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Bod-Inc: B-296

Biblia Latina


Analysis of Content

a1v ‘Biblia quem retinet sequitur sic metricus ordo'. Pref. no. 61a, with a number of variants from the edition [Basel: Johann Amerbach], 1479 (GW 4236; Bod-inc. B‑270).

a2r Hieronymus: [Letter addressed to] Paulinus. ‘Epistola beati Hieronymi ad Paulinum presbyterum de omnibus diuini(!) historie libris'. Pref. no. 1.

a5r [Gn–IV Rg.] Most books preceded by Jerome's preface; Ios also preceded by ‘argumentum'.

u4v Hieronymus: ‘Alius prologus' [to I–II Par]. Pref. no. 2; preceded by ‘Prefatio sancti Hieronimi in librum Dabreiamin, qui est Paralipomenon'. Slight variations in the incipit of the first preface to I–II Par.

u5r [I–II Par.]

z7r [OrMan.]

z7r [I–II Esr.] Preceded by Jerome's preface; II Esr entitled ‘Liber Neemie'.

bb1v [III–IV Esr.] III Esr entitled ‘II Esr' and IV Esr ‘III Esr' in this edition.

dd3r [Tb–Est.] Preceded by Jerome's preface.

ff4v [Iob.] ‘Alius prologus in Iob'. Pref. no. 3; preceded by the Prologus sancti Hieronymi in libro Iob and followed by an ‘argumentum' and Iob.

gg7v [Ps (G).] ‘Liber hymnorum vel soliloquiorum'. Preceded by the first of Jerome's prefaces only.

ll1v ‘Prologus' [to Prv]. Pref. no. 4; preceded by ‘Epistola sancti Hieronymi presbyteri ad Chromatium et Heliodorum episcopos de libris Salomonis'.

ll2r ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 5.

ll2r [Prv.]

mm3r Hieronymus: [Ecl.] ‘Prologus . . . in librum Ecclesiasten'. Pref. no. 6, followed by Ecl.

mm6v [Ct.]

mm8r ‘Prologus in librum Sapientie'. Pref. no. 7.

mm8r [Sap–Is.] Is preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

ss4v Hieronymus: ‘Prefatio in Hieremiam prophetam'. Pref. no. 8.

ss5r ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 9; preceded by ‘Prologus'.

ss5r [Ier–Lam.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

xx6v [Bar.] ‘Prefatio in librum Baruch prophete'. Pref. no. 10; followed by Bar.

yy1r [Ez–Dn.]

B7v ‘Alius prologus' [to Twelve Prophets]. Pref. no. 11; preceded by ‘Prologus in librum duodecim prophetarum'.

B8r ‘Prologus in librum Osee prophete'. Pref. no. 12.

B8r [Os.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

C3r ‘Prologus in Johel prophetam'. Pref. no. 13.

C3r ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 15.

C3v [Ioel.] Preceded by ‘argumentum' (pref. no. 14).

C4v ‘Prologus in Amos prophetam'. Pref. no. 17.

C4v ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 18.

C5r ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 19.

C5r [Am.]

C7v ‘Prologus in Abdiam prophetam'. Pref. no. 20. Here, the passage beginning ‘[H]ebrei hunc dicunt esse . . .' is not headed ‘Alius prologus', but forms part of this prologue.

C7v [Abd.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

C8r ‘Prologus in Jonam prophetam'. Pref. no. 21.

C8r [Abd.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

D1r ‘Prologus in Micheam prophetam'. Pref. no. 23.

D1r [Mi.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

D3r ‘Prologus in Naum prophetam'. Pref. no. 24.

D3r [Na.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

D4r ‘Prologus in Abachuc prophetam'. Pref. no. 25.

D4v [Hab.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

D5v ‘Prologus in Sophoniam prophetam'. Pref. no. 26.

D6r [So]. Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

D6v ‘Prologus in Aggeum prophetam'. Pref. no. 27.

D7r [Agg.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

D8r ‘Prologus in Çachariam prophetam'. Pref. no. 28.

D8r [Za.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

E3v ‘Prologus in Malachiam prophetam'. Pref. no. 29.

E4r [Mal.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

E5r Hieronymus: ‘Prologus . . . in libros Machabeorum'. Pref. no. 31.

E5r ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 32, followed by I–II Mcc.

G10v ‘Alius prologus' [to Four Evangelists]. Pref. no. 33; preceded by ‘Epistola beati Hieronymi ad Damasum Papam in quattuor euangelistas'.

H1r ‘Prologus in Mattheum'. Pref. no. 35.

H1r ‘Argumentum in euangelium secundum Mattheum'. Pref. no. 34.

H1v ‘Registrum in euangelium Matthei'.

H2r [Mt.]

I7r Hieronymus: ‘Prologus . . . in euangelium secundum Marcum'. Pref. no. 36.

I7v ‘Registrum in euangelium Marci'.

I8r [Mc.]

K8r Hieronymus: ‘Prefatio . . . in euangelium secundum Lucam'. Pref. no. 37.

K8v ‘Registrum in Lucam'.

L2r [Lc.] Verses 1-4 here called ‘Prohemium'.

M8r ‘Prologus in euangelium secundum Iohannem'. Pref. no. 38.

M8r ‘Registrum in euangelium Johannis'.

N1r [Io.]

O3v Hieronymus: ‘Prefatio . . . in omnes epistolas sancti Pauli'.

O4r ‘Prologus specialis in epistolam ad Rhomanos'. Pref. no. 39.

