' [to Os]. Pref. no. 12.

E5v [Os.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

E8r ‘Prologus' [to Ioel]. Pref. no. 13.

E8r ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 15.

E8r [Preface.] Pref. no. 14; in other editions called ‘argumentum'.

E8r [Ioel.]

E9r ‘Prologus' [to Am]. Pref. no. 17.

E9r ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 18; in other editions called ‘argumentum'.

E9r ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 19.

E9v [Am.]

F1r ‘Prologus' [to Abd]. Pref. no. 20.

F1v [Abd.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

F1v ‘Prologus' [to Ion]. Pref. no. 21.

F2r [Ion.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

F2v ‘Prologus' [to Mi]. Pref. no. 23.

F2v [Mi.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

F4r ‘Prologus' [to Na]. Pref. no. 24.

F4r [Na.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

F5r ‘Prologus' [to Hab]. Pref. no. 25.

F5v [Hab.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

F6r ‘Prologus' [to So]. Pref. no. 26.

F6r [So.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

F7r ‘Prologus' [to Agg]. Pref. no. 27.

F7v [Agg.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

F8r ‘Prologus' [to Za]. Pref. no. 28.

F8r [Za.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

F10v ‘Prologus' [to Mal]. Pref. no. 29.

G1r [Mal.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

G2r Hieronymus: ‘Prologus' [to Mcc]. Pref. no. 31.

G2r ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 32.

G2r [I–II Mcc.]

I1v ‘Alius prologus' [to Four Evangelists]. Pref. no. 33; preceded by ‘Epistola beati Hieronymi ad Damasum Papam in quatuor Euangelia'.

I1v ‘Prologus' [to Mt]. Pref. no. 35.

I2r [Mt.] Preceded by ‘argumentum' (pref. no. 34).

K2v ‘Prologus' [to Mc]. Pref. no. 36.

K2v [Mc.]

K9r Hieronymus: ‘Prefatio' [to Lc]. Pref. no. 37.

K9r [Lc.] Verses 1-4 here called ‘Prohemium'.

L10r ‘Prologus' [to Io]. Pref. no. 38.

L10v [Io.]

M9r ‘Prologus' [to Rm]. Pref. no. 39; preceded by ‘Prefatio sancti Hieronymi in omnes epistolas sancti Pauli'.

M9v [Rm.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

N1v ‘Prologus' [to I Cor]. Pref. no. 40.

N1v [I Cor.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

N5v ‘Prologus' [to II Cor]. Pref. no. 41.

N6r [II Cor–Hbr]. Each letter preceded by ‘argumentum'.

O10v Hieronymus: ‘Prefatio' [to Act]. Pref. no. 42.

O10v ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 43.

P1r [Act.]

Q2r ‘Prologus' [to Canonical Epistles]. Pref. no. 44.

Q2r [Iac–Iud.] Each letter preceded by ‘argumentum'.

Q7r [Gilbertus Pictaviensis]: ‘Prologus' [to Apc]. Pref. no. 49.

Q7v ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 50.

Q7v [Apc.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

Q12v [Colophon.]

R1r [Langton, Stephen]: ‘Interpretationes hebraicorum nominum'. Pref. no. 65.


Imprint: Venice: Nicolaus Jenson, 1476. Folio.


Collation: a–z [et] [con] [rum] A–L10 M12 N–P10 Q12 R–T10 U X8.


ISTC: ib00547000

GW: GW 4222;

Hain: HC *3061;

Goff: Goff B‑547;

BMC: BMC V 176;

Proctor: Pr 4100;

Others: BSB‑Ink B‑424; Copinger, Incunabula Biblica, 28; Darlow–Moule 910; Lowry, Jenson, 245 no. 49; Oates 1641-2; Quentin 79; Sheppard 3275.

LCN: 13908216


Copy number: B-256(1)

Wanting the blank leaves a1 and H10, also X8, containing the register.

Leaf O6 is made up. Gathering g is bound in the order 1-3,5,6,8,9,4,7,10, the sixth leaf being duplicated. Leaf T9 is bound after V8.

Binding: Eighteenth-century French blue morocco; on both covers, within a border formed by a broad fillet, a floral and foliate dentelle; spine and turn-ins gold-tooled; lined with red silk; the gold stamp of the Bodleian Library on both covers.

Size: 287 × 212 × 65 mm.

Size of leaf: 278 × 190 mm.

Occasional marginal annotations.

Some initials are supplied in red or blue, or interlocked red and blue. Paragraph marks are supplied in red. Capitals touched with yellow wash. Text enclosed within double red rules.

Provenance: Pietro-Antonio Bolongaro-Crevenna (1735-1792); printed label, on endleaf, of the sale (1789) part I, lot 72; in annotated catalogue marked down to Payne for Fl. 55. Purchased through Payne for £4. 16. 0; see Books Purchased (1790), 1.

SHELFMARK: Auct. M 2.3.

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