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Bod-Inc: B-300

Biblia Latina


Analysis of Content

[*1v] ‘Ad diuinarum litterarum verarumque diuitiarum amatores exhortatio'. Pref. no. 64.

[*2r] ‘In summarium Biblie ad lectorem tetrastichon'. The beginning of pref. no. 63 (2 elegiac distichs).

[*2r] ‘In ordinem librorum distichon ad eundem'. Incipit: ‘Perspice nunc, lector, quis debitus ordo librorum | Biblia quos sociat, ordinat atque probat'; 1 distich.

[*2r] ‘Librorum ordo'. Pref. no. 61b.

[*2r] ‘Finis'. Incipit: ‘Sit benedictus Deus et homo de virgine natus | Credentes verbis sacris saluare paratus'; 2 hexameters.

[*2v] ‘Summarium'. Incipit: ‘Librorum totius Sacre Scripture in Biblia comprehense . . .’

a2r Hieronymus: [Letter addressed to] Paulinus. ‘Epistola beati Hieronymi ad Paulinum presbyterum de omnibus diuine historie libris'. Pref. no. 1.

a4r [Gn–IV Rg.] Most books preceded by Jerome's preface; Ios also preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

r6r Hieronymus: ‘Alius prologus' [to I–II Par]. Pref. no. 2; preceded by ‘Prefatio sancti Hieronimi in librum Dabreiamin, qui est Paralipomenon'. Slight variations in the incipit of the first preface to I–II Par.

r6v [I–II Par.]

v4v [OrMan.]

v5r [I–II Esr.] Preceded by Jerome's preface.

x5v [III–IV Esr.]

A4r [Tb–Est.] Preceded by Jerome's preface.

C1r [Iob.] ‘Alius prologus in Iob'. Pref. no. 3; preceded by the Prologus sancti Hieronymi in libro Iob and followed by an ‘argumentum' and Iob.

D2r [Ps (G).] ‘Liber hymnorum vel soliloquiorum'. Preceded by the first of Jerome's prefaces only.

F8r ‘Prologus' [to Prv]. Pref. no. 4; preceded by ‘Epistola sancti Hieronymi presbyteri ad Chromatium et Heliodorum episcopos de libris Salomonis'.

F8r ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 5.

F8v [Prv.]

G7v Hieronymus: [Ecl.] ‘Prologus . . . in librum Ecclesiasten'. Pref. no. 6, followed by Ecl.

H2v [Ct.]

H4r ‘Prologus in librum Sapientie'. Pref. no. 7.

H4r [Sap–Is.] Is preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

N1r Hieronymus: ‘Prefatio in Hieremiam prophetam'. Pref. no. 8.

N1v ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 9; preceded by ‘Prologus'.

N1v [Ier–Lam.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

P7r [Bar.] ‘Prefatio in librum Baruch prophete'. Pref. no. 10; followed by Bar.

Q1v [Ez–Dn.]

T4r ‘Alius prologus' [to Twelve Prophets]. Pref. no. 11; preceded by ‘Prologus in librum duodecim prophetarum'.

T4r ‘Prologus in librum Osee prophete'. Pref. no. 12.

T4r [Os.] Preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

T6v ‘Prologus in Johel prophetam'. Pref. no. 13.

T7r ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 15.

T7r [Ioel.] Preceded by an ‘argumentum' (pref. no. 14).

T8r ‘Prologus in Amos prophetam'. Pref. no. 17.

T8r ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 18.

T8r ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 19.

T8v [Am.]

U2r ‘Prologus in Abdiam prophetam'. Pref. no. 20. Here not followed by ‘Alius prologus', incipit: ‘[H]ebrei hunc dicunt esse . . .’

U2v [Abd.] Preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

U2v ‘Prologus in Jonam prophetam'. Pref. no. 21.

U3r [Abd.] Preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

U3v ‘Prologus in Micheam prophetam'. Pref. no. 23.

U3v [Mi.] Preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

U5r ‘Prologus in Naum prophetam'. Pref. no. 24.

U5v [Na.] Preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

U6r ‘Prologus in Abachuc prophetam'. Pref. no. 25.

U6v [Hab.] Preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

U7v ‘Prologus in Sophoniam prophetam'. Pref. no. 26.

U7v [So]. Preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

U8v ‘Prologus in Aggeum prophetam'. Pref. no. 27.

U8v [Agg.] Preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

X1v ‘Prologus in Zachariam prophetam'. Pref. no. 28.