O4v [Rm.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

P1v ‘Prologus in primam epistolam ad Corinthios'. Pref. no. 40.

P1v [I Cor.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

P6v ‘Prologus in secundam epistolam ad Corinthios'. Pref. no. 41.

P7r [II Cor.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

Q2v [Gal–Hbr.] Each letter preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

S1r Hieronymus: ‘Prefatio . . . in librum Actuum apostolorum'. Pref. no. 42.

S1v ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 43, followed by Act.

T7r ‘Prologus in septem epistolas canonicas'. Pref. no. 44.

T7v [Iac–Iud.] Each letter preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

U5v [Gilbertus Pictaviensis]: ‘Prologus in Apocalypsim beati Johannis apostoli'. Pref. no. 49.

U6r [Apc.] ‘Alius prologus in Apocalypsim'. Pref. no. 50, followed by an ‘argumentum' and Apc.

X6v [Poem in praise of the book.] Pref. no. 60.

X6v [Date ‘M.CCCC.LXXXIX'].

Y1r [Capitulare lectionum et evangeliorum.] Pref. no. 57.

Y8r [Verse.] Pref. no. 62.

AA1r [Langton, Stephen]: ‘Interpretationes nominum hebraicorum'. Pref. no. 65.


Imprint: [Speier: Peter Drach], 1489. Folio.


Collation: a–z aa–cc8 dd6 ee–zz A–E8 F G10 H–T8 U X6 Y AA–EE8.


ISTC: ib00587000

GW: GW 4264;

Hain: HC 3103 = *3105;

Goff: Goff B‑587;

BMC: BMC II 497;

Proctor: Pr 2378;

Others: BSB‑Ink B‑461; Hillard 392; Sheppard 1719-21.

LCN: 13907471, 13907567


Copy number: B-296(1)

Binding: Contemporary German blind-tooled calf over wooden boards; two bosses, eight corner-pieces, and two clasps lost; covers loose. On the upper cover fillets form a double frame; the inner rectangle is divided by horizontal fillets into three compartments. On the upper cover are two large round stamps, one with a rosette, the other one with an eagle, a pentagonal stamp with a standing figure surrounded by rays, an almond-shaped fleur-de-lis, stamped scrolls with the names ‘hermannus' and ‘iohanes', a small lozenge-shaped fleur-de-lis, and a small round dragon. On the lower cover fillets form a frame; the inner rectangle is divided by diagonal fillets into lozenge-shaped compartments. Additional stamps on the lower cover are a medium-sized rosette, a round stamp lettered ‘Johannes'(?), and a larger lozenge-shaped fleur-de-lis. For the stamps see Paul Schwenke, ‘Die Buchbinder mit dem Lautenspieler und dem Knoten', in Wiegendrucke und Handschriften. Festgabe Konrad Haebler, ed. Isak Collijn and others (Leipzig, 1919), 122-44, pl. 2 nos 10, 11, 12 and pl. 3 nos 16, 30, 33, but the name stamps are not those of Johannes Fogel and Hermann von Erfurt as illustrated by Schwenke and Goldschmidt, pl. xcix no. 2.

Size: 315 × 215 × 117 mm.

Size of leaf: 292 × 262 mm.

A few early marginal notes. On a1r a heading of a table of contents in an early hand. Below, in a sixteenth/seventeenth-century hand, Walther, Initia, 15901a with German translation: ‘Quid sis, quid fueris, quid eris, semper mediteris, | Sic minus atque minus peccatis subycieris. Id est | Wer sich gehrn wenden wolt von sünden, | Der soll alzeit woll ergründen | Sein anfang, mittall, vnd sein endtt | vnd gott bitten, das er guodt sendtt. | Daß thu, so fehrstu woll'. On EE8v a note: ‘In multiloquis non deerit peccatum' in a contemporary hand.

Initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red; red capital strokes and underlining.

Provenance: Schönau, Hesse-Nassau, Benedictines, S. Florinus; on a1r an inscription: ‘Liber Mon[aste]rij S. Florini in Schönauw. Ordinis S. Benedicti. Quid sis quid fueris quid eris semper mediteris' in a seventeenth/eighteenth-century hand. Georg Franz Burkhard Kloß (1787-1854); on a sheet attached to an endleaf, an inscription recording the gift of a Bible to Georg Kloß from Wilhelm Friedrich Hofnagel, 18 Feb. 1813, followed by a note signed by Kloß ‘hoc folium ex alio eiusdem editionis exemplo in memoriam donatoris doctissimi quondam, et infelicissimi heic transposuimus'; see sale (1835), lot 719. Purchased for £1. 0. 0; see Books Purchased (1835), 5.

SHELFMARK: Auct. M inf. 2.6.

Copy number: B-296(2)

Fragments of 22 leaves: a2,4,6,8, xx5 –yy4, zz5,6, Q1-3,5, R5-8.

Binding: Modern brown cloth. Removed in 1953 from the binding of Vet. D2 d.7 (Giacomo Zabarella, Opera logica. (Frankfurt: Lazarus Zetzner, 1608)).

Size of fragments: 250 × 175 mm.

Early marginal notes and numerous pointing hands.

Initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red and occasionally blue; red capital strokes and underlining.

Provenance (of Vet. D2 d.7): Jacobus Raschke; name on a2r. Robert Purves Hardie (1863-1942); presented in 1954 by his widow.

SHELFMARK: Bib. Lat. 1489 d.1.

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