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Bod-Inc: B-281

Biblia Latina


Analysis of Content

a2r Hieronymus: [Letter addressed to] Paulinus. ‘Prologus in Bibliam'. Pref. no. 1.

a2v [Gn–IV Rg.] Ios preceded by ‘argumentum'.

l3r ‘Alius prologus' [to I–II Par]. Pref. no. 2; preceded by ‘Prefatio sancti Hieronymi in librum Dabreiamin, qui est Paralypomenon'.

l3v [I–II Par.]

m10r [OrMan.]

m10v [I–II Esr.] II Esr here entitled ‘Neemias'.

n7r [III–IV Esr.] III Esr here entitled ‘II Esr', IV Esr ‘III Esr'.

o7v [Tb–Est.]

p9v ‘Alius prologus' [to Iob]. Pref. no. 3; preceded by ‘Prologus in Iob'.

p9v [Iob–Ps (G)]. Iob preceded by ‘argumentum'. Ps (G) preceded by the first of Jerome's prologues only.

ſ4v ‘Prologus' [to Prv]. Pref. no. 4; preceded by ‘Epistola sancti Hieronymi presbiteri ad Chromatium et Heliodorum episcopos, de libris Salomonis'.

ſ4v ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 5.

ſ4v [Prv.]

s2r ‘Prologus' [to Ecl]. Pref. no. 6.

s2v [Ecl–Ct.]

s5v ‘Prologus' [to Sap]. Pref. no. 7.

s5v [Sap–Is.] Is preceded by ‘argumentum'.

x5v Hieronymus: ‘Prefatio' [to Ier.] Pref. no. 8.

x6r ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 9; preceded by ‘Prologus'.

x6r [Ier.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

z1r [Introduction to Lam.] Incipit: ‘[E]t factum est postquam in captiuitate . . .’

z1r [Lam.]

z2r ‘Prefatio' [to Bar]. Pref. no. 10.

z2r [Bar–Dn.]

A3r ‘Alius prologus' [to Twelve Prophets]. Pref. no. 11; preceded by ‘Prologus in librum duodecim prophetarum'.

A3r ‘Prologus' [to Os]. Pref. no. 12.

A3v [Os.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

A5r ‘Prologus' [to Ioel]. Pref. no. 13.

A5v ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 15.

A5v [Ioel.] Preceded by ‘argumentum' (pref. no. 14).

A6r ‘Prologus' [to Am]. Pref. no. 17.

A6r ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 18; in other editions called ‘Argumentum'.

A6v ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 19.

A6v [Am.]

A8r ‘Prologus' [to Abd]. Pref. no. 20.

A8r [Abd.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

A8r ‘Prologus' [to Ion]. Pref. no. 21.

A8v [Ion.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

B1r ‘Prologus' [to Mi]. Pref. no. 23.

B1r [Mi.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

B2r ‘Prologus' [to Na]. Pref. no. 24.

B2r [Na.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

B2v ‘Prologus' [to Hab]. Pref. no. 25.

B3r [Hab.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

B3v ‘Prologus' [to So]. Pref. no. 26.

B4r [So.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

B4v ‘Prologus' [to Agg]. Pref. no. 27.

B4v [Agg.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

B5r ‘Prologus' [to Za]. Pref. no. 28.

B5v [Za.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

B7v ‘Prologus' [to Mal]. Pref. no. 29.

B7v [Mal.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

B8v Hieronymus: ‘Prologus' [to Mcc]. Pref. no. 31.

B8v ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 32.

B8v [I–II Mcc.]

D5r ‘Alius prologus' [to Four Evangelists]. Pref. no. 33; preceded by ‘Epistola beati Hieronymi ad Damasum Papam in quatuor Euangelia'.

D5v ‘Prologus' [to Mt]. Pref. no. 35.

D6r [Mt.] Preceded by ‘argumentum' (pref. no. 34).

E4r ‘Prologus' [to Mc]. Pref. no. 36.

E4v [Mc.]

F1v Hieronymus: ‘Prefatio' [to Lc]. Pref. no. 37.

F1v [Lc.] Verses 1-4 here called ‘Prohemium'.

F10v ‘Prologus' [to Io]. Pref. no. 38.

F10v [Io.]

G7v ‘Prologus' [to Rm]. Pref. no. 39; preceded by ‘Prefatio sancti Hieronymi in omnes epistolas sancti Pauli'.

G8r [Rm.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

H3r ‘Prologus' [to I Cor]. Pref. no. 40.

H3v [I Cor.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

H6v ‘Prologus' [to II Cor]. Pref. no. 41.

H7r [II Cor–Hbr]. Each letter preceded by ‘argumentum'.

K1r Hieronymus: ‘Prefatio' [to Act]. Pref. no. 42.

K1r ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 43.

K1r [Act.]

K10r ‘Prologus' [to Canonical Epistles]. Pref. no. 44, followed by an ‘argumentum'.

K10r [Iac–Iud.] Each letter preceded by ‘argumentum'.

L4r [Gilbertus Pictaviensis]: ‘Prologus' [to Apc]. Pref. no. 49.

L4v ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 50.

L4v [Apc.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

L8v [Colophon.]

2a1r [Langton, Stephen]: ‘Interpretationes hebraicorum nominum'. Pref. no. 65.


Imprint: Venice: Leonardus Wild, 1481. Folio.


Collation: a b10 c8 δ10 d8 e–k10.8 l–n10 o–r8.10 ſ8 s10 t8 v–z [et]10 A–K8.10 L8 2a b10 c12.


ISTC: ib00572000

GW: GW 4247;

Hain: HC 3082;

Goff: Goff B‑572;

Proctor: Pr 4459;

Others: Copinger, Incunabula Biblica, 52; Darlow–Moule 6084; Oates 1787; Quentin 79; Rhodes 353; Sheppard 3604.

LCN: 13908344


Copy number: B-281(1)

Wanting the blank leaf a1, [round d]2 and x2.

Missing text on [round d]2 and x2 supplied in manuscript by a fifteenth-century hand; a2 signed a, a3 a2, etc.

Binding: Nineteenth century half gold-tooled brown morocco over blue marbled paper boards, with gold-tooled spine.

Size: 304 × 212 × 65 mm.

Size of leaf: 293 × 198 mm.

Some marginal notes.

On a2r an eighteen-line Italian (Venice) initial ‘F' is supplied in maroon, with white decoration, on a gold ground, and decorated with floral infill in maroon, blue, green, yellow, and white. Foliate extensions are supplied in red and green, edged with white or yellow. On a4r a nineteen-line Italian initial ‘I' is supplied in blue on a gold ground, with foliate decoration in maroon, green, or blue and edged in white or yellow. See Pächt and Alexander II, 112 no. pr. 95. Black pen-work extensions into the margins with gold dots and foliate extensions in green, blue, and maroon. A scroll is supplied, partially coloured in pink, as background to the running title. Other initials are supplied alternately in red or blue. Some paragraph marks are supplied in red or blue.

Provenance: Inscription on a2r: ‘A uso di s[uor]a Ma perpetua fate orazione per me'. Dimitrij Petrovich, Count Boutourlin (1763-1829); book-plate, now covered by pastedown, and shelfmark no. 278, see Catalogue (1831); sale: Catalogue (1839), lot 12. Purchased for £3. 3. 0; see Books Purchased (1840), 4.

SHELFMARK: Bib. Lat. 1481 d.1.

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