X1v [Za.] Preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

X4v ‘Prologus in Malachiam prophetam'. Pref. no. 29.

X4v [Mal.] Preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

X5v Hieronymus: ‘Prologus . . . in libros Machabeorum'. Pref. no. 31.

X5v ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 32, followed by I–II Mcc.

11v ‘Alius prologus' [to Four Evangelists]. Pref. no. 33; preceded by ‘Epistola beati Hieronymi ad Damasum Papam in quattuor euangelistas'.

12r ‘Prologus in Mattheum'. Pref. no. 35.

12r ‘Argumentum in euangelium secundum Mattheum'. Pref. no. 34.

12r ‘Registrum in euangelium Matthei'.

13r [Mt.]

25v Hieronymus: ‘Prologus . . . in euangelium secundum Marcum'. Pref. no. 36.

26r ‘Registrum in euangelium Marci'.

26v [Mc.]

35v Hieronymus: ‘Prefatio . . . in euangelium secundum Lucam'. Pref. no. 37.

35v ‘Registrum in Lucam'.

36v [Lc.]

52v ‘Prologus in euangelium secundum Iohannem'. Pref. no. 38.

52v ‘Registrum in euangelium Johannis'.

53r [Io.]

64r Hieronymus: ‘Prefatio . . . in omnes epistolas sancti Pauli'.

64v ‘Prologus specialis in epistolam ad Romanos'. Pref. no. 39.

65r [Rm.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

71r ‘Prologus in primam epistolam ad Corinthios'. Pref. no. 40.

71v [I Cor.] Preceded by ‘argumentum'.

75v ‘Prologus in secundam epistolam ad Corinthios'. Pref. no. 41.

76r [II Cor.] Preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

81r [Gal–Hbr.] Each letter is preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

95v Hieronymus: ‘Prefacio . . . in librum Actuum apostolorum'. Pref. no. 42.

95v ‘Alius prologus'. Pref. no. 43, followed by Act.

111r ‘Prologus in septem epistolas canonicas'.

111v [Iac–Iud.] Each letter preceded by an ‘argumentum'.

112v [Gilbertus Pictaviensis]: ‘Prologus in Apocalypsim beati Johannis apostoli'. Pref. no. 49.

113r [Apc.] ‘Alius prologus in Apocalypsim'. Pref. no. 50, followed by an ‘argumentum' and Apc.

118v [Poem in praise of the book.] Pref. no. 60.

118v [Colophon.]

2A1r [Langton, Stephen]: ‘Interpretationes nominum hebraicorum'. Pref. no. 65.

2E6r ‘Translatores Biblie'. Pref. no. 53.

2E6v ‘Modi intelligendi Sacram Scripturam'. Incipit: ‘Notandum quod omnis sacra scriptura quadriformi ratione distinguitur siue exponitur . . .’


Imprint: Basel: Johann Froben, 27 June 1491. 8°.


Collation: [*4] a–y A–Z 1-108 114 11 2A–E8. Collation as GW, not as BMC; 2E7-8 are blank.


ISTC: ib00592000

GW: GW 4269;

Hain: HC *3107;

Goff: Goff B‑592;


Proctor: Pr 7755;

Others: BSB‑Ink B‑466; Hillard 394; Oates 2836-7; Sack, Freiburg, 646-7; Sheppard 2540.

LCN: 13907461


Copy number: B-300(1)

Binding: Contemporary German blind-tooled calf over wooden boards, five bosses, four corner-pieces and two clasps on each cover; spine loose. On both covers triple fillets form a frame; the inner rectangle is filled with merrythoughts and fleurons. In the frame, a diamond-shaped stamp with a four-petalled flower.

Size: 178 × 120 × 75 mm.

Size of leaf: 165 × 110 mm.

The gold stamp of the Bodleian on leather cut out and pasted on back pastedown.

On a2r an initial is supplied in blue with white highlighting on a gold ground; floral extensions into the inner, lower, and outer margin in green, magenta, blue, and yellow with some gold-dotting, ending with the drawing of a parrot. Principal initials elsewhere are supplied in gold and colours with floral extensions into the margins; other initials and paragraph marks are supplied in red or blue; red ruling, capital strokes, and underlining.

Provenance: Ownership inscriptions on [*1r] and2 E6v crossed out. Andreas Morellet; on [*1r] name below deleted inscription. On the front endleaf, ‘Bible [ ] achettée à Basle en 1775'. Purchased for £2. 10. 0; see Books Purchased (1803), 1.

SHELFMARK: Auct. M inf. 1.13.

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